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  1. I am very sorry to read about Mrs Snail. I am saddened to hear such news, and without saying, my condolences go to the family. Vivien and Gary Roving Rangies
  2. Great for protecting digital camera screens too! we have them fitted to ALL our stuff, we but bulk packs from the local Photographic shop. £5 approx for 6 screen covers! Vivien
  3. I don't leave camo loose, I make sure its firnly attached to my caches! Roving Rangies
  4. Corgis, they aren't Corgi's, they are labradors that have walked their paws off! Congratulations to you both and a woof to the dogs! Vivien and Gary Roving Rangies
  5. By the way, I live in Wootton Bassett, Near Swindon but just south of the M4. Vivien Roving Rangies
  6. No you don't! Anyway Lisa is a nice girl, so proper answers only please From de management!!!! Vivien Sheesh! Where's the fun in that? Just hope and pray she doesn't help me catch you. We both like BBQ'd pork! Here piggy, piggy?
  7. To judge by some of the postings on this forum..... Planet Zog !! No you don't! Anyway Lisa is a nice girl, so proper answers only please From de management!!!! Vivien Roving Rangies
  8. They wrote: We are currently producing a brand new entertaining but serious motoring series, Driving Me Crazy, that looks deeply into the heart of the concerns that are driving Britain’s car owners crazy. There shall be three 1-hour programmes to be shown on ITV1 at prime-time and each programme investigates a different road related sore-point. Show two focuses on 4x4s and their use in our town centres. The 4x4 is the most talked about vehicle on the road today – some of us love them, others hate them. But we all have an opinion about them. Advocates claim they are super-safe and practical kid-transporting vehicles; opponents condemn them as super-polluting and an unnecessary middle class status symbol. So who’s right? Do we need big cars? Are they more polluting? And do they make their owners’ worse drivers? Or are environmentalists’ guilty of unfair stereotyping? Driving Me Crazy will put everything about 4 x 4’s under the spotlight to find the answer. So far, it seems easier to find people who hate 4x4s being used in town centres (and even worse some claim to hate their owners too!) than love them. So I’m looking for people who are in favour or who have strong opinions to step forward. We hope to film in October, so the sooner I hear from people the better. drivingmecrazy@itv.com
  9. Any caches around Abingdon??? You must have something to do while you are there! Roving Rangies
  10. I just hope that things turn out in Ewans favour and he recovers fully! Best wishes to his family at this time Vivien and Gary
  11. Big Ben dumb pig! I don't drink from bins! I am sufisticated ain't I, I drink straight from the can or bottle and never wiv a straw! Better than a trough any day!
  12. Torry, since when has the beer been free??? you have always charged me in the past!
  13. Not quite yesterday, more like last week!! Well done Jeff, you really must do some work sometime!
  14. Fraid not, the average annual temperatre on Ben Nevis is -0.2ºC, and for July 5.4ºC. However due to the proximity of the Ben to the Atlantic Ocean the lapse rate is only 6.4ºC/1000m. In the Cairngorms it is higher so that the average annual temperatre on Ben MacDui is --0.6ºC, but the mean July is higher at 6.4ºC. However the Brecon Beacons have the highest lapse rate of 7.4ºC/1000m so maybe you should head up Pen y Fan. -Signal panting Chae Worked for me! the above sent me straight to sleep trying to work it all out, first time in the last few days as its been soo hot at night to even bother to sleep. Well Done!
  15. When I ended up with my leg in plaster for 4 months and not able to walk properly for a year, I sued! Did I win??? NO! Obviously my name didn't fit!
  16. If I 'open' a thread then I consider myself as the 'owner' of said thread and reserve the right to close it for whatever reason I deem valid. Should anyone else wish to open one on the same or similar topic then they have the right to do so - as do I. I treat a topic as I do a cache, if I start (place) it, then I have no qualms about closing (archiving) it when I feel the need to. I quite agree, you open a thread...you should decide when to close it...not unless you are on your hols and someone trashes it while you are away, then I think a moderator should have the final say!
  17. and a lot of beers ago, thank goodness I don't look like that anymore. I actually had my leg in plaster at the time the photo was taken.... its a shame the pig was wrapped in foil! Your making me blush! All these people are reading this! I know a fetish is a fetish, but here??
  18. and a lot of beers ago, thank goodness I don't look like that anymore. I actually had my leg in plaster at the time the photo was taken.... its a shame the pig was wrapped in foil!
  19. So locking threads is a bad Idea, and as the Americans agree to uphold this convention whilst operating on EU soil, Groundspeak have to comply Moote, Will you kindly do me a favour, seeming as you obviously enjoy fighting for the universe. Will you please go and get your soap box and take it to Hyde Park Corner in London and shout your head off there, where Thousands of possible people may be vaguely interested in what you say, only to be honest... there are more than a few of us here, which are getting very tired of consatnt complaining about caches, caching and anything to do with the hobby. We enjoy our hobby as it is, not as you want it to be!! Thank-you!
  20. I certainly don't, have you seen the "Photo"?
  21. Brilliant!! and when they get so bogged down...Toad in a hole!!
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