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  1. In addition to the proliferation of micro caches, I've noticed that logs have gotten shorter. Logs for caches used to be at least a couple sentences and include a story about finding the cache or something you saw on the way to it. Nowadays, people don't even have completed sentences, or words for that matter. "Found it. TFTC." I can almost understand that for the in-cache logbook. Almost. But not for the on-line log. I'll admit that, for micros, all I'll log is "TNLNSLT" (Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Log Thing), but for regular caches I'll add "Thanks for hiding a real cache." to the end of my log.
  2. I've given this some thought and I've come to a decision which I think a few of you will be glad to hear, although you might not like the way I present it. Ta'hell with the bunch of you. I'm going to continue to cache, and log my caches in the way that I think is right, and I don't give a flying f*** what you think. It would have just taken one post from TPTB to put an end to all this. But they don't seem to give a dam, so why should I? I'm sure that by this time several of you are reaching for the "Report" button. Don't bother. I'm taking a self-imposed hiatus from this crap. I'll be back to the forums when I think I can stomach it again. If ever.
  3. Force? Where do you see anyone attempting to force anyone to be truthful? The very reason for a forum is to promote discussion. You seem to get hostile whenever someone tries to start a discussion you don’t approve of. If you don’t agree with me, so be it. I’m not going to follow you around the forums and attack you for it. I have no idea how or why you think I’m trying to ‘force’ anything. I’m a cacher with no more authority than anyone else. There are many types of force, as you well know. Little Criminal isn't as innocent as he professes to be, else why would he have started this thread the way he did? A fairy tale? Right.
  4. Can you provide a link to the guideline that states you may only log a find or an attend once? During a similiar discussion Jeremy stated that there are many reasons that it is acceptable to log a find more than once, otherwise he would remove the ability to do so.
  5. Not true. The "handful of forum posters" are attempting to force everyone to play the game by their interpretation of the guidelines. I don't care how you play the game, just don't try to tell me how to do it. As for hearing from someone in a position of authority:
  6. From the Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines This is rarely enforced by the website but it has happened. In the wake of GW4, "pocket" caches were archived and locked for being logged when they were not hidden in their proper spot. In theory, caches could be delisted for a great variety of logging irregularities! I agree that the "pocket caches" that achieved notoriety because of GW4 should have been archived because they were not at the posted coordinates. However, we now have a handful of forum posters who are trying to control the way finders log the caches, and it's really none of their business. As the guideline states: "The cache owner will assume all responsibility of their cache listings." Historically, this has meant that the validity of a find log was between the cache owner and the person logging the find. If the searcher discovered that the cache was missing, or mostly missing with just part of the empty container at the spot, the owner can tell the cacher to log it as a find. If an event organizer wants to place temporary caches for the event and allow the finders to multi-log the event, that's up to him. If a multi-cache owner tells finders that they can log for each stage, it's his decision. So we have a cache owner who says that he's fine with seeing a find log for any of these examples, and we have a finder who wants to log the find. It's their business. No one else's. There are no guidelines that say this can't be done. One of the biggest attractions to geocaching has always been the variety. You can play a lot of different ways, and it's still geocaching. That's why there are guidelines, not rules. But we have a handful of forum posters who want everyone to play by their rules, loudly proclaim that any who don't are liars, cheaters, morally bankrupt, of low intelligence, etc., and are trying to get the website to change to represent the way they think the game should be played. I will continue to fight them to preserve the form of geocaching that attracted so many to the activity.
  7. On the other hand, as a reviewer and a forum moderator you are well aware that several cachers have stated in the forums that they are opposed to asking permission to place caches on what they consider to be public property. Shouldn't their hides then be re-examined to determine if the guidelines for placing a cache were violated?
  8. This has been lots of fun (again), but I have other things to do. Criminal, I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for the next trolling thread you start.
  9. Isn't "seek adequate permission when placing a cache" one of those guidelines? Or are certain prominent cachers allowed to pick and choose which guidelines to ignore? Ignoring that guideline does more damage to geocaching than any supposedly false finds could ever do.
  10. I'm glad you agree that with my opinion of POWR's actions. I’m disappointed, I was sure you’d use the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” one. That would have made it at least sporting. Poor little Criminal. Such a pity.
  11. I'm glad you agree that with my opinion of POWR's actions.
  12. So did you perform really badly or really well? I mean, is the Purple Pony avatar a reward or a punishment?
  13. Hey! You be that revenuer what busted up my still? I was gettin' me some prime corn likker outta that 'til you done took an ax to it.
  14. That's were they'd be wrong. POWR isn't a "nazi". Poor little POWR is just trying to boost his own self esteem by denigrating others. He should be pitied, actually.
  15. Since new people are continually arriving in these Forums, it is important to let them know how easily they can inflate their paltry, early Find counts by the Dollar Bill method. Otherwise, they might continue caching for months only logging the caches they actually find and sign the logs for. Oh, so you're saying that the "dollar" is actually a cache? And people are logging their own hides as finds? Can you, perhaps, point out a couple of cachers who are hiding a large number of caches and logging their own hides as finds? I can easily name one who, by his own admission, regularly logs finds on caches that he didn't actually find. As a matter of fact, he considers those faked finds to be some of his best times while caching.
  16. Is there some point to this thread? Or are you all just trying to rehash an old argument? Does the term "beating a dead horse" mean anything to you?
  17. When in danger, Or in doubt, Run in circles, Scream and shout. Robert Heinlein
  18. I always thought that a "screensaver" was not the background image. Silly me. My screensaver is a series of background images that cycles in a random order at five second intervals with an assortment of transition effects. Oooh! And one of those images is a picture taken from Ambrosia's deck.
  19. I always thought that a "screensaver" was not the background image. Silly me. My screensaver is a series of background images that cycles in a random order at five second intervals with an assortment of transition effects.
  20. Did you look at some of these? The last one on the page doesn't have Signal.
  21. Edited to add: From the screen that comes up after you click on the box that uploads the route (the screen that says that the routes haven't been saved): Click on the little box to the left of the route name, it should then have a check mark in it. Go down an inch or two to the box that says to save the selected routes and click on that.
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