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  1. Well done mblatch, congratulations! His accomplishments are even more remarkable because he goes after some of the most arduous caches around. Here is Marc, earlier this month at arguably one of the top ten most difficult caches in the state of New Jersey GCZ8FD Take Me Out to Another Ball Game
  2. Nice done B-Man, congratulations, well done.
  3. Congratulations, Outstanding. TM is the owner of the fastest TB in New Jersey!
  4. Whoops! Sorry about bumping into this thread.
  5. MaxB On The River (profile on GC.com) will be in town this week. Arguably MaxB is one of the leading experts on travel bugs and coins. I believe that he holds the record for the most accumulated travel bug miles. MaxB travels extensively (and continuously) for his work. It has given him the opportunity to meet with Geocachers all over these lands. If a TB bug, coin exists, MaxB probably knows about it or it has passed through his hands or his personal hotel. Moreover, MaxB is a really nice guy, has as many TB / coins stories as miles to relate, big laughs and just makes for a fun delightful evening. It was too late to set this up as a formal event. Avrorair had a good idea, by telling me to post the details here in the forum. It will be a low key, fun get together. This is very "last minute", if you can make it fine, it not, not big deal. The details are below. So bring your TB's, coins and smile. Especially be sure to bring a TB that has a specific destination. MaxB though his extensive domestic travels has the ability to provide your TB with "First Class Travel and Accommodations during their special destination themed tour." Details for meeting MaxB Tuesday, January 22, 2008 6:45 PM Franks Pizza 14 Eisenhower Parkway Roseland, NJ N40 49.124 W74 19.707
  6. Nicely done, congratulations.
  7. Congratulations, well done.
  8. Outstanding, Congratulations.
  9. Outstanding, GerIRL is an outstanding cacher and member of our Northern NJ community.
  10. Exemplary !! Flop-tastic !! Congratulations, well done.
  11. KBer

    mblatch hit 1000

    Congratulations, well done!
  12. Nicely done T32, congratulations.
  13. Congratulations, well done AB!
  14. Congratulations, well done, a New Jersey cache phenom and a nice guy to boot.
  15. Can you post a picture? I would like to see this.
  16. Congratulations, well done. Mblatch's hides are equally impressive.
  17. Congratulations, well done! Thanks for all your efforts at the events.
  18. Congratulations, outstanding accomplishment! I have been following your progress every morning on Trail Journal. Take tomorrow off, you deserve it.
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