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  1. Hi All, I have not been able to do as much Geocaching as I used to and I was wondering if there is a process in place for offering local geocachers the chance to adopt some of my caches. I seem to remember there used to be but I can't find it now. Anyone help? Thanks, Mike
  2. When I look at the GIS Map on Geocacheuk, I only get the blue dots now. Where have all my green and red dots gone?!
  3. Hi All. Is there a way of getting the results of a PQ into a bookmark list? I can do it the other way around.
  4. Well the weather has warmed up and so has our caching exploits. After a winter of virtual cache hibernation in Scotland, the longer and warmer days are enabling us to "get out there" again. But warmer days mean the little blighters are back and now seems like a good time to bump this thread. Many people have contributed lots of interesting and helpful information that this years new cachers might find useful. Over the past week my family and I have been on 4 or 5 caching trips and 2 of us have picked up 3 little baby ticks each. For an additional weapon to add to the arsenal against these varmints have a look at www.nontix.co.uk The key ingredient needed can be purchased on eBay, if you have no other way of getting hold of them. I've just got a batch for my family and we're going to try it out. I'll let you know how we get on.
  5. Hi All, I am trying to calculate the center co-ordinates of four points (a square) on the OS maps. I have the OS co-ords of the four points but they are on different maps and I can't find a simple way of finding the centre. Can anyone offer any advice? Is there a utility I can use? Thanks.
  6. I've had my Garmin GPSmap60 for well over a year now and something I've always wanted to do was autorouting. I learnt in the forums early on that Metroguide 7 Europe, while it does routes on your PC, it doesn't pass them to the GPS, so I gave up. As I understand it you need to buy something like the very expensive City Navigator. Forgive me if this has been suggested before but I haven't logged into the forums for a while (I did do a search the forum though). I stumbled on a free utility that works with Metroguide and uploads the autorouting data to your GPS. You'll need to read through the info and make sure it is compatible with your device but it works a treat with mine. Drop me an email through my profile if you're interested.
  7. I recently watched a seagull standing in one place and stamping its feet really fast. I have never seen this before and I can only imagine that the worms think its raining and come to the surface. Funny thing was, I saw another one doing it the next week in a completely different place.
  8. Was this meant in jest? I have had permission from the FC to place caches at three of their sites and have never been asked to pay.
  9. Hi Blue Deuce, I see you are based in the US so I understand your concern as it's a topic that is often discussed in the Reviewers' private forum. However this is an issue that only seems to cause a problem in the USA and most, if not all, other countries ignore this "guideline" in the case of bridges. One of the reasons Groundspeak has local volunteers is that they know local issues. So to all UK cachers please feel free to continue placing caches un/under/in bridges Encouraging news indeed! Thanks Lactodorum.
  10. I was wondering whether anyone has ever placed or found a cache on a bridge. I mean the really big ones like the Severn bridge etc. Ones with a walkway across for pedestrians and cyclists. Of course, I'm talking about a magnetised cache on a metal bridge. I've had a hunt on the website but I can't find one. There's plenty on small bridges and these are great too, but I'm looking for one on a big bridge. Is there anything in the rules about this kind of cache? What does everyone else think?
  11. Glad to see you did three of mine on your trip to Scotland. Of all the Scottish caches you logged, does any one in particular stand out as a favourite?
  12. For freeware (actually open source), I'd recommend the GIMP. Aswell as being a pretty good Image Manipulation Package, It's got a fab name! Download here That's exactly what I needed. Thanks!
  13. Thank you to The Royles for the superb TB image. It's easy enough to turn it over. Does anyone know a free image manipulation package with which I can do my sunscreen design? Mspaint just doesn't have the zoom capabilities I need.
  14. That's great. Thanks Jango. But how about the Travel Bug logo. The barcode one. Any suggestions where I can get that one.
  15. I came across a dead mole on the path while out caching a couple of weeks ago!
  16. I must be sad. I already have a www.geocaching.com decal in the back window of my car and a signal frog on the aerial. I like the sound of these sunscreens too. Is it possible to get an image file of the Travel Bug symbol (the barcode thingy) and the Geocaching.com logo (the four-colour one). Are we allowed to use these symbols?
  17. I've been using purple poker chips for a while. I got 100 from Ebay, they weren't expensive and they do all colours. Of course, I don't have the posh image in the centre like Scaw. Nice one.
  18. In my early caching days, I wrapped my 2nd cache in a black bin bag. I soon learnt from the logs that this simply isn't done and I have not done it since.
  19. Oh yeah, it's also taught me that when you place a cache, expect someone to moan about it. You'll never please everyone.
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