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  1. I know one of our local cachers was going to submit a photo with all three types of jeeps in it, but in this case he definitely wasn't a hoarder. He picked up a yellow jeep that I had placed in a cache more than a month before (how it sat there that long, I have no idea, I was surprised) and went and found a white jeep in the same manner. I'm not sure if he's placed them yet (not sure if it's even been 2 weeks). But I'm sure the green jeep already got placed. It's safe to say that those who frequent the TB forum know I'm pretty vocal about the jeep underhandedness, but I'm also fair and won't accuse anyone unless I know what the story behind it is. I know there will be some jeep hoarding, but not everything that appears to be hoarding is.
  2. No one is preventing you from having such an activity at your event. There's just no smilie to log a "find" on a geocache is all. You can still be free to introduce attendees to something you clearly think is cool and worth knowing about. And there's always Waymarking. In fact, you could educate attendees on how to find the path of the ISS and find other locations at certain points in time that would allow them to make future waymarks. Wouldn't that be even better than one smilie face and one added to ones find count?
  3. Typically, no. Only case I can think of where that would work is if you have a combined PDA/GPSr. But depending on which model GPSr you can (with the aid of third party software such as GSAK) download some information, even if it's not the full cache description. With a click of a button I download up to 500 waypoints with my customized description -- in my case I include the waypoint code (since I use the cache name in the GPSr), cache type, container size, difficulty and terrain ratings. Others have been known to load the hints, placer name (sometimes that in itself is a hint), and an assortment of other information. I use a PDA with cachemate, too, but I don't pull that out unless I'm really stuck since I can already see the vital stats on my GPSr. Require? No. It can be a benefit, though, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Maps, on the other hand, are typically quite expensive. Depending on what model GPSr you get and if you're flexible on getting the latest version, you can sometimes find great deals on the software. In my case I recently got the City Select v7 for my Legend C. I waited almost a year from the time I got the GPSr until breaking down and getting the software, and did when I found the right deal. I paid only $55 to someone on the garage sale forums on these boards and it was the best investment I could make. The difference in being able to use the autorouting capabilities (not a feature on every GPSr) is incredible. Anyway, when a new version is due to come out or has just come out, especially, you can usually find good deals on these boards or on eBay and such. And sometimes you can even pay a lesser price and upgrade to the latest version anyway for free. It's not something that you need, but it's something that is worth the investment if you decide to make it.
  4. What about "giving permission" to your husband/wife to log a find on all your caches, even the ones that were archived before you even met her? What does the OP think about that practice?
  5. Anti-European feeling? This has nothing to do with discrimination. Get over it already! This is simply about asking those who are outside the contest area to wait 4 frickin' months until the contest is over. I'm sorry you are excluded from the contest. There are thousands of contests I'm excluded from for one reason or another. The difference is that this one has to do with geocaching which is recognized as a global activity and community. So I'm sorry you're excluded, but lobbying for your own contests is about all you can do about that, short of sponsoring one yourself. In the meantime, the jeeps will get there in time (those that aren't already over there, that is.) Just wait! 4 Months. And geesh people, don't send nasty emails. There is no call for that. If you can't say what you have to say on this thread, then don't say it all. Be an adult and own what you have to say.
  6. I've been busy all day, not a free moment to check in on Ozzie once, and I finally log on and see what could be the tag. How exciting! It figures, the one day I haven't been able to check in regularly!
  7. Mine changed too. I had entered text in the hobbies and biography sections recently and now this is all that appears on the bottom of my profile page: ** Hobbies ** ** Biography **
  8. They've had the jeep less than two weeks. They may have every intention of dropping it in a cache within the 2 week time frame but simply haven't yet for whatever their reason (like perhaps not having the photo op they were hoping for if they are participating in the contest.) They've appeared to drop it in and out of each cache they've visited while it's been in their posession, which is allowed. I'd say wait until the two weeks is up in a few days to see if the cacher still has the green jeep, and only then can they really be criticized. Until then, there is no indication that the individual plans to keep it or that they are doing anything wrong at all.
  9. The way I see it, a good TB hotel is one that helps its visitors by providing a convenient and accessible location to get them moving as quickly as possible. A good TB hotel's mission should be to serve the TBs (and provide a log for visitors to sign of course, therefore providing other incentive to be found.) So if you can further the TBs goals, you absolutely should, providing you want to, that is. In any case, you shouldn't be stopped from doing so because of a stupid rule implemented by someone who is not the TB owner. A good hotel won't care if its empty temporarily because it has serviced the former tenants well. Respect is shown to the cache owner by writing a nice log, not by leaving behind a TB you could have helped move.
  10. I love how they said you'll have to try harder on your next hide! Sounds like they're the ones who need to try harder! I'd leave that log too, it gives me a chuckle.
  11. The rudeness! Mooning and here's Momma (I think) sticking her tongue out! I have a whole collection of Osprey-cam shots. We should hold a weekly contest for the best pic or something.
  12. I've only done a couple of these cache runs, but I treat them the same way as I do the semi-local caches with one exception -- I'll use google maps to determine the best order and most efficient driving route as possible. With gas prices what they are and limited time, I don't need the waste of driving around needlessly. My cache runs were done before I had the autorouting software, so I would take the time to order the caches and determine the best driving directions between each. Now that I can autoroute I'll still determine my order before the trip, but I'll let the GPSr do work.
  13. 1.1 miles to our closest and only cache, a mere couple of weeks old.
  14. lol, when they first were activated we went through and found funny and cool names, and even some a bit off-color and put them on my watchlist. The one I most hope to find someday is Bearpaws Peak. My other favorite for coolness value is Daughter of the Sun Mountain. GJTBs on my watchlist: "Bearpaws Peaks (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Blowhard Mountain (UT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Buffalo Butte (MT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Daughter of the Sun Mountain (MT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Dump Mountain (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Haupaakea Peak (HI)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Little Agnes Mountain (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Lookout Mountain (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Madden Peak (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Maggies Nipple (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Maid of the Mist Mountain (MT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Many Thunders Mountain (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Navajo Peak (UT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Red Rock Mountain (MT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Reservation Peak (WY)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Teewinot Mountain (WY)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "Tresidder Peak (CA)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) "White Baldy (UT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug (remove) Some of these are currently in my area and not necessarily on the list because of their names. What can I say, it was a slooooow day at work that day!
  15. My caching hero is my ten year old stepson Julian (Warrior Bear Paugh). He's mildly autistic and many of even the easiest things we deal with everyday are a huge challenge for him. Despite this, no one is more determined when out on the trail and no one has a better attitude. He cheers me and his younger brother on and offers us his support. He is more focused and geocaching has really helped him blossom and show more maturity in non-geocaching activities. He is on his best behavior and he shows his gratitude (admittedly it's over the top some times, "Mom, this was the BEST day of my ENTIRE life!"). Our stepmom-stepson relationship hasn't always been easy. I entered his life when he was about to turn 8, a bit too old for him to grant me full acceptance. That coupled with his Asbergers Syndrome has definitely made things a challenge. But when we discovered geocaching it opened a door. He let me in and gave me his confidence and trust and it was a complete turnaround. Some of our favorite times and most productive bonding happens on our geocaching adventures. He blossomed in so many ways this year in school, at home, and even physically (Asbergers kids are notoriously completely uncoordinated physically -- now he's become an incredible football player, albeit still prone to clumsiness). I attribute these changes to geocaching. Anyway, I can think of no one else who could ever inspire me as much as this kid, no matter how many finds they have. BTW, this photo is from our last cache find: His younger brother Ryder (with the redeye, shown) and I made the poster and surprised Julian with it after we found the cache. He didn't know it was going to be a milestone like 100. You've never seen a more excited kid when we told him!
  16. Here's a couple I've witnessed personally by a certain high numbers finder: #6) Don't necessarily close up the cache fully after signing the log, after all, that takes an extra minute or two to do -- waste of time! Leave it ajar so rain can fill it up before the next cacher gets there to clean up the mess you caused. #7) If you can't find a micro after a minute or two, put your own out! This might mean there are now two micro containers and that other finders behind you don't log the actual cache, but hey, you signed the log of the one you placed, that's a FIND! Seriously, my respect has to be earned. There are finders with high numbers that I respect and finders with low numbers that I respect. A certain high numbers cacher I don't have a ton of respect for, because I've personally seen the havoc they've caused on a cache run in my area when I unknowingly hit the same caches over a period of two days as they just had, including caches in my hometown and an area about half hour away across the state line. This combined with suspect finds and hero worship leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Numbers are never that important that you can't take care with someone else's cache that they've generously placed for our pleasure to seek!
  17. Not sure what there was to find -- couldn't even have been geo-trash. This was a virtual that was archived by the owner a week prior.
  18. Congrats on having your cache published, and having it found! My first hide was last week and I'm still giddy every time I get a found it notification.
  19. I think I like the 06 photo better than last years. I agree -- love it!
  20. There was one cache that haunted us that we DNF'd about 8 or 9 times. All the found logs said it was an easy find. The last straw was when someone said their two year old found the cache before they even started looking. After that I was bound and determined to get the cache no matter what. It still took 2 more visits before we did find it.
  21. Oh, it's there, Team Firefox. If you look under the Official Contest Rules - and mind you - that's found by going from the jeep.geocaching.com homepage, then clicking on the link to get to the 'contest page', and THEN clicking on the link for the official contest rules - you'll find the following: However, if you only goto jeep.geocaching.com and click on Official Sweepstakes Rules you won't find the restriction on moving them to the lower 48. That's because the sweepstakes is not the same thing as the photo contest that utilizes the travel bugs. They are two different contests. I believe that if you sign up to become a part of the distribution process that you make it your responsibility to do read the rules. Or at the very least just follow the direction to place it in a cache (not a post office). I can accept that someone sent it out of the country not fully aware of the rules or what their responsibility was. I only said that those who did so shouldn't be allowed to receive a jeep for distribution next year. Let them find ones that other cachers receive and place. I see nothing unfair about this. As for Firefox, you were told repeatedly what the rules were when you first requested the jeep. So saying how difficult it was for you to find the rules doesn't fly as an excuse for your poor behavior. Geesh, I offered (repeatedly and emphatically) to send one myself after the contest ended.
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