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  1. just a note, not sure if you are aware of it, but there is a website named Find A Grave that has memorials for gravesites all over the world and you can request headstone pics there also. many times when i am caching, i will fill photo requests while caching in the same cemetery. a couple times, my Dad and i have picked an area and planned a combination cache / pic request trip.
  2. OK, maybe I am missing something here..... Why do you have to be able to input coordinates for a unit to work? Granted I have a measley 145 finds but I have never felt the need to input coordinates either by hand or by download. As long as the unit tells me where I am and a piece of paper tells me where I want to go, I do just fine.
  3. That's the one i use the most, especially since it includes a map. that way i can quickly see if i might have entered the coordinates wrong.
  4. Yeah, what he said. About the best I have ever had is 16'. Usually I am showing a 30' accuracy too. What I do is find that point, put the GPS away and start looking in a 30' radius of where that point is. In your example, you may be standing on the sidewalk but the tree that is 15' away inside the park may be where the cache is. Rarely, if ever, will your reading match the posted coordinates exactly.
  5. Use the list posted by MM as the email address on the notification page.
  6. yah mon. I'm in this camp too. If the kids are along, they might trade but more and more they don't seem to care if it's a nano or an extra large, the challenge of the hunt makes it worthwhile.
  7. I have used VZ Navigator and it is a really great app for driving, but lacks quite a bit for caching. Yes, you can change screens and get coordinates for your location, but they only show 2 places after the decimal. You would need to convert the cache coordinates first also. If you are very familiar with the area and have an idea what kind/size/etc container you are hunting, you may make some finds but most likely will be frustrated. Personally, I would keep the app and use it to get me to the parking area where I planned to cache then use a GPS of your choice to actually find the cache.
  8. Good point. These are not dumb questions. A dumb question would be something like : If the forum is down, how do I submit a post to report it? Is it really bad if you know more than 2 people that would ask that question?
  9. Like I said before, why is it REQUIRED that all caches be loaded into the GPS? Aren't these 'students' smart enough to understand what lat/lon is and how to 'change' the coordinates. I havent loaded a single set of coordinates yet and havent had a single problem. If I need to raise my North number, I simply walk North. If my West number is too high, I simply walk East. Let them figure out loading on their own time with their own unit at their own pace. Remember to pass out contact info when you are done so they don't feel completely lost. And, yeah, all the other stuff Neos2 & J-Way said to cover.
  10. Along with INATN I also use LogicWeave. They both give the same basic info but each has little things that are different than the other.
  11. A well known Akron area cacher is a Baptist Minister. He even placed a LPC in the church parking lot and encourages cachers to stop and visit (either Sundsy mornings or when he is in the office). Previously I was an Elder at my church. -edit for clarity (i forgot a word)-
  12. You could also check this recent post that lists many forms of the log sheet but also many have the info sheet you are looking for.
  13. "Sorry, you cannot view this cache listing until it has been published." Sorry, can't give an opinion until it's published.
  14. Excellent! Worked for me as well. I have used that many times & it works great. And being kinda lazy, i use the 'copy & paste' method to get the coordinates from GC over to Google Earth.
  15. That's almost the exact way I have been doing it for over 100 finds (I don't print every cache, I just jot down pertinent info) and I am yet to figure out how this is 'wrong.' Everyone is running around saying you have to get GSAK or similar and you have to download the cache info and you have to follow the GPS. What ever happened to using the GPSr as a tool instead of the GPSr being the leader? Just my $0.02
  16. I use both INATN and LogicWeave for my profile. If I remember correctly, LogicWeave connects to World66 for its maps while INATN has its own map generator.
  17. Increasing the radius would vastly lower the number of caches in an area. It would also make it quite hard to have more then one cache in a public park, etc. I think Zolgar was talking about the radius for a single cacher. For example, I couldn't place 2 caches less than 1 mile apart, but anyone else could place their caches in between as long as they meet current distance guidelines. Doing that would prevent someone making a 'power trail' of lame micros on a hiking trail and allow someone else to put a creative small or regular there also. I agree with the concept but I am sure there will be much dissent claiming 'GC.com is changing the rules.'
  18. Don't feel bad about that, I had almost 100 finds before I ventured over to the forum side.
  19. I use both INATN and LogicWeave. Even though they both offer many of the same things, each offers some little things that are neat.
  20. Now there is a great idea I am going to have to steal borrow keep in mind for future hides.
  21. I have used that method to solve that very problem when with my sons. On the first one, the one with the fewest FTFs gets it & the other gets the TB and then switch it on the next one. It has worked great so far. In one case the 'next up' declined the FTF and took the TB instead.
  22. A measurement device would really make it easy when I am perusing caches to grab on the fly between jobs. GOF, thanks for bringing this together. In the earlier thread, I mentioned (maybe others too) to add a button somewhere to allow playing with the map and then hit "search for caches". We're in somewhat of a cache-light area, with cache-dense areas to the east and west. Waiting for the map to redraw and pull up caches as I scroll around gets to be cumbersome on this end, and probably burns server resources pulling up caches outside of the area of interest. Another idea suggested by Nate would be to increase the delay between the map redraw and the cache request. I suppose either would work.... That's a great idea too, but I found a band-aid to make it a little faster (until TPTB decide if they add it or not). Simply uncheck all forms of caches, move the map to the area you want, fine tune it to your preference then just check the caches you want shown. Yes, it is NOT as fast as the suggestion would be but it is faster than working the map and waiting for them to load before working the map some more.
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