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  1. I want to make sure my original question doesn't get lost in Nate's answer. I'd like to see who my friends' friends are. While it would be nice to view anyones' friends list, I can understand some people getting uptight about that relationship being public. So, I'd like to suggest that All friend lists are public and this fact is made obvious Friend lists are private by default but anyone can choose to publish their friend lists. Anyone who doesn't like the fact that they are seen to be friends in public can revoke their friendship Friend lists are viewable only among friends My rationale for this is that I know quite a few cachers in different locations. If I look at one of my friends lists, I will likely see people that I know and have gone caching with. I'd like to add them to my friend list as well. This is one of the ways that LinkedIn works and it works reasonably well. I like the feature and I'm not really complaining, I'm just adding feedback.
  2. Looks like a cool feature. How do I see who my friends' friends are? This is a feature in LinkedIn and it was the first thing that popped into my mind when I got my first request yesterday. It seems like this is a natural feature for the profile page. // In nerd-speak if (profileCacher.IsFriend(me)) DisplayTab(profilePage);
  3. I'll be in Swindon the week of Dec 3-9 on business. I'm afraid I won't be able to do any power caching that week, but I'd like to hit a couple of local caches and leave some travel bugs. Perhaps I could hand off some of the TBs or exchange TBs with a local to bring back to the States. Cheers!
  4. I bought a window mount for my wifes Explorist 600 from TigerGPS back in June. After two months waiting and them telling me repeatedly "it will be here next week", they sent the wrong mount. I'm done dealing with them. My loss is your gain. This mount is for the Explorist XL. TigerGPS inventory number 980849. I'll send it anywhere in the US/Canada for $23 and I'll pay basic shipping. email is ericc123456@pobox.com (but take out the numbers)
  5. There is a new web site for Oklahoma Geocachers at http://www.okgeo.org. OKGeo.org has news, calendar, photo galleries, forums, and a variety of other features. OKGeo.org is not a competitor to geocaching.com, it's a supplement like MiGo, GGA and countless other regional geocaching sites. If you are an Oklahoma Geocacher or cache in Oklahoma occasionally, we invite you to join us. Eric
  6. TresOkies will be there. We made our reservation through the reserveamerica site. Woot! We're looking forward to paying 9key back for plastering "don't mess with Texas" stickers on our caches at spring fling 2003.
  7. I have a couple of 120's, so here's a small sample of what you might need... Rubber bashguards from Garmin. A pack of two of these cost about $20US and absorb many of the bruises your GPS will get. My wife took the bashguard off her Rino this weekend and promptly dropped it on a rock giving it a nasty scratch. Garmin US TOPO or Garmin Metroguide software. These are maps to download to the GPS depending on whether you want roads or terrain. Metroguide is pretty good. The TOPO maps are the 1:100000 scale, so they aren't great for going in the back country. Other Garmin software like City Select will work, but will be overkill because the Rino 120 doesn't do autorouting. Energizer 2500 Nimh rechargable AA's with a Maha 204 charger. I've had exceptional luck ordering from Thomas Distributing, btw. Another Rino to talk to and exchange location information. I'm serioiusly considering the new Rino 530. Good luck and welcome. -E
  8. I'm not getting cc:s of emails that I've sent to other cachers. It looks like someone needs to kick the server or the admin....
  9. I can't even feign excitement if you had to compromise your integrity to save a buck or two. Sorry.
  10. One of the recent '05 firmware updates adds P2P to the GMRS channels as well. Maybe 4-6 months ago, if memory serves. I played with it and then went back to FRS because not all my geobuddies have rinos.
  11. tdb 04/08/1999 08:34 AM 333,824 Topo100Alaska.img 11/09/1999 10:40 AM 96,725 topo100alaska.tdb 04/08/1999 08:34 AM 333,824 Topo100Hawaii.img 11/09/1999 02:40 PM 1,749 topo100hawaii.tdb 04/12/1999 11:19 AM 1,597,440 Topo100USE.img 11/11/1999 04:33 PM 182,797 Topo100USE.tdb 04/12/1999 12:04 PM 911,360 Topo100USW.img 11/11/1999 05:04 PM 180,997 Topo100USW.tdb UnitCode 07/15/1999 11:19 AM 507,904 006702000204.bin 08/26/1999 04:39 PM 655,360 007802000210.bin 10/25/1999 03:15 PM 618,008 011102000204.rgn 10/13/1999 08:48 AM 507,904 011802000206.bin 08/30/1999 04:52 PM 589,824 011902000203.bin 09/08/1999 03:14 PM 589,824 012902000202.bin Email me if you need more details.
  12. Of the two, you'd have to convince me of a reason not to get the treo.
  13. Palm Inc. (the hardware manufacturer) is not abandoning the Palm OS any time soon. They have a contract with PalmSource (the OS maker) to purchase a minimum number of OS licenses per year. The Windows device is for cementing their place in the cell phone market. Buy a Palm OS device and enjoy it--it won't be obsolete.
  14. Going by feel is a good point as the ergonomics of the different models varies a lot. One good measure of the way it feels is to see how fast you can switch ISO or white balance on the fly. Try to switch between AF and MF while looking through the viewfinder. These are common things that you switch out often in the middle of a shoot. Price-wise, the major manufacturers all hit about the same price points for entry-level dSLRs and they all have their strengths, just like GPSes and pickups. Something to realize is that you could easily find yourself spending more on lenses than you did on the camera body. I'm up to five lenses and I'm a long way from having all I need. My wife is of a different opinion, of course.
  15. Pentax has the Optio WP, where WP stands for WaterProof. I'm considering getting it for caching, light hiking, trips to the lake/beach/waterpark, etc. Price is around $275US. I have the Pentax digital SLR and I love it, but it's not ideal for schlepping up a mountain.
  16. I know at least two caches in OKC that are in cachers' yards. I don't think it's bad form at all, but you might mention that it's OK for people to be there.
  17. Long enough to make a side trip to Leavenworth? That's OK, just send Criminal your beer money and we'll make sure it goes to a good cause. We'll toast your absense and hope for your continued safety. Eric (who's from somewhere east of the earthquakes, a bit west of the floods, and a little northwest of the hurricanes). Make a right turn when you find the tornados. N35 33 W98 34 or thereabouts.
  18. My wife wonders if anyone has a good way to get rid of stick tights on a pair of socks, short of throwing the socks away. We got into a mess of them this past weekend. From Encylopedia.com Stick tights: name sometimes used for species of beggarweed and of bur marigold of the order Rosales, family Leguminosae, and the order Asterales, family Asteraceae, respectively. Thanks
  19. I could give you my wife's anniversary card and present, but she might be, umm, not happy with me and, umm, withhold certain, umm, charms and stuff. So, instead I'll just say thanks for the years of fun. I hope you actually get to go caching more in the next 5 years instead of playing nursemaid and kindergarten cop.
  20. Applied Cryptography is a great book for developers who need to implement crypto systems in software and hardware. It's not a good book for a general audience. If you just want to learn about fun crypto stuff, I'd suggest "The CodeBreakers" by David Kahn. It's a pretty hefty book, though. The Code Book by Simon Singh is a good read and targeted toward a lay audience. If you just want to crack one cipher in order to finish this cache, there should be plenty of info on the net. Just use your favorite search engine.
  21. Are you basing a GPS purchase on the quality of the topo maps and software? I've had both the Magellan and Garmin topo packages. Of the two, the Garmin software was better and the map data was comparable. If you want quality topo maps without trying to download them to your GPSR, then the NG maps have better data but the NG program is infuriating. My $0.02, of course. Your mileage may vary.
  22. Apparently, no one recognizes what one looks like anymore... O'Connor, is that you hiding in there?
  23. Not to derail the conversation from whether you have a right to leave a cache there, but I'm curious where it actually is. Looking at Crystal Creek on Garmin US TOPO, I see some likely places, but none really jump out at me. Three tiers dropping 400 feet would be noticable on a map. There are a few places with sharp elevation changes, but there are roads or campsites nearby. I would assume (perhaps incorrectly) that it would've been "found" before now if it were near a road or campsite. I'm going to wager a guess that it might be at or near N40 36.382 W122 41.236 or N40 37.076 W122 40.183 The second one is labeled at "stream" in US TOPO but it feeds into what is labeled Crystal Creek a little further down. Any other guesses?
  24. Numbers matter only if you want them to. Enjoy caching for the reasons you choose and don't feel compelled to follow anyone else's lead (including mine). By the same token, don't worry what others are doing too much, so long as it stays within the Generally Accepted Principles. In over 4 years, I have just barely 300 finds. But, the photos and stories from those finds are priceless. I couldn't give a rats butt how many finds a person has--it's not a factor in how I treat people or expect to be treated by others. Caching, for me, is a means to an end, not the end itself. I have friends who are about the numbers and I enjoy going out with them, but it's not about grabbing smileys. I enjoy the companionship and the chance of something bizarre happening. When left to myself, I'm more interested in climbing a mountain or bicycling down a trail. "Why log at all?" (a.k.a. the Team360 defense) I log caches so that I and others have a record of my presence, not to use it as a gauge against others. It also lets the owner and others know that the cache is intact and findable. If we didn't have a count, that would be fine with me. Peace. edit: stoopid speelling misteaks
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