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  1. I'm definitely up for a crossing next spring/summer to count towards my Doctor of Dolefulness, please keep me posted (I don't come in here too often at the moment). I don't know if the dates work out but the Wake (piss up and piss take, with much singing of the Lyke Wake Dirge,and everyone in mourning dress or witches robes, wishing each other condolences rather than congratulations) will very likely be 12th May, and if it's the same as previous years there will be free camping at Lord Stones Cafe(basic - loo at the cafe, no showers) overnight that night, which we could take advantage of. (Edited - 12th not 5th May)
  2. Bob, are the midgies fierce and numerous round there? An honest answer please - it's going to make the difference as to whether I risk camping, or try and find a B&B / hotel. And how much I'll invest in insect repellant and hats with nets on them... I did the West Highland Way a few years back and I can still remember the agony of trying to pitch a tent whilst being attacked by the evil little critters.
  3. I was just exploring the end of the Wade from "Secret Water", a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure I could put one there, and one somewhere pertinent to "We didn't mean to go to sea" as well.
  4. Congratulations! It was an honour to find some of those 1000 with you last year and to have been thoroughly beaten in that grass fight Oh... and... you've gone and caught me up again! Helen
  5. Caches: Sarah of The Morgan Mob and I did sixty four in a day once, in London Absolute favourite of all those for me was A Very Secret Spot, in Regents Park. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...9c-e46f62f637ed. It was towards the end of the day and a beautiful place to sit for a little while. And a bonus is that nearby is the Letterbox and TB exchange, which is large enough for any TBs that have stowed away in your luggage. You'll find an awful lot of London caches are microes. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ac-fc460fc5aa46 I'd also recommend climbing The Monument for one of the CCC series http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...59-44010691471c which I've just seen has changed and you don't need to climb it anymore as the cache question has changed, but do anyway if you're up to it, it's a lot of steps but the views of Tower Bridge and the river are spectacular. Hope you have a marvellous visit.
  6. Not many, Wendy Thanks all, won't be slowing down if I can help it. In fact once the extension's finished I'll be waddling round as many caches as I can get to.
  7. Congrats to two really great Reviewers for publishing a few million caches (well it must seem like it anyway) and thanks from me for my 32 of those, (especially the one where I got the coords wrong by a degree and it seemed to be about a mile east of Clacton beach, and you didn't laugh too much while pointing this out.) sorry, don't feel like posting on all the sad threads over there.
  8. I recall that incident, Sensei. The cachers who'd previously found it were some distance away and not looking in my direction when I found it (so they couldn't be accused of assisting) and we discussed whether to put it where they had previously found it or where I had just found it, deciding that it didn't make a lot of difference. As it transpires, neither of us found it where it /ought/ to have been, from what you told me later! Maybe it was muggle-moved? (Had I been thinking, i might've realised what the hint meant and relocated it to the relevant site. But I wasn't so I didn't.) One of the Purple_Pineapples micros was /kindly/ moved down a few feet from up high behind a sign, because the finder thought it was a bit difficult to reach. Whereupon the hint no longer fitted, the terrain rating became too high and it was promptly muggled.
  9. MrsB - try this link if the Scilly old computers out there won't let you come into the chatroom by usual doors: http://ge.pythonmoo.co.uk/cgi-bin/geochat/irc.cgi It's the secret passage in. Comes out behind the bookcase. See Geocachers' Marauder's Map for details.
  10. Borsetshire. I can't even find the county on a map, though.
  11. They make dishwashers don't they? (I like to run with a theme) A little more on topic, does anyone know whether the German for TFTC is DFDC?
  12. Having shed a couple of stone himself to get to 100 caches even faster, Badger's next plan was to leave behind all unnecessary parts of his car.
  13. Another record bites the dust, darnit! Congratulations! Oh and Paul says you don't need an undertray if you've got a petrol engine, but I reminded him what happened to my car (which doesn't have one) when he drove it through a ford and he changed his mind about it. So you're ok, just don't drive through any water features. Helen
  14. Massive CONGRATULATIONS!!! ...and I'd heard you were too ill to venture out of bed to go caching at the weekend! Glad to find out I was wrong. Your caching protégée, H.
  15. If you log every visit to somewhere YOSM merely USED to be, you might just as well log every dnf as a find. There's not really any much more blatant way to cheat to get your numbers up without changing your name to Archaic Charmer, if you ask me. (STIR MODE: OFF)
  16. Thanks for checking GAGB, Bill. I gathered they were somewhere Southampton way (location says Marchwood, which is somewhere around there), maybe Dad (Easy Rambler) knows of them.
  17. Well whatever it is, I blame the Germans.
  18. If you have a pre-owned Yellow Etrex, and you have to set the datum and co-ord type separately, it probably doesn't have the WAAS thing anyway. Mine didn't until I sent it back to Garmin to get the rubber band round it changed when the glue gave up, and they sent me a whole new unit which sets the datum all by itself and has lots of other scary features like open and closed cache icons (though I still use fish for old-times sake) and that WAAS thing, which I've never used, and the backlight's got jaundice.
  19. Yep that's what happened to me too. But they're using that account to send mail from, and the mail implied they wanted a reply, so clearly they don't realise nobody can respond to it (ok, you can't and I can't, I'm guessing nobody else can either) Thanks for trying, at least now I know it's not just something wrong with MY email. *frustration!*
  20. I thought I'd lost my TB. There it wasn't, in All Steamed Up back in April and Cacherelle had kindly emailed me to tell me that in the logbook it had been picked up by Team Muddy. Only they hadn't logged it online at that point. It being a suitable number of weeks later, I tried to email them through gc.com but it bounced. I was rather upset but thought "Such is life" But then: Yesterday I got an email from Team Muddy! Who want to take my TB to the States, though its aim is to go to Wales. I don't really mind, I'm sure it'll climb somewhere nice over there. I tried to reply (the email invited a reply) but yet again the email bounced! So does anyone else know Team Muddy who according to the profile is/are a Joiner from Marchwood. Can anyone suggest any other way of getting in touch? Oh and they did finally log the cache where they picked up my TB. Ok, they logged it as having visited last July, when they must've gone there between 9th and 20th April this year... but as people are always saying, you can play however you want to!
  21. If you look at the cache pages it does give the OS grid there too, that will help you plot them on the map, but really you might have difficulty with any that are a long way from something you can see and get to on the map... Try asking for a Yellow Etrex for your next birthday or Xmas, they really aren't SO expensive... hang on I've thought of something else... Email on way!
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