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  1. Dog works for me too. The Dog usually breaks cover first so if I come out of the woods and startle someone I just start going "Get that dog!" or "Where did you poop?!?" No one ever questions poop.
  2. I used to help on a cattle ranch a long long time ago when i was knee high to a grass hopper. I didn't learn nearly anything except to stay out of the way and what to do if I couldnt get out of the way. I never had a need for this, but this is what I was told. If it's kind of a half assed approach and they don't look serious wave your arms really wide and yell. Remember to use your enviroment to make yourself bigger. If you have a backpack, wave it around. If there's a branch near by pick it up and hold it sideways so you grow in a very visible way. Buckets, large little, jackets, pipes, these are all things you can use. Don't bother if it's mucky or not, you can wash yourself easy, you cant put intestines back in quite to easy. If they mean business it may be that a good start isn't going to deter them. You can either run and pitch yourself over a fence, tree yourself, or (and this is gonna sound counter intuitive) drop flat on the ground and be very still. The cow may miss where you've gone to completely and walk off. It could still possibly dig you up with its hooves and horn, but this is a safer position than you'd be in if you were running away, and if there was no barrier, tree, or escape close at hand you were kind of screwwed anyway weren't you?
  3. Mredria


    Ok. I'm not trolling this time. I seriously need someone to tell me. What is different? The intro-site looks different but geocaching.com looks the same to me. Am I this unobservant?!
  4. I also find it very silly that people think that because he's armed it makes it stupider. Anyone I meet (I live in Texas) could be armed. Should I walk on eggshells? My brother carries regularly and (I think, but I'm a little sister) is highly irritable. He hasn't shot anyone yet. Which is amazing because I tease and anger him on a regular basis. He didn't even shoot me when I ran into his house with my car!! I'll keep you posted if I come up with any intentional wounds.
  5. 8 year olds I know are aware that stealing is wrong. More like 2-3 year old. MINE!
  6. We do it because we're nerds and this thing we do is as close to a "quest" as we'll ever get in the real world.
  7. Lesson from the above post's quote seems to be the Golden Rule. If you don't want someone to be a jerk to you, try not to be a jerk to them (even unintentionally). Even in my few caches this has happened to me. We parked in front of a public lot that is let out for people to keep horses. We happened to trap a lady in a truck in the lot while we were searching and she was pissed by the time we got back. Even though she was being a bit rude (wouldn't you be?) we apologized, explained to her that we were looking for something, and told her that we wouldn't do it again. Though still annoyed, she at least left off screaming at us. Even when someone else is not acting super-nice, it doesn't cost you anything but a tiny slice of your pride to act polite back. You'd be surprised how easily just hearing someone out and apologizing works. Then even if they're still pissed they know that you understand why they're upset and later when they're more reasonable they may reflect that you weren't doing it on purpose.
  8. TL:DR of this thread No one likes broken stuff. No one likes trash (wrappers, bits of dirty and brush, etc) No one likes food, or things that melt. Everything else is in the eye of the beholder.
  9. I don't understand what you posted so I'm going to go out on a limb and say if the cache owners don't fuss about it, you're probably fine.
  10. A cool way to both sign and use a sticker would be to sign a piece of paper, scan it, and put it on a sticker. After a long walk my handwriting is not always what it should be, or if the cache is small, or if i cant find a hard surface, or if the paper's wet, or if the pen is out of ink. Stickers. Convenient.
  11. When my brother got a condo on an out-of-the-way street we could just tell friends, "Across from that beat-the-heat PnG off of the highway. Easy as pie.
  12. quilters talk about quilting. poets talk about poetry. geocachers talk about... finding geocaches? Apparently not.
  13. If we get to the point where people start getting writing groups together to critique logs for style, content and narrative, I'm going to go back to copypasta. TNL-Sarcasm
  14. I'm not a backpacker or much of a hiker, so this will probably sound stupid... but... Doesn't so much clorox in so much water = sanitary wash liquid? That's how it worked in the restuarant business at least. Then you just leave it to dry and the clorox is enough to kill anything on the utensils but not enough for the next person to taste/make them sick. Maybe you wouldn't want to carry chlorine in a backpack though... that could be a mess.
  15. I'm 21 and love swings. I would have a fit about that rule.
  16. They're pretty and green, and you can make interesting things out of them. My brother has a trophy made out of crap computer parts. Besides, if we didn't put suspicious things like that in caches, well, the bomb squad wouldn't get to have the fun of blowing them up all the time would they?
  17. I find a lot of religious pamplets, which I think are crappy but some people might like. I usually take them though, because by the time I find them they're usually moldy and wet. I hate when people put playdoh packages in caches though. They're always melted or mildewy and ucky. I chuck them every time. Everything else, well I think computer parts are neat, and I like buttons and I LOVE the lonestar bottle caps with little word games underneath. I also really like rocks and dollar store crap. So mostly, when I find a cache, I'm happy.
  18. It's not just a silly preconcieved stereotype. It comes from facts. Many of us ladies are smaller and lighter than our male counterparts. The fact is that I'm 5'2 and 105 lbs. Being on the smaller end of ladies, I am weaker than a man and I'm much more "portable" than a man. Since I don't have weight and strength on my side, I have to have caution and knowledge on my side.
  19. It's been discussed on the forum before that a dog could, maybe, be trained to smell out ammunition, would be able to smell the residue of an ammo can's past life, and so be able to sniff out an ammo can. Besides that, I doubt it's possible. Caches are all so different, I don't think they have a scent in common that's not a thing that's everywhere like ink or paper.
  20. Ok, the fire cracker one was maybe a bit much, but I think a cache that makes a noise when opened sounds freaking hilarious. I think some cachers woke up on the wrongside of the bed today. I hope I run into one filled with spiders one day. The look on my brother's face would be priceless...
  21. I think a good container is better than the tiny bags. Tiny bags inevitably get ripped, punctured, crinkled, put in unsealed, etc.
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