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  1. There's one name there that I think I recognise so I'll say Pianists
  2. The Powers That Be - aka, That Mob in Seattle
  3. I can't help directly but a thought that might be of use:- Not so many people are using this forum as did in the past, having moved over to "Social Media". Therefore you might be better off putting your request on your local twitface group. (Check the pinned topic at the top of this forum for lists of local groups) I hope you get succesfull there.
  4. From the caches you have found I think you are in the North West. This forum is not as busy as it used to be as most people seem to prefer TwitFace now, so I suggest that you look at the " Geocaching Organisations in the U.K. and Ireland" thread which is pinned at the top of this forum to see if there are any groups local to you. Secondly I suggest you look for an event near you and attend it. You will find people are friendly and ready to help you Good Luck
  5. Something funny going on here. Looks like my cache (Memory not Geo) is not clearing
  6. Mozilla Firefox seems to be the most trouble-free browser along those lines. Pocket Query: http://support.Groun...=kb.page&id=118 Loading to unit: http://www.follow-th...less_garmin.pdf I second the Firefox sugestion. You can run all the Greasemonkey scripts without Auntie Google saying what you are, and are not, ailowed to do with your own PC.
  7. That's a quick double Ding (or Ding-Dong) to Civilised. Nevil Shute Norway was the chief stress engineer on the R100 (the one which didn't crash) taking over as chief engineer when Barns Wallace left the project.
  8. Complete change of topic. How did Mr Norway cross the Atlantic in 1930? Or, as an alternative, what were his Christian names? Edited for spelling
  9. Thanks, I have looked at those listed on the geocaching.com website MacCaching looked hopeful until I saw that it hasn't been updated for 6 years, so it looks as though it is dieing, if not already dead. The other one that might be possible is iCaching but it doesnt seem to be very popular.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the VM route but was hoping to avoid it if there was any native mac software even half as good as GSAK but I might have to go down that route.
  11. My grandson is keen to stat caching with his own account but his household is exclusively MAC. What is the preferred replacement for GSAK on the MAC? any ideas gratefully received.
  12. All the cache information is available to you on the web page but as a non premium member you can only download a .LOC file which has the cache name, the coordinates and a few other minor things but not the full description or previous logs etc. With premium membership you can download .GPX files which contain all the information on the webpage. More importantly without premium membership, you have to download the caches one-by-one, as a premium member you and run a pocket query ( for example all the caches which I haven't found and which are not disabled, within 10 miles of home) this will provide a .GPX file containing full data on up to 1000 caches. I believe that most premium members would quote pocket queries as the main benefit of premium membership.
  13. %Name in the name box means that GSAK will use the waypoint name as the name. If that box is blank it will name all the caches <blank>. I assume they will still all be there but as thy all have the same 'null' name you won't be able to see them in the list. You can change the %Name to other things, one of the most useful being %Smart, which will use the smart name generated by GSAK which will have the length specified in options. This is very useful for series where the start of all the names is the same. Edited to add:- If you want to get clever try %smart %children %smart%c_Code1 This is the one I always use and it shows child waypoint names as the same as the parent cache with A, B,C..... added on the end.
  14. What happened to the rule about not advertising caches (apart from Events)? The point being that most people on the forum will be way out of range of looking for your caches and if they are in the area the caches will show up on PQ's without the CO pushing them.
  15. Have you checked out the " Geocaching Organisations in the U.K. and Ireland " pinned thread above to se if there are any groups listed in your area? Otherwise, as SC said, look for events in your area. You could also look at the caches around your locality to find a prolific cache setter and then email them to find if there is a local group. Just Roger
  16. OhHo, Dirk Bogarde, "Appointment with Venus" = a rather beautiful young Jersey cow!! DING - back to you Dave
  17. Thanks Dave. Sticking with films of that vintage, what was the 3 word astronomical name (It had a different name in the US) of a film set on a Nazi occupied channel island?
  18. On the question of phone v GPS. Phones have appaling battery life with the GPS running and are also inclined to get in a strop if dropped in a puddle/stream/cowpat. GPS's have much better battery life and you can carry spare batteries as well. They are also ruggedised to withstand the inevitable knocks, drops and wet (rain or submersion). Once you have decided you are in for the long run a dedicated GPS is definitely worth while.
  19. Before I go through with this, I'd like to know if this is legit or not, or if anyone else has received this kind of mail, Thanks Even if it is genuine, any cache placed would be a "commercial" cache and wouldn't get published
  20. One that hasn't been mentioned yet is DPM. This is used on booring caches with no redeeming features. It stands for the french:- "Les longs sanglots Des Palourdes Mortes blessent mon coeur avec un languor monotone pendant qu'ils dansent à minuit" Which translates as:- The long sobs of the dead clams wound my heart with a monotonous languor as they dance at midnight. Edited to add: You could also look at these links for more acronyms etc. Glossary Lexicon of Geocaching
  21. Well done T&C - that's a DING Staffordshire Blues are a very hard engineering brick and there are millions of them all over the railways in bridges viaducts and other structures. Midhurst whites are a very soft brick mainly used in side as they erode quickly in the weather. Over to SP
  22. Much closer - but no. Think man-made cuboids 8.5" x 3.5" x 2.5"
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