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  1. There really isn't much that is going to stop you from getting on the trails though......I would have done it yesterday myself, but I am that lucky one that always gets caught and fined to the fullest to be made an example of......
  2. I passed by the lower lot on Skyline Drive earlier, and it isn't blocked off, but, there is a sign posted stating that beyond that point was off limits due to the closures......
  3. I thinkI may go fishing in a bit, so I will go up skyline drive....I am curious to see if they block off the lots along there......I don't see that happening though.
  4. I am just curious to if the trails are off limits or not.....we know there is no staffing, but I haven't seen a ranger or anyone of the like on the trails in over 3 yearsanyways....so what's the diff???
  5. It is supposed to take effect on Wednesday, but are we supposed to keep off the trails? Can they really stop us from parking in a roadside lot and accessing the trails?
  6. So with the NJ gov't shutdown, the NJ DEP has stated that all parks are closed. Does that just mean the facilities or does that mean we are not allowed to access the lands? They claim they will be patrolling with the state park police, but is that to keep everyone out and for emergencies only? Hopefully this won't hinder my possible caching plans for the week. What a wonderful state we live in....
  7. This reminds me to go out and get a couple of cans of permitherin for Sunday........
  8. Well, I am not sure about bears or sleep but I do know what deer do.......
  9. We only met Helmut a handful of times, but he was always a pleasure to talk to. We have fond memories of him, with Autum in tow, chasing down snakes and the like. We send our sympathies, he will be missed.
  10. I like that idea too....should be easy enough to happen.....right?
  11. For displaying my tracks on google earth I upload my tracks to Motion Based and from there I can open it up directly in google earth and then save them for later.... my son enjoys watching the flyovers of where we just hiked
  12. I have, for my etrex venture the RAM winsheild 6" flex arm mount.....love it. My wife has the 4" flex arm mount for her mp3 player and loves it too
  13. Congrats...wish I could have made it this weekend
  14. And the only thing Laura and i get to see in the woods is a deer doing his business....
  15. I haven't noticed a problem with road overlays or waypoints being off at all, but, I have noticed that manyof the city boundries are off by a bit. For my use though I think they are accurate enough.....Its just another toy for me.
  16. Try this topic It explains how to do it.
  17. This thread?? I did a search for lighthouse challenge and came up with this thread from 2003.
  18. good weather+peak logging time=server error message......isn't first and wont be last
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