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Hi All,


We are de-lurking just to mention an excellent map utility that we recently discovered: Frapper allows groups (such as geocaching) to set up maps showing the locations of all of its members. Thought this might be useful, since we all know where our geocaches are, but do we know where *we* are?!! :lol:


To get the ball rolling we have set up a frapper group called Geocachers. It can be found from the link at http://www.risingconcepts.com/frapper/geocachers.


Apologies if this is not immediately clear, if you follow the link and look at some of the existing groups I am sure you will see what it's all about. Let's see how many UK cachers we can get up there!!!



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Anyone know how to edit a "shoutout"?



I think editing the posts is down to me, since I set up this particular Frapper and so I'm classed as the owner. I'll be happy to make any changes to shoutouts for anyone who so desires... Just P.M. me at contact.eastonwolfs@virgin.net


Regarding locations & accuracy of positioning, I think this is down to 'pot luck' depending upon what the Google maps software knows about (Fraper uses google maps, of course). It can't be too bad if it knows of a village like Adlington where we are!


I am also aware of some intermittent problems where Frapper sometimes struggles to let people add themselves. I think the only thing to do here is to keep trying...




Wilf (Eastonwolfs)

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Doesn't seem to know Kingston, Sutton or Wimbledon meaning that if I place my self I will be in completly the wrong part of London making it useless.


I found that when I typed in Towcester it appeared in the dropdown as 'Towcester; UK' or something like that so I thopught it had found it and tried to add to be told 'Invalid city' I tried again and this time clicked on the suggestion so the full thing appeared in the box including the UK part and then it worked. It seems to be fussy about syntax

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I'm wondering how it decides where the location is!!!.. I live in Jarrow and Lostit lives in Jarrow.


Now I would recon that we would both be put in same spot on the map.. wrong!!!


Lostit is On the western edge of Hebburn, the next town up river from Jarrow and I'm further east, nearer jarrow but still in Hebburn!!!!!!!


Good job I got me trusty GPS so I know where I am ;)

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  Nothing I do is straightforward. I added myself in Swansea, but there was someone already there, and it seems to have overwritten them. How do I get them back? Delete myself?


It's ok youve not overwriten Matrix :cry: , just zoom in on the map and you'll see him appear under you :lol::lol: . If you zoom upto 75% you'll see that both of you are either side of Camarthen rd.





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Hi All,


Just to let you know that frapper has now changed domain name and you can reach our mini-project directly from www.frappr.com/geocachers (note the spelling of 'frappr' with no 'e' in it...


BTW - our entries to-date are mainly UK-centric. A big thank you to everyone that has revealed themselves, but I was wondering, does anyone have any contacts abroad, such as Europe or US to spread the word and increase the size of our presence?



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