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  1. The results are in Geocaching and hiking did very well on the survey. Thanks again BrianSnat for getting the news about the survey out to us all...
  2. Is there a deer stand nearby? Looks like someone was laying out bait...
  3. It looks like they hit their milestone while in town for the SJGeocaching birthday event today. Congrats on #1400!!!
  4. Rumor has it that there is already a wildlife camera in place near a geocoin exchange somewhere in the southern end of the state. Lower Bucks County PA is also a bermuda triangle for geocoins.
  5. Completed today. Thanks for the heads up on the survey. It's hard to believe they had Dog Sledding on question#3 and no geocaching. Do people dog Sled up in North Jersey?
  6. ski

    Kids Geocoin

    I just saw today that the new icon is up and running...
  7. I like this one. How can you go wrong if it looks just like the coin?
  8. ski

    Kids Geocoin

    I have two of the Kids Geocoins and I noticed the custom icon has been replaced by a "personal geocoin" icon. I activated them through geocoinclub.com. Did this happen to anyone else? Ski...
  9. I am one of those non-essential employees that got layed off from a casino today Edited by me...
  10. I'm with you on this one Nik... The chiggers are so small, that you cant see them until it's too late. They go right for your ankles and waist line, which means it will be very painfull to wear a belt or socks for days after getting them on you.. Mythbuster??? I heard if you had Lymes Disease in the past and got treated for it early enough, that your body will have the anti-bodies in place to fight it if you get bitten by another infected tick in the future. Has anyone else heard of this?
  11. This site worked much better... Thank You!
  12. They are usually quite good at responding, but make sure you use: coins@oakcoins.com Rather than using their PayPal email address which probably does not get checked regularly. Thank You, The recommended e-mail for activation issues is service@oakcoins.com, but I'll try the other e-mail.
  13. California Micro 2006 "Poppy" coins by:Oakcoins.com I activated two coins on their site the other day... One worked and one did not. I get an "activation code not found/ or does not match tracking number" message from GC.com. After you unsuccessfully try to activate the coin again on Oakcoins website, you get locked out from trying again. Why? Since Oakcoins does not answer e-mails either... can Geocaching.com activate the coins on mt behalf? Ski...
  14. My Ecotourism cache is at exit 11 and there is another one called "County Park #1" nearby... Try a search for zip code 08210 or 08204. Ski...
  15. ski


    Delaware Valley Warnings: National weather service advisory
  16. Congratulations!!! You sure have been busy lately
  17. Congratulations!!! You obviously can find them as good as you can hide them. [] We enjoyed hunting for your Edison area geocaches earlier this month. [] Ski...
  18. Congratulations Nik !!!
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