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  1. Copy the following text into your profile (in the "Your profile Details" section) <img src="http://www.world66.com/myworld66/visitedStates/statemap?visited={state abbreviations here}" height="387" width="550"> Where I put {state abbreviations here} enter the two-letter abbreviation for each state, with no commas or spaces. i.e. Iowa and Texas would be IATX. Or, since you're a premium member, you could upload your 'my finds' PQ to It's Not About the Numbers and generate all kinds of neat maps. Edit... the site is experiencing some difficulties right now, but I assure you, they're neat maps.
  2. I got GSAK to work. Good bye INATN stats!!! Oh wait I still have the stupid nag screens It is real easy and simple to get rid of the nag screen. Yeah, but some people want everything for free.
  3. I say, as long as it helps move the TB towards its goal, and the owner is okay with you holding onto it for a while, go for it. But be VERY CLEAR about making sure it helps move towards its goal. One of my TBs was released in Virginia with the intent of getting back to my hometown. On THREE seperate occassions, it was within 150 miles, only to be picked up and taken to California, or 100 miles the wrong way. Twice now it has been stuck in terrain 5 caches, and most recently a puzzle cache. The amount of time it has spent NOT travelling is incredibly frustrating.
  4. Posting this for a friend, they were unable to get it listed in time to be on GC.com's listings, so thought I would toss it out here to try and help get interest up: Oh... Carroll County, Iowa. If anyone is interested in attending and would like directions, PM me and I'll help you out.
  5. Thanks for the hints Neos2, I've already opened a thread in "Italian speaking" forum, I hope this could help my enquiry. But I still think polls are useful, and that the intelligence of human beings is high enough to let them distinguish good things from garbage... Ad maiora! You haven't been on web forums much, have you?
  6. Did I say it was going to my garden, If I did that was a mistake, as I buy more coins with what is left over.I will check my post to see If I did do this. I wondered why a few people said something about that. But I have oered my second batch and Im still putting out TS tags on my ohio soldiers. When Im done I will put them out for other states. Thanks Arline Yes, in one of your early posts, you elluded to some of the money going to your garden. And not to nit-pick, and a slight aside, but did you get permission to use the GC.com logo on your webpage? As far as the logo I understand that you can use them . I only have it on my main page as we wre grocachers. And also The cards that are put out all the information for each soldier is on the web for the public. I have gotten many emails thanking me for the tag and notes from family members saying they know their soldier willl not before gotten. I keep Sgt. Keith "Matt" Maupin out there to keep people aware that he is Captured and so he is not forgotten. Same for our soldiers we have lost. Most site I know have gards on their pictures ground speak doe not . You understand wrong. There is a public-domain geocaching logo, but the one in question is a registered trademark of Groundspeak. Someone a little more knowledgeable might chime in with more details of approved useage.
  7. I had these made for our soldiers, and said I would put one out for our men and women who have lost their lives since 2001. I use proceeds for for The Garden and to have more Tags made . There are 500 of these in print. I still have over 3000 to buy and most likely more. There ya go.
  8. Did I say it was going to my garden, If I did that was a mistake, as I buy more coins with what is left over.I will check my post to see If I did do this. I wondered why a few people said something about that. But I have oered my second batch and Im still putting out TS tags on my ohio soldiers. When Im done I will put them out for other states. Thanks Arline Yes, in one of your early posts, you elluded to some of the money going to your garden. And not to nit-pick, and a slight aside, but did you get permission to use the GC.com logo on your webpage?
  9. I'd like to chime in as well. First off, I'm with PAWS, I have a special place for things honoring our men & women in uniform. But I am slightly uncomfortable with using individual names, photos, etc. without the permission of the families. The use of the proceeds to buy the next batch of tags....cool. The use of proceeds to add to your garden...not cool. While it is a garden honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and may be open and accessable by the general public, the fact remains that it is a private garden owned by you. So even though it goes to your soldier's garden, you are still profiting from it. I personally would have a much warmer reception to the idea if the split of money was next batch production/charity for the families of the fallen soldiers. Not a private garden. Just my $0.02.
  10. Also, check out the regional forums here; there might be a thread in there about land use policies in place that may tell you who to contact. Look for a local geocaching organization (again, probably easiest found in the regional forums) There will be a wealth of knowledge there. Beyond all that, look at some of the caches in the area, find one that is hidden in the same park, or a similar park, and email the cache owner to see who, if anyone, they talked to.
  11. Well, I'll be honest with ya. I'm still trying to figure out one thing. Why? There's 'extreme' caches here at gc.com. There are servers in place, and databases set up to manage all of the data, even a nifty tool to let me really customize my search. I like to streamline stuff as much as I can. Why on earth would I want to go to some other half-baked website to get cache data? Do you have the programming knowledge to set up your own database? Do you have the bandwidth available to handle the meager traffic flow you might get? Or are you just going to piggyback on gc.com's infrastructure? Seems to me like you spent 15 minutes thinking this through up, another 30 building your content-less website, and now want people to jump on board with your half-baked idea and do the work for you? Nice try.
  12. Dude, I think you've got it all wrong. It's not a matter of not wanting to help other cachers; it's a matter of wanting to preserve the intents of the hider. Some people like to hide easy caches that anyone can find, some people like to hide Psycho caches that cause you to risk life and limb to find. Some create puzzles that military codebreakers would have a hard time with. Is it really a find on a cache that is designed to use a puzzle, if you circumvent the puzzle? Just like is it a find on a cache that requires a 5 mile hike, if someone goes and gets it and brings it to you? Same thing. I am considering hiding a cache that would use matrix multiplication to get the final coords. I'll try to make the final a worthwhile place, but the intent of the cache is to challenge people mentally, not physically. Kinda defeats the purpose if someone else gives away the steps or the answer, isn't it?
  13. There are grumblings that companies are going to go after the lyrics sites...one of these days when they get around to it. Meanwhile the only way to look up lyrics are the sites. The issue at hand is the money they make from Advertising revenue. I suspect a cache page is closer to fair use than not. Lastly the OP should know that every post each of us has made in this forum is also copyrighted by the person posting. It's automatic. You are not breaking the copyright if you quote a post to respond to it. That's fair use. They have gone after them in the past; one that my then-girlfriend and I used extensively in college to send lyrics of songs to each other got shut down. But that was back in 1998, before they started really going after the mp3 services.
  14. Well, since this is a two-year old thread that got dredged up, I'm guessing there probably won't be an answer to whether or not it was a live round anytime soon....
  15. I mentioned once to a Navy friend that I was using ammo cans for geocaching. His reply was "Those have to be destroyed". Turns out, their definition of 'destroyed' is painting over the military markings on the can.. something we should all do anyway.
  16. Heh, on my last caching run, I was attempting to take some photos for an earthcache I want to submit... had to take the batteries out of the GPSr to power the camera to get the shots...
  17. It would appear that gmail is not the factor, as I had to re-validate as well, and do not use gmail as my gc.com address. I use the one provided by my ISP (Mediacom, if it helps. <me>@mchsi.com)
  18. Look up. There's a thread specifically FOR testing. No, up farther. Up at the top. Yeah, up there. Pinned at the top of the getting started forum. For your use.
  19. I appreciate the above poster's reasonable answer. (and some others - I don't know how to include more quote's in a reply) I am quite surprised at how venomous (the word bitchy also comes to mind) posters can be on this forum. I think I have a valid and reasonable suggestion. I can understand that the suggestions cannot be accommodated on this website, but it is not necessary to trash it so vehemently. The world would be a better place if everybody did not think "I am right and the rest of the world is wrong". Tolerance is the word! The thing you fail to realize here is, many of those giving you answers to your question, have been around the forums a long time. Long enough that most questions have already been answered several times, and they've read and posted in those threads at that time. The regulars have a pretty good understanding of the answers the reviewers will give, and can often provide those answers before a reviewer gets to the thread. Listen to them. They are the voice of experience.
  20. Good way to lose a key as well. If you drive on rough terrain at all, those things will fall off. Plus theives know to look for them. Best solution is to crawl under the car and find a place you can WIRE a key to the car-wrap it in plastic and tape so it won't corrode too badly, and secure it to a place you can remember, but people won't think to look.
  21. Just make sure you remember to silence the phone before holding it up to your ear... as soon as it rings your cover will be blown. Or just hold the gps up to your ear. They won't know the difference.
  22. Some of these, I disagree with (at least I think I do, from what I think it says), but number 7 especially. If you never tell anyone about the sport, how do you expect it to grow? How did you hear about the sport before you created your account last week?
  23. Just curious if you washed the jar in a dishwasher, if that would remove all the peanut residue? Judging from my personal experience with dishwashers failing to remove even visible food particles, I would say absolutely NOT. The only way I would consider any food container safe to be used as a cache would be after a thorough hand washing, and at minimum a rinse in bleach. But then again, I'll spend the $5 on a Lock'n'Lock. I don't want to have to replace the container after the first freeze, or after the sun deteriorates the cheap plastic and it cracks.
  24. With the vast array of TRULY good containers available for very little investment, why would you even think about using a recycled food container? It is very difficult to completely remove the food smell, and just because you can't smell it does not mean an animal with a sense of smell thousands of times more powerful than ours can't. Good way to get a cache destroyed by a member of the animal kingdom. Go buy a lock 'n' lock. Oh, and as far as the allergy..have you flown on a commercial airliner with someone who is peanut-allergic? They won't serve their little snack mix to that entire SECTION of the plane if it contains nuts, and several airlines have switched completely to a nut-free snack mix. (on a side note, I'll never forget the bastich sitting across the aisle from me on one flight...right after they made the announcement that an alternate snack mix would be served in the best interest of someone in the section with a nut allergy, he opened his briefcase, took out a jar of peanuts and started munching...)
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