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  1. 2 out of the 3 PQs I had set up for today ran. Only a minor annoyance since all I needed to do was make a copy of the missing PQ and run that.
  2. I got only 2 out of 3 pocket queries. I think the last time this happened, the pocket query server was out of disk space. Hope they fix it soon.
  3. It's good that most of the PQ saving now takes place in the background because that used to take 15 minutes. So thanks for that! However, when I tap a PQ in the list of PQs, it takes up to two minutes to bring up the list of caches in the PQ before I can even start saving it. Could you possibly add a way to start saving the PQ to an offline list without viewing it? Also, it appears not to be possible to save multiple PQs at the same time. The app crashes when I try to start a second save while the first background save is still going. A warning would be nice instead of crashing.
  4. Another problem I noticed is the app settings got reset after I logged in. However, this issue is minor compared to the PQ problems.
  5. PQ downloading is slow and it's not because of server traffic. It took 13 minutes to load a 950-waypoint GPX file from the SD card. Downloading the same PQ from the server takes 15 minutes, so most of the time is spent by the geocaching app processing the GPX data and inserting it into its database. This is an unacceptably slow process. A better idea would be to preprocess the PQ data on the geocaching server into a form that can be inserted quickly by the geocaching app. Phones just aren't made for doing heavy work. Unfortunately, it got worse after that. After loading this PQ from the SD card and saving it to an offline list, the geocaching app force closes every time I start it so it is completely unusable. I had to clear all the data and start from scratch in order to get it to start up properly. So all the preceding turned out to be a waste of time. The rest of the geocaching app seems to work fine, but without offline data, it will be impossible to use it in areas with poor cell phone reception.
  6. Yep, that one's going away. I'd like to open up that park to other cache hides. It's underused for geocaching.
  7. Thanks very much to Polskikrol for adopting the two geocaches. I'll archive my other geocaches after the next weekend, so find 'em quick if you need to.
  8. I'm moving to Northern Delaware. It is possible to maintain North Jersey geocaches from there but since I'll be 2-3 hours away, I think I should do the responsible thing and not pretend that I can be there at a moment's notice.
  9. The date of my move draws near so I'm wondering if anyone would like to adopt GC1BE3 (George Washington's Stairmaster) and GC11DE (High Point). The other caches I've placed aren't that special so I'll be archiving and removing them within the next few weeks.
  10. Yes, it's a coincidence. There is higher cache placement activity now. Notice that I don't have to travel as far as I used to? Also, I wish IMSpider would hurry up and take the lead. Then perhaps we can stop these ridiculous suggestions that there is some sort of race going on and you all can leave me alone to play the game the way I want.
  11. Early 2011 at current growth rates. A lot sooner if I stop at #6999.
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