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  1. The latest Podcacher episode mentioned Munzee. Hopefully, the exposure will increase the number of Munzers (is that the right word?) so we can have more fun.
  2. I placed 5 yesterday. Come on, San Diegans! Get your Munzee on!
  3. If you find my "Book 'im, Dano" bug, DO NOT bring him back with you.
  4. Well, let's see. A geocoin is an object purchased by someone for the purpose of entertaining themselves and others. They may have a goal or not. Traditionally, the coin is placed in a cache by someone. The next person to find the cache sees the coin and decides whether they want to participate. If so, they take it, log it on a website, then leave it in another cache. If they don't like geocoins, they can leave it where they found it. The person who does move the geocoin along ends up with nothing but a memory, an icon, and an increase by one of their geocoin stats. In the suggested case, a picture of the coin, along with the number and an explanatory note, is placed in a micro. Another cacher comes along and finds the cache. They see the picture of the coin, read the note and decide whether they want to to participate. If so, they note the number of the coin, log it on a website (out of, then back into the cache). If they don't like geocoins, they can ignore the note. The person who does log the coin is left with nothing but a memory, an icon, and an increase by one of their geocoin stats. As far as the 'geocoins have to move' concept? Does that mean I have to move every geocoin I find? Does it mean that every geocoin I buy has to be placed into circulation? Does it mean the the suggested idea of welding a coin to the cache and then securing it with a chain is unacceptable? Of course not. The OP's idea is sound, and is no more subject to abuse than a coin that's made of metal, rather than paper. On the other hand, as was mentioned, this is Jeremy's website. If he doesn't want this idea to become reality on his site, that's fine. His house, his rules. I respect that. I appreciate the work that goes in to making this thing happen. That's why I pony up the bucks and have purchased memberships for others as gifts. If he says no, the answer's no.
  5. No, you don't understand. It's a 'mute point' because there's no reason to talk about it.
  6. I had to resort to finding a cache in a similar fashion. It was a puzzle cache, and I had the east coords and all but one digit of the north, so I had it narrowed down to a line about 40 feet wide by a couple of hundred feet long. I looked on Google Earth and saw that most of the line was a parking lot, but that one end was in some trees. I went out to the area, searched the trees, and snagged an FTF. What you're describing is similar, if more difficult. I think the concept is sound.
  7. Funny, you don't sound like a cowboy.
  8. Make the cache as hard/tricky as you like, just make sure the final reward is comparable. I'm not a sports fan, so this would be a toughie for me. If I got to the end and found a lampskirt micro, I'd be pretty upset. If it's a beautiful view that takes my breath away, I'd feel it was worth the effort.
  9. I like the 'Before' better. The hazy background makes a nice high-key 'frame' in which we see the (presumed) subject of the photo. When I look at the 'After' picture, I think, "What a great landscape shot. Wish that guy hadn't been standing there." Great lesson. Thanks.
  10. QDman

    Cache Cash?

    Way more than WGs. I can understand maybe in a newly placed cache as a FTF prize but in an existing cache? Well, paticularly if the denomination is over $100, then the bill may be a fake bill, such as those fun $1,000,000 and 1 billion dollar bills sold by novelty companies on the web. Other than that, if it looks real, it probably is. When I was out in Iowa and Wyoming a few months ago, a couple of local caches - -which had been in place for years and were hardly FTF sites -- contained hundred dollar bills, left as a trade item by a friendly local cacher. And, one cache also contained three $15 gift certificates for dinner at a semi-famous local restaurant near Jackson, WY. These were not billion dollar bills or bogus looking. Would it be considered bad form for me to return to these caches for the cash? Remeber the 'trade even or trade up' rule. If you take $10 out of the cache, you should replace it with something worth at least 10$. If you go take the money and leave a golf ball you found on the trail? Way bad form.
  11. Oh, I'm going to do my darndest to get there. Maybe we can meet up tomorrow afternoon and make the transfer.
  12. I'm going to Oregon on business next week. Coincidentally, my hotel is a 17-mile drive from this cache. If any of you have travel bugs that would enjoy a trip up there (one-way or round-trip), let me know.
  13. My off-topic question is, "If you don't sign the log book, how do you know you found the cache?" Saying, "I saw a/an (ammo box, tupperware, M&M Tube, whatever) near where my GPSr said the cache was" seems a little dicey to me. If the container had a big label with the name of the cache on it, that's one thing. Otherwise, what's the point? You might as well just walk around town looking at trash saying, "Yeah, that could be a cache, I think I'll log it." Having said that, there are worse things than claiming a find without signing a logbook. Of course, if someone can't be trusted to do something as simple as that, I'm not sure I would trust them in other areas.
  14. I usually keep my eXplorist in my pocket until it starts beeping to tell me I'm close. Rarely have a problem maintaining lock.
  15. Just remember to inscribe the disk in ancient Hebrew, just to raise the difficulty... And watch out for snakes.
  16. OK, I admit it. It wasn't Whittington. It was me.
  17. And, as we all know, 668 is the Neighbor of the Beast. :-)
  18. I just placed one that's sort of a jigsaw puzzle: QD101-Reconstruction
  19. I was mainly speaking about when people see the coin Icon on a cache page. When they click on the coin it will show on the coins page that it is a GEOCLONE of the coin, Not the actual coin that is in the cache. I know I have done it myself and I'm sure other's have as well. See the icon pop up on a cache in the area and make a point to grab that cache just so I can get the coin(NOT TO KEEP IN MY COLLECTION, UNLESS THE COIN OWNER SAID IT WAS OK). While I still would probably grab the cache for a GEOCLONE, one with the actual coin itself would probably get listed higher on my priority list. Shouldn't that be 'Geocloin'?
  20. Heh, took me long enough but I fnally got here. I'll need to keep an eye on some of these long-term San Diego threads. I'm going to try to find that thead someone posted before about the San Diego favorite caches. Need to check out the ones mentioned. Is there still a desire to get a small group together for the Southwestern Most cache in the US on Wednesday, March 15? I know I'd be up for it. I may be able to take some time off work and go.
  21. O yeah, then what about this? Don't encourage me, just wait until you see the gnarly stuff. Hey, is that Christina Ape-ilara?
  22. Snagged a #28 & misprint from Heaven's Above
  23. "Sign the log, get the smiley" - one of my many mottos. Another is "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi". Always where under where! I took two years of Latin in HS! Also pronounced, "Always wear underwear."
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