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  1. I DNFed this a while ago because I couldn't locate it. Guess I should have just waited for the fence, then I could get a find without logging it! Write note 05/07/2014 Work is being done on, and you cannot access the cache at this time. The area is fenced off. My office overlooks the stamp. I'll post again when the fencing is gone. Needs Maintenance 05/12/2014 Currently being worked on Didn't find it 06/08/2014 All fenced off Didn't find it 06/16/2014 Awesome cache! Unfortunately can't reach it due to construction Found it 06/20/2014 Found it, but couldn't get to it. I read the logs about it being fenced off, but I couldn't resist going by there anyway. Happy to see the stamp is being taken care of! Will come back again to sign the log. TFTC Write note 07/16/2014 TFTC. Cool stamp. Will come back and sign another time when not fenced off Found it 07/16/2014 Tftc Found it 07/21/2014 I have had this cache on my 'To Do' list for ages... My mother was an avid rubber stamper, so when I saw this cache page, I knew I had to come see it. I was very sad to see the barricades up as the feature is being renovated, but I enjoyed the journey and the memories just the same... Found it 07/24/2014 As with previous logs, we were sorry to see the barricades up for the renovation. Here's some pics to prove we were there. Found it 07/24/2014 Visited ...under construction so no signing of log Didn't find it 07/31/2014 I could not get close to this cache. There is a fence around the site. Better luck next time Found it 08/01/2014 Fenced off. As w other cachers visited and will post pictures to stamp our appearance. Found it 08/02/2014 Fenced off as others have said. Didn't find it 08/02/2014 Went walking after this one when I saw that the most recent log was a "Find". Wished I'd looked at the earlier logs. I'm sorry, but If I can't even get close to the cache, let along sign the log, I'm not going to log a "find". This has been inaccessible since May, perhaps it needs to be archived?
  2. Just a friendly reminder of the purpose of this thread: I know there's threads debating this topic. Please consider taking the debate over there so those of us who just like to see the logs aren't distracted by the debate. Thanks
  3. In a cache that's been disabled a few months due to construction in the area: Yeah, a block away is close enough..
  4. Just an update. After a few emails with GS, including "try it again", and then suggesting I should click the icon that I was clicking , I'm still nowhere. The error did change after the 6 June update. Now, it's giving me: Anyone else still having this issue?
  5. I contacted customer support and got the following: So...June 5th it should be fixed!
  6. I noticed that and have wondered about it. To address the OP's question, I wouldn't normally log my own cache but do have finds on two I now own. I found those before I adopted them. I have toyed with the idea of logging my own challenge cache since I now qualify for it but haven't made up my mind on that one. Other than logging my own events (since I attended), I've done this once. I had adopted a group of caches that I had found. One, I actually had to actually find before I could start maintaining it. So, yes, technically, I found my own cache, but that was because I didn't hide it...
  7. I'm having the same issue. I can log in to GC.com find, but when I try to link it, I get "An error has occurred: Facebook No Content". Any word on if GS is working on this error?
  8. I agree. However, the cache is there - and not being updated by the COs, and since it was already approved and not having any issues with current cachers in the area, I don't necessarilly a problem. That's kind of a non sequiter, since really the entire COUNTRY is not open for normal geocachers. Caches hidden "outside the wire" are also called IEDs. In this case, the only place where "normal" geocaching can take place is on military installations. Anywhere else is too dangerous. This is why they're guidelines and not hard and fast rules - and why there's a dedicated reviewer is very capable of enforcing the rules properly for this area. The caches meet the intent of the rules.
  9. I've had a couple deployments - one to Iraq a couple years ago and now I'm in Afghanistan. For both deployments, it's the same reviewer, who I believe covers all the deployed areas. And, yes, there is a special dispensation for military bases in deployed areas. I think it's because those of us that are deployed are not allowed OUTSIDE those bases to cache. We only go "outside the wire" on specific missions, and then caching is far too dangerous. So for the vast majority of the cachers in this region, military bases are the "open access" areas, while areas outside are "restricted access". Caching is a great activity to help pass the time during deployment during our occasional down times, and makes trips to other safe locations fun because we can find more caches! However, as the OP alluded to, the bases can be pretty small. At the Kabul International Airport, there are about a dozen caches, and it's now completely saturated. Some locations are small enough that one or two completely saturates it. Unusually, though, it does appear that there used to be some flexibility in the .1 mile limit at some point, because some caches are much closer than that (in one case, the final location of a multi is within 10 meters of another cache!) I don't know what drove this change, but it is the same reviewer who's been doing it for at least the last 4+ years, so there is probably some reason. I do think contacting the reviewer will help. Of course, another unique challenge is that this is a NATO location. Most places, the reviewer speaks the same language as the placers, but we have cachers from over 40 nations all together here - so it's a little different.
  10. I usually don't have a problem posting a NM log if the cache needs maintenance. For me as a CO, it's easier to catch that log, and identifies the need to pay a special visit to a cache. Just my two cents - I'm not so hesitant with NMs.
  11. Count me in! I've had bad luck with disappearing bugs the last few years, but I'll persist - my day is coming!
  12. Just got mine the other day! GeoJunkie's Arm Cache I photoshopped the tracking number out, but it's across the lid and designed to look like the stencils that are on ammo cans before you repaint them. This was right after I came off the chair and turned out much better than I expected!
  13. Reading through this, is GS now disallowing ALL permit entry areas for new caches? If so, there will be no new caches in Nebraska state parks any more, because Nebraska State parks require an entry permit. This is one of the best sets of areas to place caches and is mutually beneficial to the geocaching community and the state parks system. If it is still allowed there, then why would it not be allowed here? At first, I thought it was just a private guy asking for people to send their info to him. But, in this case, it's an organization that requires a permit to enter, just like a lot of state parks. So, why is this one a problem with the permits, while the state parks aren't?
  14. I've done that exactly one time. The first cache I found was later moved over a quarter of a mile away. I found out about it when I took my daughter to find it later. Since it really was a completely new cache hide, I logged it. Believe me, I was not interested at all in the numbers back then (it was my 1st and 12th find in 6 months of caching). I just wanted to document the experience, and I had actually had to find it again.
  15. Well, that was fast! They're out of trashbags. I'm guessing they didn't expect cachers to find out!
  16. I don't think they're allowed any more, since it would have been a virtual/locationless. However, you can now just mark it as missing to get it out of the cache, which was kind of the point of the graveyards.
  17. How about this one: Not that significant until you read the logs we made when we found the cache: Not even admitting to the cheating. Wonder how many of those 9000+ "finds" are real...
  18. It doesn't appear to be working right any more. When this first started, there was an option to move any TB I owned to my collection. I've now added a new TB for my car that I want to put in my collection, but whether it's set to collectible or not, it won't give me an option to move it to my collection. Ironically enough, all the TBs I previously put into my collection are showing as NOT collectible!
  19. That would explain why entire caches go missing, but not individual TBs.
  20. It's actually affecting all downloads. I tried downloading one generated 6 days ago with the same results. So, the problem is apparently with the download handler, not the files, since that one worked the other day.
  21. +1 here. Trying to upload to a TB.
  22. Any updates on getting this bug fixed? It's still there.
  23. Sweet, thanks! I won't be moving until July, but I'll monitor the area events!
  24. I'll be heading to Athens. Not sure how far it is from any of those areas.
  25. I'm getting ready to move to Southeast Ohio and of course the first thing I did was look for cachers there! I've made contact with at least one cacher, but I was wondering if there's any organization covering Southeast Ohio. I've found the Geocaching in Ohio org, but each region of Ohio seems to also have its own organization, with the exception of the Southeast. Any organized cachers there?
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