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  1. We put "no Place like Home" out in 2004 and its been well visited over the years.. its taken loads of folks to a lovely walking area hidden at the back of Woosehill http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=ff978ee9-5568-4604-ab0f-3b923385bbc7 We recently moved (Interestingly closer to the very first caches we ever did Roman Coins, Roman Remains and Roman Road .. which we adopted years ago from Lassitude) so now wish to offer No Place like Home up to some one in the Wokingham / Woosehill area If your interested let us know http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/
  2. just touch the Signal Strength Icon on bottom of main screen in middle
  3. The GPS is probably way more accurate than the in car display .. so IMHO yes you could use it
  4. Well Said Deepdiggingmole.. We have found one or two and given up on a fair few caches which have been placed (with approval) in the most disgusting places .. whereas ones in interesting places (as per your post intent) because they sit on "National Trust / Some how Protected / Some Other Government Owner land / Some strange landowner rules" requires cachers to re position or go through red tape galore to get approval ... (based on us trying to get some old archived ones re set up .. the "new rules" apply to unarchiving caches, which to be honest they where too rigorous and we gave up on and left archived, to the loss of the greater community IMHO) I can see how Dog Poos bins Caches get set up as they are easy to set up ! My new plan is take our old archived caches and stick them on some suitable dog poo bins as to be honest we all know its about the numbers not the quality !
  5. costs 30 USD a year .. what that translates to in sterling depends on the method used to pay.. We have always used paypal as when we started that's all geocaching.com took .. now they take credit cards... However its pretty much going to be in the range of 18 to 20 GBP
  6. Love it .. we do .. we are photographing unique grasses (in country) or Pollution damage (in cities) and then do a "why are you not monitoring this ??" Stance
  7. There is an option in setup to change battery type to NiMH.. This sets the unit to accept the lower voltage of NiMH without shutting down like your seeing
  8. Is that fact that Saga is interested making me feel old(er) Yeah over 50 Yeah Miserable old git
  9. Answer I use 4G in my unit .. no worries
  10. I'd agree .. save the cash on the unit, We have a 550T and a 550 for the UK and never use the "T"'s inbuilt maps ... Also question the camera ??? its less than a reasonable Phone camera these days and way less than a good phones Camera (like a HTC Desire HD for example) Can you consider backing off to a 450 ?
  11. I can see us getting one (next time I am in the US) and building a Chirpy Cache Appeals to the geeks in us all
  12. sent an email to Groundspeak re how to do multiple devices ... no response Any one registered multiple Garmins and got multiple months ??
  13. Hmmm I am confused When I look at my member stats it says "Member since: 11/16/2003" and also "Your Membership will renew on 12/19/2010" So has one unit "extended" me .. I cant remember what my renewal date was I "used" two units via the webpage . might have "lost one " Confused of wokingham
  14. We have 4 garmin devices al registered So followed the instructions on the page posted by BCnorwich.. all works and get "Congratulations! - Your Groundspeak Premium Membership is now active until 01/01/0001." When I look at out account page .. the displayed renewal date does not change ??? So wondering what happens on out renewal date ? does it "automatically" move 30 days for first device and then again for the next etc ?
  15. My last few units I bought from Active GPS http://www.activegps.co.uk/ There website is accurate on in stock / out of stock .. Found you can call and discuss delivery options with them (ie ship the Discoverer maps now and the Garmin next week etc) I ordered a second 550T from them and they called me to say they where out of stock but may get some later in the week .. I asked if they'd let me know (not expecting them to do anything) and surprise on Friday they called me said No new stock so offered I could cancel the order if I wanted (at no cost no hastle etc) Sure there are others as well .. however I was impressed with these guys and would use them again .. Prices are pretty competitive too
  16. The two of us Currently own Garmin 76 CSX Garmin 76 CSX (yes 2) Garmin 550T Garmin 550 Garmin Nuvi 200 (US maps) 2 * Royaltech RBT-1100 Bluetooth units Do the phones count ? Blackberry Bold 9000 2 * HTC Hero's Do the Cars Count ? LOL Historically Owned Garmin V Garmin V (yes 2 - one was Atlantic and one was US base) Garmin StreetPilot III Garmin Etrex Seem to like Garmins .......
  17. No worries .. took me ages to find that out on my 76 Glad to have helped
  18. Save a new waypoint call it 001 save it and then delete it Numbering will run from 001 again
  19. Some months a go I got a 550T for Sue and I then later upgraded my 76CSX to a 550.. dropped the T as realised that base topology map is close to useless in the T and we had already gone to the discoverer OS maps on her 550T.. Agree with ecanderson, the camera is not that exciting, so agree a 450 if looking to save the $$ or ££ If price is not a concern, camera will get a few uses for those DNF's when you want to send a pic to the cache owner re help Overall I like the Oregan series .. and its a good upgrade from the 76CSX, you'll be happy
  20. Not that it helps original poster . .Just bought a 550 (non T) which was on SW 2.2 .. so followed similar route to our 550T upgrade path - updated to 3.74Beta via the download taken from from the Garmin website and then ran web updater app to get to 3.8.. All worked fine.. Hope OP gets their units sorted
  21. I upgraded my 550T via web uploader yesterday .. no problems and unit is fine I was upgrading from 3.74 Beta Hope you get yours sorted
  22. DFX is right .. However on reading your original post, you say you want the compass to have current and destination co-rds so you can calc how far to teh cache ?? As DFX says why not just change the compass display to show the distance to cache (and other usefull info as well) On my 76CSX I have the Compass set with 4 fields Speed : Dist to Next : ETA at Dest and Time to Next To change the displays on the compass .. when in compass hit Menu button - got to "Data Fields.." and set how many you want ( 2, 3 or 4) Hit Ok Hit Menu again and go to Change Data Fields This highlights the first hit Enter to get the various options - Use the button key to move around the boxes etc
  23. best Info is here http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/
  24. Most USB Serial Adaptors are based on the Prolific chip set ... http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?ID=31 It is not going to kill anything to just try them
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