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  1. This si a long shot because I am not exactly sure when I lost this hiking stick or where but most likely at some cache in Morris County NJ. thought it was safely in my shed but it is not there. It is a hand made pole, really does look like a stick when lying on the ground. It has my initial on it CMB. If anyone has come across it in the travels please message me through geocaching. It has sentimental value as it was a gift from my daughter. Lake lady.
  2. I hear you Mr Dolphin. Very scary times.
  3. Found two caches today. Neither was part of a geotrail.
  4. When I first noticed all those caches being archived I thought is was a bit odd and also thought it seemed like bullying. I thought maybe it was just me being too sensitive but I have to say bullying is bullying and it kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am really rethinking my attendance at CTTS. Very sad.
  5. GC2HN2H ▼ Raiders of the Lost Cache. Nice moderate hike in a cool park in PA. Big treasure chest in a cave amongst boulders. Very spooky. Did it this weekend and it is milestone worthy, Check it out.
  6. I am using a mac and when I transfer my pq's to base camp they show the treasure chest icon but only display the GC code and not the cache name and when I send then to my 62st they only show as waypoints and I cannot view the cache info. I tried talking to garmin support but they were not helpful.
  7. A very impressive achievement Ed. Way to go.
  8. My geoacaching partner and I have often talked about how nice it would be when out on the trails, but we don't have horses so it is a moot point. Can your horse take the bushwhacking?
  9. The one on Hawlsey(sp?) Island can be reached from the sand bar side of the island. I think that is were a lot of boats stop for swimming.
  10. If it weren't the Saturday before Easter I would join in. Sorry.
  11. I figured it out and got it done. Thanks all.
  12. I have done that several times and it is not working.
  13. How do you add a photo to a forum post. I know you need a URL but I have tried copying ones from photobucket and snapfish and I receive a message that that type of URL is not allowed.
  14. Congratulations to Treequest for finding his 500th cache at Pinwheel Vista. He is so busy thinking up and hiding all those great caches that we love finding that he hardly has time to find any himself. Way to go Thadd!!
  15. Great pictures. The sunset doesn't look cold.
  16. Right now I am really sick but I hope to be better enough for this event on Saturday.
  17. BRAVO MR SPIDER!!! Great to see you out on the trails.
  18. That is a beautiful shot. Makes me feel all Christmasy.
  19. I live in Northern NJ and my daughter is in NW VA. We meet twice yearly in Cape May. Great spot and there are quite a few caches. Great B&B's. Try the Queen Victoria.
  20. Great achievement #1000 at The Windmill Congratulations to Mark and Lynnea Ditto!
  21. For what it is worth I just received email from the Hackensack River Keeper urging a Yes vote on question #1.
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