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  1. Three times I have been to my nearest unfound cache - 40 miles away by road - each time it has been missing and subsequently replaced by the CO. On the last occasion, being somewhat fed up with it being missing yet again, I posted a found log. And had it promptly deleted even after I said politely, once again, that it was missing! Next time, I'll just say I found it without informing the CO that it's gone again......
  2. The "official" app fails to work for me at just about every level. I don't get on with the UI. The places I go it's normal not to have a data connection. Even if I have one, it's usually too slow to get maps in a reasonable time. Without maps I find the main display almost useless. The only "PQs" it can get are ones directly from GS, whereas I generate my own from GSAK, the ones I generate on GS are not appropriate to use directly. I carry it only as a "backup" to the Oregon, but I would have to be pretty desperate to actually resort to it Rgds, Andy I download all the caches I need at home to use offline when out caching. It works pretty well when out in the field and I use it almost exclusively now when driving around. Battery life is poor but I have an extender which keeps it going longer. Ms Teuchters uses the trusty GPSMap60CSx, but I like the iPhone app for the other things I can see on it - recent logs, hint, description etc. Nick
  3. If you are actually "hiking", then I presume that you will be travelling by foot from Blair Atholl through the Cairngorm National Park? Perhaps you are walking through the Lairig Ghru via White Bridge? Or are you travelling by car up the main A9 road? There are many caches around the edge of the Natioanl Park area but unfortunately, there are not many inside the actual mountain area of the Park itself. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main reason for the lack of mountain caches is the problem of gaing permission from the Park Rangers. In many cases, they do not give permission and have actually removed caches that have been placed. It is far easier to obtain permission from the landowners of the lower lying areas. I am writing this comment as someone who lived near Aviemore for over 20 years and as the owner of many caches still around that area.
  4. Chris After I received copies of the screensavers, I used them for quite some time - then I lost them when I had to do a PC rebuild. The first one I obtained was on a disc left in a cache, but you kindly sent newer ones to me (as my old caching name of HighlandNick) They were excellent and the whole idea of submitting favourite Geo pics was great. I agree with you, your older versions may not have worked with modern systems. There are some good looking pics out there - as seen in the forum Photo threads. Good luck with a new version if you decide to go ahead. Thanks Nick I created a few of these screensavers in the past. I purchased a piece of sofware to build them which I no longer have. Even if I did I am guessing I would need somthing a bit newer for Windows 7 to enable me to do a new one. I do have the old ones tucked away in my Geocaching folder on my PC so if you want me to do you a replacement of the old discs I can manage that. It would be nice to do one for the mega event. The most annoying thing is the company I have just been laid off from with specialised the CD/DVD duplication and printing. I could have run off a few hundered professionally printed discs for nothing. I'll give it some thought over the next few weeks. If I do go ahead i'll create a new post asking for submissions.
  5. Ive missed my Lassitude screensaver - can you do another one please? :rolleyes:
  6. Watch out for an event with accompanying caches, based in the village of Carradale in Kintyre. It is on Saturday 7th April, which is the Easter weekend. There will be over 50 caches placed to accompany this event (some are placed already - look for the Commonwealth country names), which is based around the Kintyre Way. This is a walk that starts in Tarbert in the north, to Southend in the....south. The way is 87 miles long, but of course, you don't have to walk it all to get the specially placed caches. There will be two (much) shorter circular walks based on Carradale and caches close to the Event base, at the Network Tearoom. The community has grant funding to help with a legacy for the Commonwealth Games, so there will be eventually 55 caches (55 countries in the Commonwealth) all along the Kintyre Way plus the two loops round Carradale. In the evening there will be a licensed Ceilidh and barbeque. (small charge) Local Rangers and GPS tuition on site if needed too. This is a local community event which could do with some support in a remote, but stunning location. Further info from: alanmilstead@gmail.com (Thanks to geohatter, Forum Mod for permission to post this info)
  7. If its a GAGB guideline and if comments should be posted on their website (and by inference not here) then its got nothing to do with Groundspeak and should not affect how and where cachers place their caches?
  8. Apart from Ben Nevis, are there any other Scottish summits in this list?
  9. Thats almost exactly what we did yesterday but we only managed 9 caches. If you still want the "Good Old Days" please visit us in the north of Scotland. You are all welcome.
  10. Is this broken again or is it me? Using FF5.0 - all I get is a blank box then a message to tell me that the connection to the server was reset....
  11. That's the one - performed by Honeybus You can argue over who goes next.......
  12. Right bread, correct about the balloon but wrong song. That's the Fifth Dimension. This was more to do with bees and public transport!! If nobody else gets it soon, then you cam have it as it's pretty close.
  13. This got to number 8 in the UK singles chart and advertised a lightweight loaf of bread.
  14. No, this is something completely different. You need the Edgemaster OS map substituter Greasemonkey script. But not just now 'cos its broken.....
  15. Still on a musical theme.... Who sings about flying with an irish airline in an "interesting operatic" style?
  16. I got this message... Oops! Firefox could not find ge.pythonmoo.co.uk
  17. I could recommend one but its in the north of Scotland. <_<
  18. I use my iPhone4 for caching details using the usual geocaching apps that are available. My (micro) sim is provided by Tesco which uses the same cellular network as O2. O2 has (possibly?) the best coverage in the north of Scotland with Vodaphone in a similar position. 3 is generally accepted as not being so good for coverage up here. (All views are a personal opinion only and should not be construed as a statement of fact) You can get a sim only contract for between £15 and £25.00 - the cost depends on how many calls and the amount of data you wish to receive. For instance 1GB data but only 250 mins calls etc. I'm sure you can find the supermarket website to get the details. My caching partner has a 3GS iPhone with a normal sized sim -I don't know which one you have. As previous posters have said, coverage can be patchy, once away from the main centres but even in in "remoter" spots, wifi at hotels etc can set you up for the day - depending on where you stay there can be a charge for wifi access.
  19. On a flight a couple of years ago, I specifically asked the flight attendant if I could use my GPS during the flight. This was denied (from the cockpit) but I later had a visit in my seat by the co-pilot who very helpfully brought a print out of that days track that the airline was using in both directions across the Atlantic. He also spent about 10-15 minutes telling me how the routes were planned - depending on the winds in each direction. One of the reasons given to me for not allowing the use of my GPS was that the track and speed info was available in any case on the small screen in the seat back.
  20. Drove part of this area a couple of years ago on a road trip through Death Valley, Vegas.... Didn't see any aliens - but a few small brown, squashed looking objects on the road - I've seen a some like this round Edinburgh too. :rolleyes: Roadkill?
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