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  1. Wow. Im not sure if anyone can even still see any of these postings but if you can, hello! I read this forum often and I just wanted to check in and say hi!! My dad's 48th birthday just passed a few weeks ago (April 28). We miss him more and more each day, and with my 19th birthday coming up in just 2 days I find myself thinking about how much has happened in the past few years of my life. I hope everyone is still caching it up all over the place!! take care! Ashley Mueller
  2. Hello Everyone. I've been going thru all of your notes, kind words and prayers for me, my girls and Autumn and I just wanted you all to know how truly touched I am. Words cannot thank you all enough for your generosity, love and friendship you've shown us. The coins are a "work of art" and Helmut would be so proud of them. If he would have seen them and was asked to "make any changes", they'd look exactly the same. They're so great and I hope their new owners will enjoy them 1/10 as much as the girls and I will. I'm so proud to be Helmuts wife, 4/28, his 44 birthday, would have been 17 years. For those of you that have known him for a few years or maybe just met him once or twice, you've seen what a great guy he is (still can't think of him as gone!) and that was just the tip of the iceburg! He loved me and the girls with all of his heart and sole. He was the greatest husband and Dad! So many people have told me they "didn't know a greater guy" and that's the truth! I'm so happy for the friends he's made thru this wonderful hobbie. I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your posts and logs in all of his caches and I want you to know that Treequest and I will make sure all of these wonderful caches are maintained, for you, for me and for him. All our love and thanks, MRS. Skully & Mulder et. al.
  3. hmmm just got home from the event and just thought i would post. Tonight was very nice and we all had so much fun. The painting was so beautiful. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the work everybody put into this. -Ashley Mueller
  4. hello. Im(ashley) back again. i was just looking at all of the pictures my dad put on his site, and he was really in to this caching, as most of you can tell. Just checking in and just letting everybody know that were doing okay, and my mom got a full time job, police dispatching for Chatam. Thadd as been to my house a few times before helping us out, and we had him and his family over for dinner a few weeks ago. And me my mom and nikki had a good time with a lot of you finding the cache a few weekends ago. Me, my mom and my sisters will be at the event tonight. So I will see a lot of you tonight -Ashley Mueller
  5. okay...This is Ashley Mueller, some of you know who I am..I am 14 years old and I am the daughter of Helmut Mueller. This forum was very nice of everyone, and since Sunday (when Thad showed me how to check the forum) I have been checking it at least twice a day. I still can't believe this is happening. I saw many of the cachers last night at the wake, and planet brought a nice picture frame with a few pictures of my dad hiking. He loved this geocaching so much. As some of you know the Funeral Home was packed last night, there was so many people there. My dad had so many friends. I miss him so much already and im sure most of you do too. Me my mom and my sisters are doing okay but we will miss him very very much, and I know i can speak from Nikki Taylor and Autumn when I say we will miss geocaching with my daddy. thank you everybody, -Ashley
  6. Huge thanks to Tiffany's Slaves for grabbing my walking stick - I picked it up from them yesterday. Although it is just a stick I made from a piece of wood we found in the woods a few years ago, I've found about 800 caches with the stick "in-hand". Thanks again!!
  7. Ok .. enough of the joking around - this is a VERY serious matter ! I have e-mailed TS with a proposed trade to get my walking stick back. And BTW to BMsquared - we have a "Taylor's Broken Stick" TB out there somewhare (I don't it's ever been logged).
  8. I havn't been in the forums much lately, but I was glad to see this thread. Huge congrats on the milestone!
  9. I agree with Brian. "Go Take a Hike" is one of the closest caches to my home coords - I have wanted to do this since it was posted - I hope to do it sometime this summer.
  10. Congrats on 700, Ken. It's funny that you found this in the dark - I logged a DNF in broad daylight.
  11. Although I bailed out early, the day was a lot of fun - I love the views from the Hudson Highlands peaks. Thanks to jonboy for a nice guided tour of the area along with all the info about the history of the area.
  12. Huge congrats to my friend John on the milestone - sorry I had to bail out of the hike before the group got there. Jonboy's"Old Glory" is one of my favorite caches of all time - tough hike up there, but the view is worth it. CONGRATS!!!
  13. Congrats, my friend!! Treequest's containers are truely unique - maybe there could be a new cache type container -"The treequest"
  14. Congrats Guys!! Maybe I can trade you two girls for a boy
  15. Congrats on the milestone!! I love your challanging caches near work (Edison) - some of the best hides, in crowded areas, that I've seen.
  16. I need to visit the forums more often - I feel like I'm out of the loop.
  17. Congrats Guys - 500 is a huge milestone!! As I type this, there is less then 2 weeks left until the Mets home opener. Lets Go Mets!
  18. Congrats to my nephew and his family on their 20th cache find. I've talked to a million people about geocaching but he is the first to buy into it. They currently live in Virginia but will soon be moving to the epicenter of caching - NJ.
  19. Congrats my friend!!! You Gotta be Kidding that this cache is rated at a 1/1 ... maybe in the summer - mbut not in the present conditions. We found this the day after you - too bad we missed you. Hope to see you again soon & congrats on the milestone!!
  20. I have come back to this thread for the first time since I bought my Garmin 60CS. Overall I'm very happy with the unit. Initially I had issues with the electronic compass but now that I have a good feel with the way that it works, I'm very happy with it. I think there is a bit of a learning curve with this unit - if you just follow the "ARROW" you might be led to believe that it is an inferior GPS'r. I found if you just look at the distance to your location, the unit will consistantly bring you within 10' of the same spot - you just really need to use the thing to reap all the benefits.
  21. Congrats on the milestone - hope to see you along the way soon.
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