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  1. Stumbled upon a cache archived 5+ years ago. I wasn't able to find this when it was active (GCMW74). Has this happened before?
  2. I replaced the container in 2004 with a container provided by Brian, In fact I still have the orginal Gerbil container.
  3. My sons' cub scout pack (I have 2 wolves and 1 webelo) are planning on placing a pack cache this fall. We thought it would be fun to release a travel bug with the mission to meet up with a partner pack on the West Coast. And in return, could be on the lookout for a like travel bug traveling from the partner pack to the NJ. Let me know if you are interested!
  4. What time are you meeting for drinks at the Lido deck?
  5. Thats a nice Sunset picture!
  6. Thanks for the hike! Attached are some pictures of the day. The Sunset, view from Buck Mountain and the group!
  7. Im interested, I will let you know tomorrow. Gotta talk to da boss.
  8. Thanks for the hike and challenge!
  9. I'm in, that leaves one more
  10. It felt like something hit the ground hard and then there was a short shake. The last one I had felt before in New Jersey was maybe 25 years ago.
  11. Cool! When is the hike planned?
  12. Link??? May 25, 2003 by Harrald (330 found) I’ll just log my trip here as I remember it Park car walk to area Look for cache Stop and act like I’m reading sign Look for cache Stop and act like I’m reading sign Look for cache Stop and act like I’m reading sign Look for cache Stop, go back to car and read hint Walk back to area Look for cache Stop and act like I’m reading sign Look for cache Stop and act like I’m reading sign Look for cache Stop and explain to the friendly police officer that I’m just reading the sign Go back to car mumbling June 14, 2003 by Harrald (330 found) I don’t like this Cache! I don’t like this Bridge! I don’t like Brian! OK maybe I like Brian again. Ok Maybe that’s a bit harsh, I don’t dislike the bridge. But the cache and Brian....Phooey on them! I drove here and looked for another 30 minutes. Still no smiley face. I may have to take drastic measures. June 22, 2003 by Harrald (330 found) Strike three and I'm out!! I returned with a new hint from Brian and The Bardmin. After thirty minutes of looking still no happy face. July 19, 2003 by Harrald (330 found) #241 Evil Evil Evil. I like this cache I like this bridge I still don't like Brian The Bardmin and I made the trip once again to this cache site. After thirty more minutes of searching we decided to give up, call a demolition team to destroy the bridge and hire a hit man to have Brian terminated with extreme prejudice. As I was giving one last sigh The Bardmin found the cache. We had looked at it every time we were here. There is a special place for people that hide caches like this. I think Brian is heading there. Lucky for him we found the cache and he won’t be heading there tonight. Thanks for the frustration and the nifty cache idea. I hope no one from out of town searches for this cache. If they do you could have enemies across the globe. We took nothing and left our mark.
  13. From here, the weak at heart can opt to turn back and go home, but those who really want a hike and several more awsome views (as well as anothe cache placed in November of 2001) can continue on to Above Earl (GC26CC) -- which hasn't been visited since Oct of 2005. It looks like a nice hike maybe good for the autumn. Is Above Earl still there?
  14. Welcome back. Your logs for Brian Snats cache "Lame Roadside #2" were the funniest I ever read.
  15. Nice hike! Glad you guys decided not to throw me in the lake afterwards
  16. I can do the 20th or the weekend of the 26th
  17. This is a nice hike. I will do it again depending on the date.
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