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  1. Remove the USB controller in the device manager. Reboot USB controller will be reinstalled. Reboot. Install Garmin USB driver Then plug in the GPS 60. Hope this helps.
  2. Check out this page Its for the 315 but the sportrak is the same.homemade cable
  3. I will be at the paintball.
  4. I have one geocaching theme for pocket pc I do know where Ii got it. I can email it to you if you want.
  5. Check out http://pc-mobile.net/grdc.htm They have about every cable you could want I think the Garmin 60 uses the R-type a round plug.
  6. What are the parking coordinates of the start point.
  7. Congratulations TeamShibby !!!!
  8. My son an I had a great time caching with every one. Thanks Avroair.
  9. My son has hiked alot longest is about 8 miles. I think i will bring him Thanks
  10. I will be there and maybe my 7 year old son . Can some one tell me the milage and terrain . Thanks
  11. Congratulations Good Job.
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