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  1. A Merry Christmas to You All John & Hazel
  2. CONGRATULATIONS Keith, Nat & Family Well Done on Reaching 800
  3. WELL DONE PAUL Congratulations on Reaching 600 finds
  4. Try the Download Page at geocacheuk LINK
  5. Here's One PPC Theme Check out this thread PPC Themes & Wallpaper
  6. £9.95 at Ptronix Mine arrived next day
  7. This forum might have the answer to your questions ipaq hq
  8. WELL DONE Congratulations Jeff, Pat and the Corgis on reaching 900 John & Hazel
  9. How about this one Jeremy? Tish
  10. Isn't it about now that Mandy joins the topic announcing that she has found an unregistered dog tag and a new notebook?
  11. Instead of emailing local cachers, why not put a notice of some kind in the *caches you own* with details of local geocaching events etc. I know it is more work but it will get around the spamming issue. *I said caches you own as putting a notice in other peoples caches opens another can of worms.
  12. CONGRATULATIONS Well done on 1000 finds. No wonder you were looking for new boots a few weeks ago. John & Hazel
  13. WELL DONE 300 finds and a lot of them done by bicycle.
  14. Take a look Here Traditional Award Certificates Edit to suit
  15. AntarcticMan did two 3200 miles apart on the same day. see this post
  16. There is a thread in the UK forum ref BT GPSr HERE (bluetooth GPS which is best?)
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