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  1. The WTF series in west london follows the canal system, so nice flat riding and no hills
  2. Molinnis


    Downloaded version 1.2.1 yesterday via itunes on to my iphone 3GS. downloaded a cartridge direct to my iphone choosing the PPC option and done my first Wherigo cache today. Works perfectly
  3. ... Do you mean you posted an enormous photo? :laughing: Still playing. Not sure if I like or hate. Well it wouldn't have been 'oversize' on the old forum but there's so much wasted space on the left side of the new one that the room for the actual post now seems considerably smaller. Has anyone found any 'Forum Settings' anywhere? Is anything 'adjustable'? Settings are accessed by arrow next to your username top right of page. Certainly different
  4. Still got my 10/10 and Delaware souveniers. Not sure wether that deserves a happy smilie or unhappy smilie
  5. Just come across this and I cannot get it to work either
  6. Oh wow we were FTF, that was also my first travel bug find. Also we were FTF Lost in spaces "Cornwall cache" where the bug was launched from and it was only the fourth cache we had found at the time. Ahhh memories.....
  7. I tried selling a few of my activated/untravelled coins on ebay last year but didnt get much response. Maybe because they are secondhand or people dont want to be bothered with the adoption thing (Although its not hard). So mine are still languishing in a drawer like yours Terry. Let us know how you get on....
  8. Yes noticed this myself and have emailed them, now waiting a reply. Many thanks
  9. Just bumping this up in the hope some one may know them
  10. Does anyone know of or are friends with a geocacher/s called Gillman. I have been trying to contact them as I believe they did a cache in south Cornwall in mid july and picked up a geocoin of mine which had just been dropped there that day. They have not logged either the cache or the coin and have not visited GC.com since mid June. The cacher that dropped my coin in the cache names them in his log. The log Mike
  11. Well done Pete on your 3000th cache early Sunday morning at the Dusk to Dawn overnight ramble
  12. 65 on foot so Heinz is not gonna cut the mustard 123 (walk, cycle, catch the bus, drive, whatever) for the most in 24 hours, good luck. Hmmm we could come close then especially as the first half of the night of the meet is the most cache intensive, According to the UK records we should beat the cycle record doing the WTF series.
  13. Myself and Plymplodder are cycling the WTF series early on the saturday morning before attending the DTD meet so potentially about 130+ caches but as we will be starting the WTF around first light it will be more than 24 hours. What is the 24 hour record anyway??
  14. I am a home shopping delivery driver for Tesco's around the north cornwall area, so any roadside caches that come up usually involve a diversion off my route to grab
  15. I have got free service a few times now but I have always took it to their Romsey base and they have fixed it there and then or repaired/replaced by post free of charge.
  16. I did a swim in the sea in dec 2005 to get a FTF on a 5/5 mystery down here in cornwall, and yes it was cold as I remember
  17. Thats great guys, many thanks. Hoping to start these at first light in the morning and didnt want to lose time finding somewhere legal to park for a few hours.
  18. Can anyone who has done the WTF series in west London help me out? A couple of us down here in the southwest are planning to do this series on bikes early one saturday morning in July. But we need some idea of a suitable starting spot where we can park the car for a few hours????? Any suggestions will be gratefully received.
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