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Ever Had A Cache Log Make Your Day???

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So, I was already having a great day. I was Top Gun on my IDPA shooting team (again) this morning/afternoon followed by a geocaching event in the evening. I had some other private matters to be happy about too.....


The only damper on the day was that I had to work an extra (midnight) shift tonight from 10pm to 6am and my day had started at 6am to begin with...


But then I got a cache log notification.... :laughing::rolleyes:


So anyhoo, lets NOT use this thread to complain about cut and paste logs.... SHARE a log or two, or maybe a picture, on one of your caches that really made your day... :anicute:


Here's a picture that really made my day once:


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The first log on my first cache:


This was very close to our house so we gave it a shot. I've lived here for 30 years and never knew about this pond - Thanks Richard. A very nice area that we plan to return to this summer.


One of my favorite things about caching is that it takes me to places I never would have known about. It's nice to know that I can do the same for others.

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The logs on my Dark cache often make my day. Many of the people who find it say that it is the best cache they have found yet. This weekend there were two cachers who used Dark for their 200th and 300th finds. The idea that my cache is so popular that people want to find it as a landmark cache makes me feel special.

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The logs on my Dark cache often make my day.  Many of the people who find it say that it is the best cache they have found yet.  This weekend there were two cachers who used Dark for their 200th and 300th finds.  The idea that my cache is so popular that people want to find it as a landmark cache makes me feel special.

There was also a #600 on that one, he just hasn't logged it yet :laughing:


One of my favorite logs was for my Meyn Family Album cache.


From a newbie:

"Found this one with my grand daughter and her daddy today. The location is interesting because I've been within 100 yards of the little cemetary several days a week for years, as I walked the path. I never knew the cemetary existed.


The hiding location is NICE!, on of the most clever I've seen. We were within feet of it for several minutes, with the GPS confirming our position, but didn't see it. My son finally saw an anomaly that drew our attention to the right place, GOOD WORK, Robert!"


From a 1500+ finder:

"Got to ground zero and started to check everything in sight. I let my GPS settle a little and it moved me a little from where I was searching. Hmmmm, that interesting right there. Let me check a little closer. No that's not it but there is just one more thing, BINGO! Beautifull hide! I think this was my favorite hide of the day. Very nice camo job all the way around on that one!"


I usually use traditional hides but this one I had fun placing. The area in the pic on the page is completely enclosed by fence and the hide is (obviously) on the outside. Made me feel good to get those logs, I was pleased when the park approved the location and the hide. It's a micro but not too terribly tough, just have to think for a minute, and steer clear of the green leaves. If you approach from the wrong direction you can't avoid them but I went in and out of there 5 or 6 times when placing it and didn't get any, even in shorts and short sleeves.


Nice thread, Snoogans!

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I have a story a lot like Brian's. After about 50 cache finds or so, I decided to hide my first cache, but I wasn't "addicted" to geocaching yet, or to the idea of hiding caches. Then I started getting nice logs on my first cache, including one that said, in part, the following:


[Our son] had his cousins along who had never hiked in the woods. They were excited. Also had another friend along with his kids.


The thought that I was responsible for some kids' *first hike in the woods* just made my day. I couldn't imagine growing up and not enjoying being in the woods. It totally blew my mind. Since I got into geocaching originally to have something fun to do with my own daughter, the idea of bringing joy to other kids as they discovered new places is what motivated me to hide "just a few" more caches. The second hide came just two weeks after reading this log, and is still my favorite cache hide.

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The logs on my Dark cache often make my day.  Many of the people who find it say that it is the best cache they have found yet.  This weekend there were two cachers who used Dark for their 200th and 300th finds.  The idea that my cache is so popular that people want to find it as a landmark cache makes me feel special.

I'm new to caching and live in the UK, and even I have heard about your awsome chainmail ball.

:rolleyes: Sadly I don't think I'll be ever in a position to try and find one.


:laughing: Sounds like a terrific cache though.


Saw a log over here recently: "Found your cache, and in the exitement proposed to my girlfriend. She said yes!!" Sadly this cache's logbook went missing not long after :anicute:

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The logs on my Dark cache often make my day. 

Just about every single log on my Nature's Toll Bridge is excellent. Even very experienced cachers with many, many finds seem to really enjoy it. One of the best logs is from a highly respected local cacher with 5000+ finds.


Once a brand new cacher (it was his second day) had a less than favorable experience there, and I wrote to him to apologize. He wrote back and said even with what happened to him, he really enjoyed the cache. :laughing:


When I received this log for Kelly's Point, I thought, "Yep, that's why I hide caches - for logs like this one."

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I've got a series of caches called Little China - the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs are micro caches that are fairly easy to find and then there's a final bonus cache if you find the whole series.


Well, Tiger is a micro in a light pole situated at Waffle house and about 40 feet from a gas station. One day I got the following two logs:


;) June 7 by Crowesfeat30 (666 found)

So, Strider & I are walking to breakfast this morning & he says "Let's look & see if there is a cache here". So we look and much to our suprise there was one!! After we stop laughing we realize that we hadn't even brought a pen with us; so we had breakfast, came back to the room, looked up this cache so we could log it, then went back to sign the log. Thanks for giving us a good laugh and a fun cache!



Manchester, M0

[view this log on a separate page]


:rolleyes: June 7 by Strider (1496 found)

I'd heard that there are plenty of caches in Nashville, I really believe it now. CrowesFeat30 & I were staying at the Red Roof Inn, and walked over to Waffle House for breakfast. As we got near there, I joked that we should start looking, and lifted up the first one of these I came to. Guess what, there was a film canister in there:) We about fell over. We ate breakfast, then came back to the room to look it up. And here it is!!!

Thanks Fly46, you got our day off to a great start.


Glendale, Missouri



As someone who often resists the urge to check every light pole there is, these logs really made my day.

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I tried to make my first cache as original as possible and not just another micro. These are the logs that made me want to keep doing it and find others that cachers have put their own creativity and effort to bring us a great experience.


September 14, 2004 by Retired (428 found)

Excellent hide! You are right this is a hard place. This one had me walking in circles for about an hour. I was about to give up when I spotted it. I had looked right at the container several times but thought, "naw couldn't be in this area". Clever or should I say evil! Keep up the good work. FTF


December 31, 2004 by Mathatalist (51 found)

I let the kids look for 30 minutes before I helped them out. It was not easy for me. Here is a compliment. My 12 year old son said "that is a piece of art". Hope I did not put the tube on too tight. But there had been evidence of molding on some of the paper.


January 13 by gkemper (68 found)

My second try.

Having a different mind set makes things much easier.

I even touched the hardplace the first time and did not see the cache.




Placed another one today. It is literally a piece of art. I hope it too is well recieved.

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A couple of favorite logs from my caches:


From The Tallest Trees


"I had never been to the lost 40 trail system before nor would I have come to this beautiful place if it were not for this cache. Very fun and educational cache to find, took the rain poncho and left a buck. Very very very nice cache thanks dingermcduff"


From Bridge Out


"FTF and collected my first finder's ribbon! Now this one was a real challenge for the first clue AND the cache!! Nothing easy about any part of it. It was a nice enjoyable walk in and I liked all the trails in this area. Thanks for bringing me into a new area that I really enjoyed. After finding the cache I checked out the broken bridge, looks like the DNR has maybe had some beaver problems here. Found the short way out. TFTC & challenge!"

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Always nice to get a log telling you that someone has found one of your caches.


Here are three of my favorites:




This fellow had been living in the area 45 years and never knew this beach was there: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...23-f323ea89a5ab


And last but not least:

June 18, 2003 by 24/7 (199 found)

WOW!! again, HUNT LADY.. I don’t know what you do in your spare time? But I have to say we will never catch up to you if you hang out up here! I sure am glad that we brought allot of water we sure did need it!! Also make sure you bring pants!(we wore shorts) Put them on after you cross the creek. You will need them to protect from the stickers and bushes! Another thing make sure you bring a friend no one will believe what you went through to find this cache. The trail is heavily marked with GEOcache ribbons to help guild the way. The Parrot was a nice sight! Although he looked like he just hit a tree and broke his wing.Once you get to the stove and running stream it is eazier and less POISON OAK! If you don’t cross the creek right by the ribbon. Go to the jeep road follow it for a minute then cut right the creek is tiny down there and less oak! We found old bikes, stoves, A little green shed With a cache in it(nice door knob I all most wanted to take it )I think some one use to live up here back in the day. COOL area. HUNT LADY you over did your self this time! We were 2nd to find this cache 1SARMAN bEAT us to this one to. This was our 3rd cache today. TOOK DEER antler, Pocket pliers & light stick LEFT= BUCK NAKED FURBY (my first TB)& $2 DOLLAR BILLS .............. PS. Thanks for the cache.........................................................Also I just got done reading about HIGH VOLTAGE. It’s SAD TO HERE WHEN THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN!! WE picked up that traveler from the GREEN BELLS also a very recommended sight!

[last edit: 6/18/2003 11:12:13 PM PST]


[last edit: 6/19/2003 9:55:34 AM PST]


[last edit: 6/20/2003 6:24:52 PM PST]

[view this log on a separate page]


June 15, 2003 by XSARMan (388 found)

Huntnlady, you did VERY GOOD. JUST WWOOONNNDDDEEERRRFFFUUULLL. This Cache gave me everything I needed today, with a second FTF today too. Don't take Huntnlady's precautions lightly. Everything she talked about was out in full force. I went loaded/sprayed for bear, and didn't regret it. I almost drank 80 ounces of water during this trek. First - the rope saved my behind. Then - I did take off my boots to cross the Creek. (This is especially rewarding on the way back) HA HA. The multi colored parrot looked a little out of place, but worked. Huntnlady did a great job marking the trail. I only had to go into the Man Tracking Mode a couple of times and that was because of my negligence. You know why they call it Man Tracking? “Because we don't ask for directions” Thank you for the Father's Day Gifts Huntnlady, I'll pass them on. If you want a good workout try this Cache on for size. Don't try this one if your out of shape.



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SHARE a log or two, or maybe a picture, on one of your caches that really made your day...


Aw, what a terrific idea! I love this thread.


I have a few to share. This picture was posted by WaldenRun...something he saw in the rocks he visited at one of our caches:




Totally awesome! I always thought that should win some sort of prize.


Also, when someone says that your cache is one of the best they've ever done or among the very best, a cut above the rest, , man, that sends chills down the ole arms. We were deeply honored that WR also mentioned a very nice comment like that at our Last Dinosaur cache, and his note was one of my biggest inspirations (that I was "okay" with how I was doing it), as he had over 2,000 caches under his belt and had surely seen some remarkable things along the way.


Also, it has really made me laugh the way folks have written logs in complete keeping with the theme at our Alien cache. The creativity of cachers really is hilarious.


There are so many good logs we've enjoyed that it is really tough to pick just a few logs that made my day, as so many of them inspire me to keep placing caches. The best part of it is just watching people have fun with it and showing excitement in their logs.


It is really a good time watching others' similar postive logs, and some of those caches...man I wish I lived closer! The logs are an inspiration to visit them!

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My favorite ever (from my Summit of Sugarloaf Mountain cache):


"I now have a great memory that I'll be reminded of every time I see this mountain. I have about 45 or so caches now, and this one stands head and shoulders above them all.

Finding this cache was not a walk in the park, as so many literally are, it was an experience. Thanks Mad Dog for the effort you put into this."

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One of my caches, GCN5TZ - Devil's Tea Table generates a few logs that "make my day".


My favorite has to be this log:


June 5 by Blaiz&Random_Hero (1 found)

What a great adventure! My son and I went out on our first geocaching adventure together today. We chose the Devils Tea Table, as we are both fairly new to the area, and thought we would see something unusual. And did we! The formation is awesome! What a great place to hide a cache. We left two lizards, and took a can of silly string. Great Hike:)

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This wasn't posted on one of my caches, rather one I had visited. Still, made me feel good. :rolleyes:


Beautiful day for caching. Came with XXXX and daughter and Son in law, XXXX. I picked up the lovely bracelet left by Hide & Seekers and wore it to church today. I liked showing it off to my friends. It is one of the priceless items that can sometimes be found in the caches.

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I received this one recently. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it much more than I did..


Brought this TB to Lambeau Field with us today. We got a couple of pics outside the stadium with it. Ok, cool story about this. We visited the Green Bay Packers Hall Of Fame today and also took the Lambeau Field Stadium tour. While on the stadium tour, they take you back by the locker rooms on the way out to the field. So, while the tour guide is talking to us in the tunnel before we were going to go out to the fields who walks by? Brett FREAKIN Favre!!!!!! He walked past about 30 feet behind the tour group. That was awesome. We will post pics from the stadium with the TB on Tuesday when we get home, but sorry no pics with Brett.
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The picture of Aunt Irene in this cache (GCMTV4) Inspired me to do an easy parking lot cache.


It has only been found once, but that log made my day. :lol:


July 29 by 1. runawaylue & dan (5 found)

This was a great cache. This was our second find for the day and our second time of looking for a cache at all. We had a great time. My husband enjoyed looking for this cache because it was easy to get to. I am glad that you put it where you did. It was great. My husband has Parkinson so this made him get into looking. He understood your clues better then I did.

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I actually had a log entry that inspired me so much, I changed the cache to include the grave he referred to!


November 14, 2004 by McGator (151 found)

Can't believe I beat GHoss to this one. He must be out of town. Didn't know some of these graves were here....such as the Iskes. Some vandals had badly damaged some of the tombstones, knocking some over while breaking others. Some were the really old ones. Its unfortunate this type of mentallity exists in the world. Saw some deer down in the field to the west. Found the grave of an old friend of mine whom I'd lost contact with 10-15 years ago. So if you see Fred Hieder's grave to the north slightly....remember that he was the first golf pro for the Bay Hills Golf Course back in the mid 70's. TFTCSL.


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I hid a series of three urban micros a couple miles outside of Washington, D.C. for no other reason except that I work in an office tower right there.


To my pleasant surprise, because one of them is right near a metro station, lots of out-of state people visiting the city are logging it to score a Virginia cache find. It's cool to have a cache that is sought out and found for that reason.


State Quarters Plaza Cache

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Here's my favorite, from The Eagles Tour:


April 7 by BeachBuddies (483 found)

Inflatable Kayak: $349

Paddle: $ 92

Vest: $ 89

FTF on Eagles Tour: Priceless


It's not often I update my Top Ten List. Without a doubt, this cache is going in as number one. Simply an excellent cache every step of the way.


Many of the other logs for this cache were equally rewarding. One finder put off the final stage to make it #200. Yeah, this has been a lot of fun. :(

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My newest cache has to replied to in a specific manner for the find to count. The finders have played along thus far, and I've been getting a good laugh.


ROFL!! :):D:)


:::wipes tears from laughing::: ;)


Man, that was a HOOT! Best logs ever! (wish I'd thought of it first!).


Great lookin' cache, Cap'n Chaos! Brilliant! I have to follow that one. It's just way too funny not to get updates!

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February 12 by xxxxxxx (436 found)

Well, I coulda just jumped in the ol rig and drove up here and grabbed this cache, but what fun would that a been, beings I knew a short cut across the mountains I could ride my ATV up there on and that’s just what I done.

The day started out sunny but cold, “wanna go for a four wheeler ride up to three rocks” I asked Sal. “Are you crazy, it’s freezing out this morning” says Sal “Yah, I know, but by this afternoon it’ll be nice and sunny and warm.” wuz my reply.

Sal started out slow and tentatively, the first group of dirt bikes startled her as they baaapped their engines to let us know they wanted by. “Give me a beer” she shakily asked. “It’s only 9:30, you don’t usually start drinking until at least noon” I remind her. “I’m freezing and I’m a bundle of nerves, those kids on them dirt bikes about stopped my heart” she quips back. “OK,OK, just to get your heart settled down, I suppose I’ll give you one.” Pretty soon she was stopping me every few miles wanting more booze to settle her nerves. Next thing I know, I look back and here she is riding her quad bucking bronco style, one hand in the air, tipped up on two wheels, yelling “eeeehawww “

Soon another group of them screaming bikes catch up to us and as I pull over to let them pass, I notice Sal has some how or another gotten mixed into the middle of the pack. With my most extreme ridding skills I tried to catch up with that wild gang, but soon I’ve lost sight and sound of them. Occasionally, I’d spot a mangled bike laying off to the side of the trail, the rider sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree, scratching his head. “What happened, is your bike ok?” I’d inquire. “Some crazy drunkin ol lady thinks she owns these trails” was the usual reply “she’ll bump your rear tire a couple of times and iffin’ you don’t get outta her way, she’ll take you out.”

After passing numerous bike parts, wrecked YZ’s,CR’s,XR’s,TT’s and other alphabet letters, broken bodies, etc, I finally arrived at the parking lot atop Blanchard Pass. They was a group of bikers gathered around, drinkin’ beer and whisky, telling crude jokes, laughing, spitting tobacco juice and right in the middle of this collection of renegade dirt bikers was my sweet Sal, belting out another dumb blonde joke, which had her audience rolling in the mud, clutching their sides in fits of laughter.

“I think it’s time to look for that Geocache, Sal, after all, that was the purpose of this ride today” I remind the unknown woman, I’d been married to for 30+ years.

“Geocache, Geosmash” she slurs “me and the boy’s is going riding, I’ll met you at home later tonight” she yells as she roars up the trail to the north, leading a group of thumping and whinning bikes.

It was a lonely search, but I soon located the box, signed my name, dropped off the Hauser ATV travel bug. In honor of the name this pass is known to locals as, I also left my geo coin, so the next cacher can take a “WIZ” on Blanchard Pass.

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This log made my day, this morning: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...d4-e54706264b75


Log Date: 8/4/2005

Well, I took my friend Dao out to her first cache - and as we pulled up

to the Four Aces hoping for a refreshing beverage on a blistering hot

day, we were greeted by the owner of the property. I talked him about

geocaching and he asked if I would show him what it was about. He

thought it was so cool, and he signed the log and left a couple of dollars

for future cachers. After signing the log myself and leaving a lizard &

geocaching card, he (the owner of the four aces) took my friend Dao and

I on a tour of the sets. VERY cool indeed. Dao took pix, so if I get a

chance, I will later post them. Thank you for sending us out here, and

for helping us meet the owner, as we got to know him better over lunch

and got to see a really cool place!


Cache in question 4 Aces

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This log CERTAINLY brightened my day a bit. The best part is that it's from someone I respect in these forums. :D  :D

No no no, I'm sure you meant this log, right? :ph34r:

Well, yes, actually. I always enjoy logs from folks I know, or at least know of. :mad: Getting logs from forum regulars is always neat. Did ya see that NakedCacher has hit that one too. :huh:


You totally passed up some great caches though. ;)

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