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  1. Dont post much on here, so here goes,..... I don't see what the problem is here if we have all followed the rules. All land belongs to someone I believe, and all cache placements must have permission Now of course if you have not gained the permission but ticked the box to say that you have, then the reviewer cannot be to blame surely? So all sidetracked caches are safe then as we all followed the rules yeah right, thats why this problem has occured. I don't know the history of Kewfriends other topics so you can all tell me to "go away you don't know what your talking about" but do feel that we as cache setters take alot of pressure of our great review team by following the rules. Now runs off back down hole for a few years Gary
  2. It is offically a secma funtech. AKA a Qpod. Imported by Noel Edmunds. It has taken a battering but goes anywhwere. (Haven't tried deep water yet). Waiting for the warm weather so the doors and roof come off. Gary
  3. Most people thing my vehicle is a lawn mower
  4. Did a cache in Cornwall at Xmas. GCR506, the area is being cleared by some local students, they found the cache and placed a pic of themselves in it. Said in the log that they were going to keep an eye on the cache. Maybe future cachers
  5. Count us in too, depending on time etc. Be nice to put faces to names.
  6. The wife has said I sometimes look like "a bloody idiot" when I'm walking around tring to get a fix on my GPSr. Does that count?
  7. Not too many Gary's out there, but there is one other I know of and he is married to a Jane..........Guess what? So am I Hows that for Spooky
  8. Very light covering of snow here in West Wilts Can't wait to give the 'pod a good run over the plain Will be all gone in a few hours I expec t
  9. We're on. Not to far from home. See i'm not the only one to have "shouted" twice. Doh!
  10. Great idea, be good to put faces to names. Only ever met one other cacher when out and about so go for it
  11. Its our 'pod mobile!! used for all the local caches and to get out and fly kites. Big kite just fits in the boot.
  12. Guess what my other hobbie is!
  13. Never yet been broken into, but then who would like to rummage through old tissues, McD. boxes kids stuff everywhere? We would only notice a breaking if the car was tidier
  14. This has been an interesting thread to me as we live very near to the set of a c5 "reality show". There is a public right of way that goes right passed it and when it was on I often went to watch from this path. (Sad I know, must get out more ) But on the final evening of evictions the guys in black would not let us any where near unless we had an invite. even though we were on a public road/path. Didn't argue, just felt that something was not legal here. Maybe they had apllied to close the path but we were not sure. Maybe next time we will check this out. Gary
  15. Congratulations from us too. Cornwall is a great place to tie the knot. Got married 12 years ago in Hayle and still going strong! Kiteflyer.
  16. ummm...Now i'm thinking about turning my Qpod into a TB. I suppose the tb number must be on show somewhere? Maybe a sticker or something? Gary
  17. Reminds me of Winnie the Pooh searching for his Heffalump
  18. Sorry to hear that Vivien If you see us out on the plain come on over and have a go, might change Gary's mind Been to the Bustard a couple of times from the North past the sign post in the middle of the impact zone showing which way to Devizes and Salisbury! Always makes me chuckle that. My favorit road/lane is from Gore Cross to Westbury (fly my kite there). Great views over North Wilts.
  19. Umm.....that could be a tight fit Me and "Noel" are both a little behind in the growing race so it's no problem for us There is more room with the doors off so in summer you may just fit in then. It would be ideal in the forest (on the roads of course) as it only does 45 mph and is just over a meter wide! 60 mpg though
  20. I have a cheap hands free ear-piece that will not do voice dialing so I have no idea about how to make that work sorry.
  21. I use an XDA 2 as well. It is wired to my Legend in the field and a Halcom in the car. Tom tom and fugawi installed. Just sent of for a Wifi card to do some of the wire-less caches. It has bluetooth for handsfree and data transfers. In my very bias opinion it can't be beaten! Gary
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