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  1. You need to first to your Profile page which is accessed via the left bottom nav Profile icon (#1 below). The part this is unfortunately not obvious is then, on that page, tap your icon in the top left of the profile page (#2 below). This should open up a section that shows a link to your code (#3 below):
  2. Or to be even more specific: Between August 17th 2022 and December 31st 2023 revisit a favourite location you have discovered while geocaching, take a photo, and post your newly taken photo with your log to claim this locationless cache.
  3. In another group, this topic came up. We were a bit surprised they didn't enable the cache 3 days later on the 20th so everyone that runs to log it contributes to the "world record" planned for that day.
  4. I don't have the Geocaching HQ Block Party cache. Can HQ create GC9Party for logging yourself with a picture at any party?
  5. This is a cache that can be logged by anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as they upload a picture?
  6. This weekend was a GIFF community celebration event - https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8ZCY7_5th-annual-giff-at-the-movies-a-cc-event . I see no one received any points for logging it in the Reach the Peak event. Are there no points for attending an event? The scoring lists 325 points for a Found it log while Events are Attended logs. Just wondering if there's a glitch in the matrix or this is expected.
  7. The issue isn't your phone but the server(s) that provide the maps for the apps and the web site. You'll frequently see a grey map on the web site on a cache detail page. They need to add some horse power to their map servers.
  8. Username shows after logging out and back in. Odd that it pulled the other info for display without that. Guess that is a new test case for them to add. I think my username did show, before logging out/in, on the top of the main screen but I can’t be 100% sure.
  9. Username field in profile is not displaying my user name. I have a space in my username, if that matters. Just updated to latest iOS release. Not sure if it displayed previously.
  10. It appears that multiple souvenirs obtained on the same day are not in newest order when that sort is selected. Minor compared to no date order but still appears to not be 100% based on when it was achieved. For an example, use the recent Wonders of the World promotion. In order to achieve the Ultimate Explorer souvenir, you must have achieved the Solar System souvenir. That means the order from newest to oldest would be Ultimate Explorer followed by Solar System, Natural Wonder, etc. The order for me when sorted by newest first is not in that expected order - see desktop screenshot below. I see the order is also slightly different in the iPhone app view when multiple souvenirs are achieved on the same day.
  11. Visiting the forum and it looks like references to img.geocaching.com are malformed. I checked across 3 browsers. Eg: https://img.geocaching.comforumsavatar4b8575ba-bdf4-4cde-96ef-03f29ad11112.jpg/
  12. Anyone else see this? Link from email account contains query string and the page never loads. Remove the query string and the page loads. https://www.geocaching.com/my/souvenirs.aspx/?newsletter=PM fails to load Remove ?newsletter=PM https://www.geocaching.com/my/souvenirs.aspx loads.
  13. Maybe they started it and it's just running really slow not to place locks on their DB? Not real: insert into tbl_cache_attributes (cache_id, checker_attribute_id) select cache_id from tbl_cache_detail where hq_checker=true; My initial reaction, and possibly posted when announced, was the data should have been updated prior to enabling the front-end to customers. HQ should consider this approach for future updates of this type.
  14. At some point, I thought maybe the checker was going to be enabled for 3rd party apps, but maybe I got my wires crossed. It could be the attribute is a first step and then a new API to call if the attribute is present with the interface surfaced within the 3rd party app? We'll have to wait and see.
  15. The attribute, if nothing else, will alert someone the official checker exists. I thought that was the sole purpose of the new attribute. Wasn't GS going to run a script and apply the new attribute/icon to all existing caches where the checker was in use? Not sure that was done yet or there's a long way for it to go to finish running. Foe the moment, you need to go to the website in a browser to use it.
  16. Are you really good at working your way out of lockers?
  17. In Open Street Maps, the golf course is tagged once and each of the 18 holes are noted. On each hole, the different tee boxes are called out as are the sand traps and each green as a feature in Open Street Maps. It looks like either GC's processing is adding an icon to each element or it's not an option for them to ignore certain elements. Not sure the sand traps, tee boxes and greens need to be called out. it would be plenty for the course and maybe each hole. In Open Street Maps, different editors could tag courses differently, but at least for this one in question, and how GC is handling it, each feature is triggering its own icon.
  18. I'm seeing the empty map tiles again midday on Sunday NY time. Response in developer tools network tab for the failed requests: Tile does not exist
  19. My thought too @thebruce0 . Cache pages descriptions could start to look like this: Click here for the cache page Linked to a web page not hosted by GC. Any javascript, images, etc can be handled on the 3rd party site.
  20. I’m guessing the time is set to noon for the event - which timezone is anyone’s guess. Cachly, an iOS 3rd party app, shows the time of the logs for your own logs and it would be easy to confirm. It’s also easy to edit and change the time. Not sure what other official options there are to adjust the time of a submitted log.
  21. Assuming they aren't a cacher using the app where you message without viewing a profile and are on a web browser on their computer, when I view your profile page, all the wasted space pushes the content and your message below the fold. Here's what I see as content in my browser on that page and I'm sure others do as well.
  22. Have you looked at Project-GC ? Visit https://project-gc.com/Tools/MapHiddenDate and Authenticate if you need to using your Geocaching user name/password. Select your own profile name if not populated and United States / New York or wherever you want to look to see where there might be caches which were placed that you need to fill in your calendar date. I hope that helps.
  23. Looks like the situation has improved. I'm consistently seeing map tiles again.
  24. Pretty sure you are wrong. First, you can see from my screenshot that the domain being referenced in the failures was maptilesxx.geocaching.com which is a cname to maptiles.geocaching.com and IP address . That's the same subnet as www.geocaching.com. It doesn't mean they couldn't proxy the requests, but see the next point. Second, GC generates its own map tiles and that has been reported here for years. I think it has improved, but GC maps were previously 6 months to 1+ years behind on the generated GC map tiles vs updates made on Open Street Maps.
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