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  1. Congratulations from Team Bam Bam.
  2. Is the quote on the bottom from The BlackAdder? If so, I will let your comment slide. However, before talking junk, we shall see how everything unfolds with the new cap. Jersey still sucks though. Just thought I would bring this quote back into the fold as the time of year seems right for a little reflection. Go Rangers.
  3. For some real caching fun cross the bridge and visit the garden state. The caches of Central Park are good and there are plenty of them.
  4. Warmest congratulations, and kudos for not making yourself the focus of the evening. Well done.
  5. When is the swimsuit issue coming out? Now that would be sexy... Quoddy, Snat, Hart ..//Vommitt//.. , Avroair, and even some of those Long Island types.
  6. Congrats to Old Navy. Fair winds and following seas.
  7. For the reasons stated a cache IN the subway system seems like a bad idea. A cache that USES the subway system, however, to make logical connections between stages of a multi might be a way to combine the two.
  8. OK, here's how we do it. Whenever we go hiking I like to wear a helmet (with eyes painted on it), throughout the hike we scream profanities at each other, I balance both kids on my head like Cirque Du Soleil while spinning in circles, I wear mace cologne, and I don't need to act big - I am big primarily courtesy of pizza and beer. You don't have to protect yourself in this fashion but if you do please post the pictures here. -Team Bam Bam
  9. Terrible news. Helmut's family and friends are in our thoughts. He was 'good people'.
  10. Many congratulations to you both. Ankleboy With Wife
  11. And we should be hearing less and less from the Long Island contingent now that their inferiority complex otherwise known as the Islanders is back in business.
  12. Good - then you're not losing... technically.
  13. Congratulations to BM2 who logged cache #300 'Down The Shore' this weekend. Here he is at #300:
  14. Thank you, Captain Obvious.
  15. Cool pic! We also ran into another of your employees - a large, black, furry one on the way to Helispot last year.
  16. I can't think of any that involve cemetaries. I can think of plenty that are near historic places of interest. In each case the cache was placed in a manner such that the location would be unharmed by caching. The exception to this was in the early spring in Central Park. We were there for 'The Gates' and, of course, grabbed a few caches. One of the caches on our list was called 'Strawberry Fields'. The problem was that the area of the park containing Strawberry Fields was fenced off due to re-seeding the area. We decided to come back when it was available again but there were many, many cachers who simply hopped the fence and grabbed the cache anyway. While most caches are set up in such a way that any sensitive areas nearby are not harmed, the only sure way to account for a complete lack of common sense is not to place caches in this type of area. It is a slippery slope, indeed, but it's possible to see both sides of the argument.
  17. I can vouch for The Heartland Brewery. I sampled about 6 different pints and each one seemed to be better than the last. Hmmmm. As far as an establishment in Jersey, I've heard good things about Stiletto's though I have never been.
  18. This counts for 3 'Jersey' caches. GC.Com recognizes this and will credit you with only 3 official finds. Also, you two can beat each others heads over who is the 2nd best hockey team in the tri-state area but I think we can all appreciate the franchise with the utmost class and most prestigious history. All hail the NEW YORK RANGERS! The Devils are moving to Kearney or something, the Fishsticks don't even justify a comment. Ah Ha! You want to keep the flag away from Long Islanders? Hide it in the Stanley Cup!
  19. There are 12 caches in the High Mountain reserve which is surrounded by the towns of Franklin Lakes, Wayne, & North Haledon. A very full day could grab them all but you will be hurtin' afterwards.
  20. I'm confused and I could really use some help. About 6 months ago the 'in' thing was to state emphatically that it is not, in fact, about the numbers. Has the tide turned? Is it now acceptable (hip, even) to admit that it is? I need to know so I can craft future forum posts to allign myself with what the cool kids are doing.
  21. Congrats and thanks for all the effort in placing and maintaining the High Mountain caches.
  22. And my reply was not directed at Joefrog, either. This thread is just one of probably dozens that have touched on the 'What's taking so long?' theme. Mine was a generalized response to these collective threads. Sorry if it appeared directed at one person.
  23. Just go get it. If anyone looks at you funny just ask "What the @%$*! are you looking at?" This usually gets people moving on their way. Glad I could help.
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