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Avroair Busts Through 600!


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Avroair reached 600 on Saturday in a mini group hunt with myself, Squealy and Jonboy. We didn't even know it since Mark wasn't even sure of his current find count when we started (so who says it's all about the numbers?).


It was achieved at Skully & Mulder's Autumn at Saffin Pond cache. If we knew it was a milestone at the time, we could have thrown him in the pond as a way of celebrating.


Mark has been a terrific caching partner on many occasions and has placed a tremendous amount of caches for all of us to enjoy. His events have been a blast to attend and it's obvious that he enjoys putting them on as much as we all enjoy attending them. The effort Mark puts into placing caches, organizing group hunts and arranging events is extraordinary and we all appreciate his efforts and devotion to the hobby.


So I raise my glass and congratulate you on another caching milestone. Onward to 700!


David [and the rest of Team DEMP - Elizabeth, Meredith & Patty]

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Hey, Congratulations! Keep on going to 700! etc.. I really never know what to say to these kinds of posts but congratulations!


<EDIT> Forgot to say thank you for all the great caches and events. It is a pleasure to know you and thanks for all of your contributions to the game.<Edit>

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Couldn't you have juggled the numbers to make Creative Cache your 600th ? That would have added spice to your moment of triumph. I don't think we would have found that one without you. It was fun caching with you, thanks for all the effort you put into planning geocaching activities. Well Done!

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Thankyou to everyone who has placed a cache for me to find and a special thanks to each of you who have attended one of my events. I have plenty more stewing :(


Tis the pleasure, nay the priviledge to cache with so many a fine fellow. Both lads and lasses. :lol:


See ya at the Murder Mystery. :(

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