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  1. Haven’t seen em either. Pic to share ?
  2. BruceS - I really like that suggetsion of a Waymark Tour. I had missed that option. You and Silverquill also made a great point with historical building category.Those ideas certainly sound more reasonable in view of the described hardships in building a "local" category. Uccacher - yep, the market house sign is a perfect example of what the town has to show. Much of chestnut street also has informative plaques regarding many of the buildings still in existence. Thank you to all with such helpful info.
  3. My personal observations and experiences point to two primary reasons for low Waymarking response (other than caching came first) a) many cachers were put off by the seeming commercial market evaluation. How many McD's, Burger Kings, Taco Bells, etc. My gripe - the interface is tedious. When I visit a new area, I hook up to the nearest wi-fi and pull the closest caches to my ipod app. VOILA ! I'm caching. Pics taken, logs written, trackables dropped, all from my little helper. Waymarking is as unfriendly to mobil use as it gets. Even trying to upload my pics gets tedious. Long story short, IMHO Groundspeak needs to throw some effort at making Waymarking mobil friendly. Even some stripped down version like the geocaching Challenges App would help increase its usability.
  4. I know the PA historical marker category will not accept the city plaques and makers as it only accepts official PA historical markers however the category Signs of History might be what you are looking for. Thanks for all the helpful replies. My town has many plaques the same size & construction as the state ones, but are CITY sponsored, not STATE as BruceS surmised. I really want to get these waymarked, as they really paint an interesting picture of Meadvilles early history. I envision a sort of walking trail thru town with historical society photos on each waymark. I am just not sure what route to take to accomplish this. Not to be insulting - I love waymarks, but the sight seems kind of "forgotten'" by Groundspeak. Kind of the bone thrown in the corner so the dog leaves them alone. Come on, if anything could use a mobil app, its Waymarking !
  5. I just recently became a Premium Member. I want to start a category for all the city plaques / markers around my hometown. Is there already a category for this that I havent found ? If not, what is the procedure for starting one ? Thank you for the help.
  6. One of my caches gave a crew a good enough adventure they posted a video on you-tube. Can I put a link on the cache page so others can view it somehow ? Thanks
  7. Downloaded the player and tutorial. The tutorial advances to the point of putting on the space suit, but then informs me my GPS signal is insufficient. Both my other programs are finding enough satellites, and the signal strength indicator on the game is showing all green. any ideas, or similar experience ? Also, I seem to be unable to get ANY other cartridge to load into the unit, even after refreshing the menu. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. DROOL !!! I've always said I'll never pay new car prices, but that tempts me to saddle myself with a monthly car payment ! I want to see that on a lift and some big mudders.
  9. Heres my 94. Modest modifications for now. 4" lift, 31" tires, Line-x interior, throttle body spacer, K&N filter, and a rug rat on the bumper ! We were visiting my Hill-Billy Hide
  10. I'm using a Dell Axim X-5 with an Ambicom CF GPS card, and Back Country Navigator software. The Ambicom software (came with the card) directs me verbally to the cache, and BackCountry manages my caches and has topo & aerial maps. Like someone else said, when not caching, it sees a lot of other use. Calendar keeps me up on my schedule, I can check my e-mails, I use Project Gutenburg with the e-book reader for novels, tons of notes when something strikes my fancy, address book contacts, etc. Only thing is, I think I've become TOO dependant on my PPC. And, where IS my regular GPS ?
  11. You should get a GPS. They can help with that problem !
  12. What ?!!?!? I won a coin ? AWESOME ! Thanks alot ! I was just enjoying the cartoons - not even posting. I went to put wood in the stove, feed the cats, and now I see I get a coin. Thanks very much !
  13. Loved the cartoons. Santa crappin' down the chimney is my all time favorite.
  14. Heres one I just hit yesterday. Not to be confused with "Thousand Steps" which is alrady on the list. Top of a Thousand Steps
  15. I asked my wife if I could adopt a newbie, 23, female, ..... Guess I'm not allowed to attend events now.
  16. Best thing to do: walk in and buy a round of pints for everybody. Guarantee you'll be welcomed readily, and NO ONE will forget you !
  17. I've been caching for years with a GPS, but last year added a pocket pc for wirless caching. Recently got a CF GPS card for voice guided navigation to the caches, making my Axim ppc even more useful. Then, a month ago, I found the "Back Country Navigator program ! Now, I've got topo and aerial maps added to my arsenal. Loving this program ! Anybody else using their PDA / Pocket PC this way ? Which system, software, etc. are you having success with ? I will always have my GPS, it can take WAY more abuse than the Dell, but this has really made my pocket pc a whole new animal.
  18. Heck with sunburn - riding a mountain bike and rock climbing ?!!?!? I don't want chafing and callouses back there, and I SURE as heck wouldn't want rock rashed on the front side !!! That dude's got MAJOR confidence in his abilities.
  19. Hey, whats the deal ? You te-rards makin' fun'a 1 uv us Pencil-vanians ? Rest a ya dont' no nuttin bout cachen. we don't have 1 single cache here in PA in a cactus, so none else shude ether.
  20. Ok, so this idea has floated 'round a number of times..... but hasn't been made official. Unfortunately, I just can't make the jump to premium member. Guess I'll try to goad someone else into the limelight. Thanks for the links there, Ambrosia. Go for it, Quasar ! I'll vote for the category when you propose it, of course.
  21. I've searched the database, and found NO category for large bells, the kind that you see displayed outside townhalls, or firestations, or even on golf courses. They sit there, with a plaque, BEGGING to be rung again, but they are just for looks now. Most have had the clapper removed, so you have to settle for rapping it with your knuckles. I love these old bells and the stories that come with 'em. Unfortunately, I'm not a premium member, and unable to run a category. Any chance someone would be interested in running such a waymark, please feel free to run with it.
  22. As someone who only recently clued to in to the pleasure of Waymarking, I say as well, "Thank You" to all involved.
  23. Our area has a number of caches which have been "abandoned" in the sense of the owners no longer caching. Yet, through the efforts of caring cachers who visit, some of these well-placed caches have endured for years. Wet logs, worn out pens, cracked containers - I've seen all posted by a visitor, and the next cacher who comes through replaces it. One of my own tupperware containers which had been stepped on by a cacher, was replaced within a couple days with an ammo can by the next cacher through. realize this is probably more an exception than a rule, especially in highly saturated areas, but it really makes me proud of the people in my home area. I guess the point I want to make then, is analyze the local situation. If your caches are cracked, wet, full of moldy swag - junk it out. Let an active cacher put in a new one. If a great cache has become an institution, maintained because people want it to - go with it.
  24. I enjoy cache pages that the owners have put some time, effort, and creativity into. Historic pics, links, etc. add a lot to the page. I've learned font sizes, colors, images, spacing, and a few other tricks, but I know theres more. Most of what I've learned thus far came from this page. Cache page HTML What else is there ?
  25. Can't wait for this one. I've actually seen a few of these, and funny enough, was thinking about them today ! What a great category. I'll be watching for this one to come up. The nearest one to me ( that I know of ) is 45 minutes away, but I'll make the trip just for the pic. Please make an equally cool icon to go with it.
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