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  1. I gave up on the app called GeoBucket. Although it claimed you could use it off-line, it didn't seem to work and I couldn't get caches loaded into it. However, I found another app called Looking4Cache. This does exactly what I want. With my new 3- month Premium Membership I figured out to run a PQ based on someone's shared list. And tonight I created one of my own. I was able to load the PQs into the app. I can see all the cache info. I can even see them on a map. And I can see them off-line. Very cool. I loaded it on my iPad to test it and then loaded it one my iPod Touch. I'll use the iPod when caching. Hoping this all works well.
  2. I have the free version of Easy GPS. At the time, I was just looking for an easy way to load coordinates into my GPS. Guess I need to poke around a bit in the software and see what it will do. And then the same for GeoBucket app. Ahhhh all this technology and unsure how to use it!
  3. Thanks your reply, I appreciate your input. I didn't know about the 3-month membership, although I see it's reoccurring so I'll have to remember to cancel it. I do not have current GPS, just an old Garmin eTrex Legend that we also use while riding our dirt bikes. But I think if I get the shorter Premium Membership, I can download the info I want to my iPod Touch. It means using two devices, but at least when my hubby asks me what we're looking for, I can tell him without searching for the right piece of paper. I guess I just need to figure out how to mark the caches I want and how to get them into GeoBucket. Will Easy GPS store cache descriptions? If so, I already have what I want (I think). Suggestions, help appreciated!
  4. I'm not a Premium Member (I know, shame on me). I generally research my vacation caches, download the files into EasyGPS, and then print the cache descriptions. I want to eliminate the paper part. I do not have a smartphone but do have an iPod Touch i'd like to use. i downloaded GeoBucket but I do not think it'll do what I want without being a Premium Member. Any suggestions? I'm only an occasional catcher so I really don't want to spend $30 annually on a membership. Thanks!
  5. I was told just yesterday that I should be getting a "new" work machine next month .... upgraded to Windows XP from Windows 2000, lol. I'm hoping then I won't have any issues. My new home computers DO work perfectly though, so maybe in *most* situations (that's a nod to you, reefrunner) the issues are on older operating systems and/or browsers. The screen shots and other descriptions/errors are very similar to what I get.
  6. I was able to access geocaching.com without issue on my home desktop running Windows 7 and IE8. Reefrunner, sorry you're still having troubles. I'm leaving tomorrow so I don't have much time, but I am totally willing to try to report what is going (rather, not happening) on my work machine. Can I get any pointers on what to report? Work computer Windows 2000 Professional Internet Explorer 6. I was mistaken about this. I thought I was running IE7 but evidently even that is not compatible with this machine/Windows version. Java 6, update 17 (not sure if that is pertinent) I can load the site. I can log into the site (non-premium member). I tried to view my Profile but it locked up. I was already viewing a different page and had use Task Manager to terminate GC.com. I tried it again and was able to start to load my Profile page. It said it was done but the blue task bar still showed and I still had the hourglass cursor. Once again I had to use Task Manager to terminate. I do not get any error messages. I've also tried it by not viewing my Profile and instead attempting to search for a cache listing. I can input my criteria and the search results page starts to load, but gets "jumpy," locks up, and eventually I have to use Task Manager to terminate. Is there any other information I can provide that might help?
  7. Oh thank God, I'm not the only person having issues! I admit I only read through the first page, but by scanning the last page, it seems there's no solution yet?? I can pull up geocaching.com on my work computer and log in, but that's about it. If I try to look at my past logs or search for a cache, the page gets "jumpy" and won't load. Eventually I'm forced to go to the Task Manager and terminate the unresponsive program. My work machine is old, running Windows 2000 (on a server?) and IE7 (I think). Is IE8 the most recent? If so, then I'm at least one version behind because the most recent is not compatible with this machine. I do not have priviledges on this machine to change ANYTHING so upgrading IE, removing/adding plug-ins and/or Java stuff, switching to Foxfire....NONE of that is an option. I just wish the darn thing worked. Supposedly I'm getting an upgraded machine in the spring but I'm not holding my breath. Yeah, the website probably works on my home computers, both of which are running the most recent versions of Windows and IE, but hey, I like to access it here as well. Right now, I'm wanting to find caches for a big trip, leaving on Thursday, and like someone said, I'm dead in the water. *sigh*
  8. markz68, Sophie is a beautiful girl! I'm partial to shepherds! She's lucky to have such a great home and you're lucky to have her. She looks like a dog I seriously would have considered adotping myself. I didn't actually want a puppy, but 7mos wasn't too bad. PetFinder is great...I wouldn't have found our girl without that website. She was actually dropped off at night with no note at the Elkhart Co. Humane Society before being rescued by PetsConnect. Hard to say what her first 7mos were like, but she's home now.
  9. Hey everyone! Haven't posted in a long time, but here's the bad and the good. July 11, 2007, we lost our German Shepherd Zoe-dog who loved to go caching because it meant going for a ride and a walk! She lived a good life and was doing very well until she because suddenly ill. After 5 days and a diagnosis of liver failure, I chose to let her go. She was just shy of 13 years old. Zoe's last cache was in November of last year. July 21, 2007, I couldn't stand a dog-less house (although the cat enjoyed it) and found a new little girl. I fell in love with her on sight and so did my hubby. The hubby and I brought her home to test her out, and she never left! We named her Morgan and she's now about 8-1/2months old and is part black lab/German Shepherd/mountain goat/woodchuck. She found her first geocaching this weekend while we were in Pennsylvania. A big thank you to one of our local adoption agencies PetsConnect.org for giving us joy again. I found Morgan through PetFinder.com which links animal shelters and adoption agencies. Here's a photo of the new girl. Eat your heart out Patrick!
  10. I think that might be the 2003 SPRING PICNIC CACHE GCG6TK. Was it along an old road? I'm not sure how often the owners actually get out there, but I'll try to check on it next time I'm out there.
  11. If you want rest stop caches, I have some lists posted over on www.geotruckers.com. Go to the forums, and there's a topic on rest area caches. I've travelled along part of the same route.
  12. Any ISQs, er MSQs, at South Colon Cemetery? That's where my grandparents as well as several great aunts and uncles are buried. Kind of out of the middle of nowhere if I'm remembering it right.
  13. Colon, Michigan is kinda sorta near Sturgis. Not anywhere near South Haven unfortunately. And Team Tigger, you forgot about the original Colon magician. . .Percy Abbott. The high school mascot is even the Colon Magi. I'll have to be sure and check these caches out someday. My father is originally from Colon, and I still have two aunts and 2 cousins who live there. My grandmother was one of 16 kids so I also have lots and lots extended family there. I always say half the town is related to me or related to someone related to me. My grandmother was one of the Deckers that Decker Road was named after. Oh, and keeping with the thread's topic. . . . geocaching in Colon, Michigan is a lot like geocaching in Indiana!!!
  14. Yeah, definitely paragraphs! I do feel kind of cheated when one of my caches gets a simple online log so I try to do better when I log my own finds and DNFs. Here's an example of one of my more memorable DNFs: Where is Waldo? My 3rd DNF!
  15. Reading mysteries, counted cross-stitch, biking on rail trails, trail riding on my dirt bike, attending, pro motocross and supercross races, and camping, which is almost always combined with biking, dirt biking, and/or geocaching! Unfortunately classes and tests to further my so-called career have kept me from really enjoying much of this summer.
  16. Poor anabel, she just wants good home for her cats! No luck here. . .Shadow Black Cat says no-way, absolutely not, uh-uh, he's King Cat, and no other cat is going to come live here. And Zoe-dog says she's afraid of the one we have and can't handle another one. Seriously though, are there any animal adoption organizations in your area? Besides the city animal control and the Humane Society for the county, we have two agencies, Pet Refuge and PetsConnection, where volunteers foster homeless pets until a new home is found.
  17. Wow, this has been a busy place lately! I haven't been to The Acres as it's a bit out of my local caching area (still working on ones close to home!) so I don't have a whole lot to say on the subject. Like many others, I don't agree with their new policy and as a result, I probably won't ever have the opportunity to visit the place -- which is a shame because geocaching has brought me to so many places I never would have discovered on my own. I'd like to share two Indiana caches in what I thought were cool places I never knew about: One was the Wy-Tri Cache (GC8471) near North Webster (and close to Team Tigger territory, I think!). I never ever knew there was state game lands here and thoroughly enjoyed discovering something new. I hope to return to find other caches there. Another one was Scout's Honor (GC9FC4) near Mishawaka. For nearly a year and half I drove to work and passed a sign for "The Res" posted on a dead end lane. I wondered about it once in a while but never investigated it. Then the search for this cache led me to The Res. Nestled between railroad tracks and busy roads, here's a mini nature preserve with great walking trails. Again, I never knew the area existed. So while The Acres is essentially off-limits, let's hear about the cool areas you discovered elsewhere in Indiana! And happy Labor Day weekend to everyone -- the reluctant hubby, Zoe-dog, and I are heading off to Pennsylvania tonight. The hubby is not a geocaching zealot so I have to limit the activity but we do plan to find at least a couple in Pennsylvania. Caching in Pennsylvania is amazingly a lot like "geocaching in Indiana!"
  18. 20.3 miles. I was surprised it was that far. That covers parts of 4 or 5 counties in two states!
  19. AOL never stopped blocking us but the backlog did clear up a couple of days ago. But first thing Thursday morning, we sent out the weekly new cache notification emailer and the backlog is, well, back. Given the weekend email activity, I suspect it will take almost 4 days for the backlog to clear. Elias Yep, AOL is still throttling or whatever it's called. I AM getting my emails, but at LEAST 24hrs late, usually more. By then, I've already discovered the finds on my own caches or TBs. I did get my weekly cache notification but I think I got it on Sunday and I usually get it on Friday (?). Anyway, problem is not gone, but better.
  20. Looking for caches along the LaCrosse River State Trail in Wisconsin. . .and quickly! Leaving in two days! Actually I'd like to know of ANY caches along Wisconsin's great state trail system, the Elroy-Sparta, the 400, etc. And I swear if you all give me a good list, I'll finally become a premium member and create bookmarked lists to share!
  21. Is your cache in a designated riding area for ATVs? My husband loved it when we found a cache in Florida while on our dirt bikes in an Motorcycle/ATV park. We also searched for a couple on a trail system in Pennsylvania while on our bikes. For us, combining the two activities (riding and caching) is ideal. Personally though, I probably would never trailer my bike to a place and hop on it solely to search out a cache. I'm sure there's people out there who would love to try it though.
  22. AOL problems may not be totally resolved. . .but I did get some emails this evening when I logged on at about 11:10pm Eastern time. Even as I was reviewing them, another came through. Four emails on logs on my own caches (but I don't think that's all of them) and one Forum topic email. I'll just take it as progress on the problem. Thanks to Jeremy and Elias for all your help!
  23. I'm not sure how long it takes for a cache to be "cold," but in March my husband and I found several caches in Florida. Two of those caches haven't been found since. For one, maybe both, we were the first finders of 2006. Made me proud to find these caches -- I have them on my watchlist now out of curiousity. Both caches were of merit, just took a bit more effort to get to them.
  24. Thanks for letter -- I'm going to email the AOL Postmaster too, with slight modifications, for all the good it might do. I haven't been receiving emails for at least a week or two. Thank you to most of you for NOT bashing AOL. This is a country of choices, and it's the choice for many us to choose AOL, whatever our reasons.
  25. I have a travel bug that is a memorial to my husband's dog. He really enjoys seeing where she's travelling. I want to create a bug that is a tribute to my uncle who died in 2004 at only age 48, but I want to take it a step further. I want a fire truck travel bug (he was a fireman) to travel to his grave site and have a picture taken on his stone (I would list the destination coordinates). Some people might think that's in poor taste, but my uncle would have gotten a huge kick from it.
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