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  1. can highly recomend Glen Clova and Glenn Doll in Angus, the earthcache at Corrie Fee is a superb place
  2. Are you looking for a specifc night cache or just caching at night, as most of teh cacehs in the city centre are easily found by day or night, as I found the majority there after work in the winter when in the dark, the milenium bridge does look good in the evening too. Contact Northumbriabiker for local details as he is active in the area.
  3. There are a few I know of Titanics Funnel in The River Calder between Brighouse and Dewsbury, Puch the boat out in the River Mersey near Thelwall Viaduct ( M6) Ling along a luckyon Windermere though there are others in the lakes on Derwentwater and Coniston water as well as Windermere and a Paddle and walk series by Pirate Matt Paddle and Walk 1 and finally in Bath a puzzle cache coldhamcoldturkeybeefpickledgherkinsalad and there is a tunnel cache that requires the use of a boat somwhere round the southwest but cant remember the name of it.
  4. Ihave seen someone with a travel bug Tattoo, with tracking number, so transferring the number to clothes does seem a little tame. You have bought the number so do with it what you want, is my opinion ( within the bounds of decency).
  5. If you attend a few events and get to know some local cachers then the opportunity of shared walks soon comes up and people will join you. As to long walks, and challenging hikes we have plenty up here in the south pennines, and i am walking and caching my way along the pennine way and have been joined by other cachers in the process
  6. Cassie (Border collie cross) and molly ( Border terrier cross) come caching with us virually every trip. we trained the early on to climb stiles, a simple up up command and whether on lead or not they soon get the idea to jump up and over the stiles/ walls though the large ladder tile ones can be a problem. always a good idea to try and train them to do this as it saves lifting muddy dogs. essential if you do any walking on farmland really. livestock not a problem sheep keep a wary distance nd run away after a few barks from molly dog and cattle usually just ignore you, at least in cheshire, lancs and west yorks they do,
  7. There is only one cache nearby to the breach which is around 50m from the breach location - Dutton View, The towpath has only been washed away on a 20m wide section and the fields down below have been flooded down to the river weaver. well worth a walk along the towpath to have a look, quite spectacular what the water can do. The section of canal between dutton lock/ preston brook tunnel and anderton is cut into the ide of the river weaver valley and has breached a few times over the years, the last time i remember was on the other side of Bartington by Little legh in 1980 i think and it also slipped at the approach to anderton boat lift in 2001 as well.
  8. I would recommend the 4 counties ring, which takes in the shropshire union canal, the staffs and worcs, the trent and mersey and the middlewich branch, i is an excellent circuit that takes a week, through cheshire and staffordshire, and combines all the great elements of the narrow canals. I would have recommended the cheshire ring as well, but this has just been closed due to a breach in the canal near runcorn, as to caching, all the canals now have copious amounts of caches on their towpaths, way to many now that you will be walking the towpath more than riding on the boat. PM me if you want more info
  9. Sent you a email, and as what Talky toaster says but i will say that the erratic nature of the signal is part of the game. if you were in York the buildings will have interferred with the signal I can remember not even getting a sgnal in the shambles on my yellow etrex and having to hunt using the hint and common sense, ( it still resulted an a couple of DNFs) I very much doubt you will find anything for under 100 quid with your wish list, combining uour smartphone for the mapping and cache pages and a GPS unit for acurate following the arrow is probably the best combination.
  10. Try starting at Blisworth Tunnel - GCMJZT and working down stoke bruerne locks, a pleasant walk anf you can combine it with watching the boats through the locks and the museum at the top lock
  11. There is also The alphabet soup- yorkshire by fred the red GC1Y9P4
  12. The article states that NT likes geocaching on their land
  13. 18/20 for me..... there is no hope!!!!!!!!! s for stopping when its raining.... don't be so nesh...... if its a bit claggy and dreich then all the bettter as the members of the North west winter wanderers clubs assualt on anglezarke moor can testify 22 caches in some of the worst weather the pennines can throw at you.. the crossing of black brook
  14. Back to the race.... i am pleased to announce that cheshire chris moose has now 2 Lq quest caches under his belt. thanks to Johny English, it is now resident in LQ:Wiltshire. Hurrah
  15. Ive done it loads of times, usually when i see sonebody looking around in the undergrowth, i walk past saying, "have you found it yet?" usually to be met with blank stares . once i was passing through the cutting on my boat just beyond Gnosall tunnel on the Shroppie union canal and saw a family searching the side of the cutting for a cache and i yelled from the boat, really made them jump, but i managed to point them in the right direction as tree cover is very bad there. worth trying cause you never know who you'll meet, met some great people, and its always been a good chat. but we care a friendly bunch up north
  16. The Northwest cachers forum winter wander on anglezarke moor mounted a tb rescue yesterday. despite the atrocious weather, gales horizontal rain and poor visibility, the 8 members and 4 geodogs effected a TB rescue at Spectrum white and repatriated tb '42' stuck on the moor since march07 hurrah
  17. Cheshire chris moose has been released on saturday 1/12//08 into LQ:manchester king of swing, it was a tight squeeze but he fitted
  18. TB ready (TB1RKQC) Cheshire Chris Moose - Little Quest Hunter releasing on saturday
  19. I'm in just got some new tbs set up so one will be on its way soon, great idea
  20. There is GC13K6A Dilemma A cache by duncscott in the lakes check out martlakes and freya's ingenious use of a whale martlake's log using a whale to cache
  21. I just Lurk!!! oops. not anymore and keep my own opinions, which can be summed up as 1. cant be bothered 2. cant see a real problem 3. dont worry about it, live and let live
  22. just bought the EU coin as that was one of my favourites when first released. thanks AC-P
  23. Going back a while but i remember this one Anatomy for Geocachers - eighth lesson and the log by Hazels I remember it as i was talking to her on the phone ( bit of a pAF) whilst the others in her group were chasing the log book down the river :laughing
  24. Watch this space......... have been out scouting new places this lunchtime now i'm working on the Paradise street project......
  25. We have done that also to a Bolas Heathen Puzzle cache... we were cruising down the shroppie union canal in the pouring rain last year and tied up to have some lunch and dry off, whilst tieng up the boat Cath looked behind a tree on the towpath thinking 'that would be a good spot for a cache' and there was one. By the time we got back home, John had contacted us to tell us which cache we had found as they had done a bit of maintenance on it a few days later
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