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Packin' And Cachin'.

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This has been addressed many times and without fail, an overheated argument ensues between the anti gun crown and gun enthusiasts.


Therefore I'm delighted to move this to the general forum where my colleagues over there will have to deal with it. <_<


It will probably stay alive as long it deals with packin' and cachin'. Once it turns into a gun control debate, or a discussion of European murder rates vs. US I'm sure it will be locked quite swiftly.

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As Brian stated, this topic always brings up a good discussion. Seems there are many viewpoints. Although there are more views than "Gun enthusiasts" and "Anti-Gun" folks.


I have guns and I don't feel the need to carry while cacheing, or any non-hunting excursion. Some of the cachers I go caching with do carry. It don't bother me at all.

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Gun enthusiast here.


It really varies, depends on my mood, etc. Also what time of year it is, and where I'm going. (for the record, I have all necessary permits and classes). Edit...Ruger Blackhawk .357, 4 1/2" barrell in hip holster


I'll probably keep an eye on this thread and take part in civil discussion, but if it turns ugly (which likely will happen) I'll leave it alone; I've spoke my piece in the other threads.

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I've said my piece about carrying a piece in the past. But yes, I carry a holstered .357 on remote bushwhack hikes near the AZ/Mexican border. I don't carry in places where it's prohibited or would be uncomfortable to others (established, busy trails, parks, etc.). Not a big deal--just another bit of survival gear.

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As long as this doesn't turn into another "Guns will get you killed" versus "Guns will save your life" thread it will be fine.

It hasn't failed to do so the last three occasions it's come up, though the most recent one was fairly civil for the most part.


The subject makes me think of something I saw driving home from the Ramanote Peak cache. I was on a rural highway just outside the town of Sonoita when I saw a pickup swerve hard to the shoulder of the road and make a dramatic, skidding stop. Two men jumped out and ran across the highway at a low crouch cradling rifles in their arms.


I was momentarily shocked at what looked like a commando raid being mounted against a roadside ditch. But then I glanced in their direction of travel and saw a dozen deer placidly grazing on a hilltop overlooking the highway. Not being a hunter, I don't know whether they were playing by the rules, but they were almost sure to get a couple of deer; I could've gotten one with a well-thrown rock!

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Well, for the most part, I keep my caching and hunting separate. Except on one notable saturday when I took my bow with me caching. Found the cache. Didn't kill any deer. But that was fine... would have been a long haul out from the cache site.






I don't know about where you are, but here you can't hunt within 100 feet of your vehicle, so unless those boys climbed a ways from their truck, they'd be breaking the law.


Not to mention trespassing if it was private property. Unfortunately, it's the few slobs that give the rest of the consciencious hunters a bad name.

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Cache and carry! I like it! :laughing:


I don't own a gun and I haven't felt the need to get one for caching, although all of my caches (so far) have been urban or suburban.


I have no problem with those who do carry, though. Most law-abiding gun owners are responsible citizens. As Mule Ears said, in many circumstances, it's just another piece of survival gear.

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This same topic is being discussed in the Off Topic forum.  Shouldn't the duplicate topic be closed or merged?

I've got a better idea.


It seems to me there are a lot more geocachers carrying a firearm with them then ham radios.


Maybe TPTB will make a "Geocaching and Firearms" forum like they made for ham radio.






Riiiiiiiiggggggttttt. :laughing:


So, just how often does hell freeze over these days?

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Uh, Mule Ears... That picture needs to be corrected.

Should be a Ruger Super Redhawk in his right hand and a Garmin Vista-C in his left.

Garmin Ique 3600 PDA sticking out of his pocket.

Mopar logo on his hat. :laughing:


Back on topic: I usually carry my off-duty handgun when I'm away from home, be it caching or shopping.

Glock 21

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Uh, Mule Ears... That picture needs to be corrected.

Should be a Ruger Super Redhawk in his right hand and a Garmin Vista-C in his left.

Garmin Ique 3600 PDA sticking out of his pocket.

Mopar logo on his hat. :laughing:


Back on topic: I usually carry my off-duty handgun when I'm away from home, be it caching or shopping.

Glock 21


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:laughing: HeHe, I like these weapons threads.

They get so polarized by all the experts.

My question to OP is won't a .357Mag just sort of irritate a bear?

I think my long barrel Ruger .44Mag would be more appropriate. :laughing:

Maybe a grizzly.


I've killed bears with a bow, so I feel like I've got a cannon when I'm carrying my pistol.



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Maybe a grizzly.


Hey I did not say anything.


But ...


I carry when I feel the need. Sometimes that is when caching. Don't carry all the time, living in the Bloodymore, Murderland (Baltimore, Maryland) area there are becoming fewer and fewer places I would not go without taking something.


But this state issues very few permits to carry, so one takes their chances. Of course, the Baltimore City Chief of Police has his own body guards, not sure what that is supposed to tell me about my chances on the streets. So yeah I will take my chances and carry without a permit.


But never really felt the need to carry on rural caches but urban ones can be a different story.

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I do not carry a gun. I'm not a hunter. I do live in bear country, and have met twenty, or so, of them in the last ten years, including the one I just missed stepping on, by about four feet. Of course, Jersey is hard to get a gun permit in. I feel safer out with the bears than on some urban caches I've done in New York City, Jersey City or Paterson.

On the other hand, my sister does have a gun, and carries it when hiking. As far as geocaching goes, she avoids areas where she does not feel safe. I'm not sure that she's done any geocaches involving long hikes. Except, perhaps the ones we logged in New Hampshire.

So, the places that I might feel safer with a gun are places where it is probably illegal for me to carry one. The bears may scare the bejezus out of me, but they react faster than I do, and run faster (in the opposite direction.)

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.40 H&K USP Compact.


As a LEO, it's usually within arm's reach anyways.


In some of the remote areas of east San Diego County, you may encounter immigrant and drug smugglers. I generally avoid those areas at night, but for an FTF, I am not beyond hiking in those areas. Early hikes (5a) may also expose you to said elements.



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I'm 19, two years to go and I might start packin'. (Well, sometimes I pack now, but not concealed and on family property.) And yes, I probably would take it cacheing.


I see it as a safety precaution, against wild animals and wild people. There is a quote: "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

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1. The number of doctors in Canada is 700,000


2. Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year are 120,000


3. Accidental deaths per physician is 17.14%


Statistics courtesy of the Canadian Dept of Health & Human Services




1. The number of guns owned in Canada is 80,000,000 (yes that's 80



2. The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500


3. The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is 0.001875%


Statistics courtesy of the RCMP


So statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous

than gun owners.


Remember, guns don't kill people, doctors do.




Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors

before this gets completely out of hand!


Out of concern for the public at large, I have withheld statistics on

lawyers for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical

attention. Then we would be in real trouble.

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Springfield Armory XD-40 is what I typically pack on me and their 9mm in my trunk.


Yes I have drawn while out on the trail when 2 teenagers asked what I was doing on a little used trail. Upon telling them I was geocachng they asked how much money I had on me and they started getting a little too close for comfort. I opened the backpack, chambered a round and told them I had maybe 20 buck on me but with this (holding out the .40) I could probably get more if I wanted. What would have happened if I hadn't had it that day? There's no telling, but I'm glad I did.

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This may have been done before, but who carries when caching?  I often carry my S&W 686 in .357 Mag, but we live in bear country, too.  Anybody else?

I carry my .38 SW 643 airweight sometimes. Even in bear country, I'd rather not over penetrate. It's hard to know what's beyond your target in the woods and I'd rather be on the safe( r) side.


Know your target and what's beyond. A No Bill for shooting a mugger/bear doesn't help if you're indicted for harming a bystander/passing hiker. You're responsible for that bullet until it comes to a stop.

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I carry a customized Glock 21 with a Scherer 28-round extended magazine, loaded with .45 cal Federal Hydrashok hollow points to help with the over-penetration issue. Yes it's a little harder to conceal but with 28 rounds plus one in the pipe, I figure I can stop just about any likely number of gang bangers I might be attacked by while out on the trail. And the extra length of the Scherer magazine helps control muzzle flip so I always stay on target. I probably should but currently I don't carry a spare mag, and with a round in the pipe there's no need to rack the slide. Just draw, aim, and watch 'em run (or drop).




I practice every two weeks with this setup. I live only a half mile from a great shooting range.

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I forgot to add that I carry a Para-Ordnance P14 .40 in a paddle holster when I'm out and about.

Stuffed with black talons..... Snoogans is right about over-penetration.

I'm loaded up with golden sabres, so over penetration is less of an issue.


Still, rule number one is always to be sure of your target and what's beyond.


I've never had to skin my hogleg in self defense-- to a bear or otherwise. But I'm ready if need be.

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Know your target and what's beyond. ...... You're responsible for that bullet until it comes to a stop.

Even a little .22 can go over a mile. High Jazz said it first, and I agree the hollow- point bullets are much safer. They cause more damage to the target with the fragmenting, and will not go as far if they do make it all the way through.

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There is room is our great country for all opinions. After all that's what we stand for. Two slogans that I kinda like are; 1- Be Prepared 2- Don't ask Don't Tell . Some topics just naturally create an abundance of expression and guns is just one of them. God Bless America !


Merry Christmas to All

Michael P


Uh Oh hope I just didn't start another....

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