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  1. Is anyone using the Fenix 3 for paperless caching? I can't seem to load my caches. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have recently downloaded city navigator into my Montana 650, when I try and change from automotive to geocaching my GPS is still routing on roads (driving directions). I cant figure out how to change it back and forth from automotive to geocaching. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. If you are interested in purchasing my Garmin GPS map 62st please contact me at margaretpreis@gmail.com. It is hardly used. I ended upgrading to a montana. I am the only owner I do not have the box, but the cable and the belt attachment with the carabener.
  4. I am having the same issue I have downloaded basecamp but cannot figure out what to do next. How do I get my PQ into basecamp??
  5. Thanks all I figured it out with a bit of playing around. Joiseygirl
  6. Thanks for the help, now I have a question about going paperless, I have an IPOD but am having trouble transferring the caches, any help would be appreciated. THanks
  7. I just got an apple computer and am wondering what is used for downloading pocket query's and paperless caching. I am used to using GSAK, and sunrise. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  8. Looking forward to this one, sad it may be the last. I'm in for a coin!
  9. Really looking forward to the event and caching it's going to be fun!!
  10. I would like 1 coin nickel and bronze, and will be at Krogh's for lunch.
  11. WAs waiting to hear if I would be able to attend this year since the hubbies family changed their x-mas party to this weekend. It turns out its on sat. so I'm free on sunday cant wait always enjoy this event.
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