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  1. You don't need a permit to hunt a cache. As long as it's catch and release. You only need a permit if you intend to eat the caches you catch. Good luck. </sarcasm>
  2. Wow Nik - you have a good memory! Hope you guys are doing well!
  3. I'm glad everyone ended up safe.
  4. Congrats! Just got a new GPS for (early) Christmas - so maybe I'll see you out there!
  5. That sucks - here's wishing you a speedy recovery. More important - did you end up winning the soccer game?
  6. My "Big Bass Cache" was designed to be reached by paddling. Unfortunately, most folks these days seem to just reach it by hiking around the lake. It's a FANTASTIC fishing area if you're out with a boat though. BrianSnat had a cache near Wayne (I can't remember the name) where it was on an island (and had some other nice challenges) that I recall canoeing for - that was one of my favorite caches for a long time. Of course, in 5 months with the winter freeze - all the paddle caches can be reached easier!
  7. I'm with you. Since I'd started - I've noticed many more micros (especially small caches in the woods). There's also lot of puzzle caches (where the page starts "THE CACHE IS NOT AT THE POSTED COORDINATES"). Unfortunately, I'm not always good about reading the page in advance..... My kids used to love going caching - but as others have said - they dig the "swap" piece. All the micros and tiny caches we've found recently definitely seem less fun. I always enjoyed reading about adventures when folks sought my caches (some were downright hilarious). I enjoyed those types of caches and wish there was a "look out - this is gonna be a fun one!" rating that I could screen by!
  8. I'm glad I never posted to this way back when.
  9. Congratulations! I really enjoyed reading your trail journal - quite an accomplishment!
  10. Just got back from Egypt.... and didn't see any caches in Tut's tomb in the Valley of the Kings!
  11. I'm hoping to be going and (if so) will be staying with family in nearby Wolfeboro. Will drop you a line before then if things come together. The ride around the lake is beautiful, and there's fantastic riding around N. Conway.
  12. The climbing area might be within the Worthington State Forest area. I've climbed there before - both rock and ice (although the ice is in a different spot). Climbing is specifically permitted - although it's definitely not encouraged as the rock there is not as well formed as the nearby gunks. There's plenty of loose rock (although not as bad as Green Pond) - and there's no large ledges to place a cache on. (For example, there was (or is) a geocache on the GT ledge on the climb called Arrow up in the gunks). I'd thought about placing a climbing cache, but then thought (after meeting a few dozen hard-core cachers) that I'd feel really bad if someone tried it without proper knowledge or training and ended up suffering from dirt poisoning (ie. ground fall). That said, I thought all national park areas were off-limits for geocaches. You might want to try the Worthington State Forest ranger station for more info on boundries and such.
  13. I just got bored with geocaching for a bit. I mean, how many hide-a-keys can you find. I just lost interest for a while, but started again on a limited basis. I'll probably steer clear of micro-caches for a while (more because I suck at finding them). That said, I LOVE the hikes (and the more challenging terrain). Winter's the best time to hike! Safety-wise, you're safer in the woods than you'd be in NYC... Hope to run into some old friends while caching and make some new ones too!
  14. Sharing nice bike pictures, are we? It was a nice year for riding..... Caching through New England (ok...so only riding really)..... And caching (ahem....I mean riding) down the blueridge parkway, the smokies, then a nice ride home. The only thing I missed this fall were the caches!
  15. We love caching by motorcycle. FYI, you can't place new virtual caches on geocaching.com. I'm personally not overly fond of doing a string of roadside micros either. Hart- Get yourself a pair of chaps. They go on right over your shorts, and have zippered legs so you don't even have to remove your boots. They'll also protect you better in a fall then normal jeans. You can also get yourself a pair of riding overpants. Many of the new high-tech ones offer more protection then chaps. The trick is finding a pair that doesn't make you look like a riceboi! (logos, racing stripes, etc. Blech!) I'm lucky enough to be able to wear shorts to work every day, but I'd go helmetless (I don't) before wearing shorts on the bike. Good idea - I've resisted the chaps so far though. I can't help thinking "Village People" every time one of my friends wears 'em on a cold ride. So, if you're hiking through the forest, and hear refrains of "Y M C A"... it's probably me! >grin< I'm with you on the bike/shorts issue. The air-cooled Harleys are hot on the legs (and crotch) even in long pants. It'd be suicide to wear shorts (even forgetting the road rash issues!). Hope to see you on the road when it gets warmer! Like I said, all the nice rides through 7 lakes Drive in Harriman - I can never manage to stop the bike and get off to hike. It's just such a great place to ride.........
  16. Terrific site - I've already sent it along to several folks I know who area interested in historic Morristown (and Morris County). Thanks for posting it!
  17. The only problem with caching by motorcycle (for me) has been the pants. I like to hike in shorts. I always ride in long pants. Hence the quandry. (and no, zip off's don't cut it - they're too thin for riding). Plus, once I'm on the bike and enjoying the scenery, suddenly - stopping and looking for a piece of tupperware (or a hide-a-key) becomes less attractive! I spend a great deal of time riding through Eastern PA....I'm in NJ - but most Sunday rides start at 7am....and we end up getting home after 3-400 miles..... (but no caches!). Warning - motorcycling can be hazardous to your caching (once you get on the bike - you just DON'T want to stop riding!). It's been hazardous for my climbing too (warm sunny days are spent on the bike instead of on the rock!).
  18. YIKES And likewise to Brian's comments, my heart has chilled to micros. Those caches listed above, but since then the overabundance of lame, repeat, rip-off, and non-original micros and nanos that have infested some areas have turned me off to most micros. The first time I found a hide a key on a guard rail, a film cache under a lamp post skirt, or a fake bolt it though it was interesting. Now it's just mundane. So why is it I can find a small lock-and-lock or ammo box in a hollow of a fallen tree a hundred times and note be bored with that? It's funny how things change. On the nostalgic note, it's cool to see the names of some of the first wave and second wave of cachers in the above thread. I don't really care for micros anymore - but then again - I always enjoyed the hike (or climb, or kayak) more than actually hunting for the cache. I'm just left wondering if I'm first or second wave? >grin<
  19. A couple years ago - I camped out on Mount Washington in January (during a winter mountaineering course). Winter camping rocks! (although ice on the inside of the tent is an occupational hazard). >grin<
  20. Got any of those fish and game dept badges to hand out? There is a special prize... The BOOBY Prize... Aw man, I miss all the good prizes. Me too. If there were Boobies as prizes.... I'd be geocaching more often! Gives new meaning to TNLN.
  21. I just came home to 16 logs for both Night Sweats and UFB. Sounds like a fun night. I can't believe folks did UFB at night - that's truly an accomplishment. I couldn't tell from the logs if someone gave away the final location of the cache - or if folks actually did the entire cache. I'm hoping people didn't provide shortcuts or give up the location of the cache (or the puzzles). If the cachers really figured out UFB and did it at night - there should be a special prize.
  22. Heh....yeah, that area can be tough after some heavy rains. Sometimes it's a dry walk.....it's all timing! I remember BassonPilot's log on Unfinished Business (near Nightsweats). I think he was wading chest high getting that cache!
  23. Sorry I missed the fun - was hoping to get over there and meet up with the group. I was reading the paper this morning and saw an article on someone they found dead of exposure on RT24 in Chatham. I hope tonight's hunt went off without a hitch (or any swimming). Hope you enjoyed the cache.....
  24. That was the cache owner scaring the crap out of the FTFers. Boo! I believe it was someone from "Fish and Game" .... or maybe someone who liked to fish and enjoyed the game.... Good luck. There's no prohibition I'm aware of visiting that area at night. It's a bit off the beaten path - but you can always try "Unfinished Business" in the afternoon - get some dinner - then hit "Nightsweats". UFB should be fun this time of year....muhahahahahahahahahahah!
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