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How Many States Have You Cached In?


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I'm at 15 states - mostly eastern seaboard with some left coast and TX thrown in for good measure. Last time I saw a thread like this (a couple years ago by now) the highest tally was 28. Chazman007 is closing in on that number. I bet some fellow cachers are getting close to 50. Are you?

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I don't have the most, but I am up there.


30 states, and Wash. DC (not a state), in the order that I first visited them:


Georgia, Alabama, the District of Columbia, Maryland, California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Minnesota, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Delaware, Illinios, Michigan, West Virginia, Nevada and Arizona.

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Geee.....let me stop and think about this. Ummm....... One, two....

no wait, Puyallup is still considered Washington. B)


Ok. One. B)


Truth of the matter is, we don't get out much. :lol:


(These darn electronic bracelets.....!) B)


Actually, we are going on a trip to Amsterdam in October! We WILL be caching on it. I just have to figure out the details. But it will be fun. I would like to pick up a couple of travel bugs and drop them there, but not sure if that will cause any problems? Would an owner get mad about that?

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My home state of SC and found one cache in NC.

I get out plenty, I just never go very far.

I was back in NC 2 weekends ago for a wedding. I planned to cache in the Asheville, Waynesville, and Blue Ridge Parkway areas, but never got the time to go hunting. Dag nabbit!

Sigh...oh well. :blink:

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I have found caches in the following states: (1) Georgia, (2) California, (3) New Jersey, (4) Minnesota, (5) Wisconsin, (6) New York, (7) Tennessee, (8) Virginia, (9) South Carolina, (10) North Carolina, (11) Mississippi, (12) Alabama, (13) Illinois, (14) Indiana, (15) Michigan, (16) Arkansas, (17) Rhode Island, (18) Connecticut, (19) Massachusetts, end of 1st year.


(20) Colorado,(21) Arizona, (22) Ohio, (23) Delaware, (24) Pennsylvania, (25) Florida, (26) Missouri, (27) Kansas, end of second year.


(28) West Virginia, (29) Maryland, (30) Washington, (31) Louisiana, (32) Texas, (33) Oklahoma, (34) ?.


The above list does NOT contain any Locationless caches.


I have found caches in following conutries: (1) Spain, (2) Puerto Rico, (3) Ontario, Canada, (4) Japan, (5) British Columbia, Canada, (6) ?.


I hope to find caches in five more states by the end of the year. :blink:

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USA = 16 states



Other = 13 or 16, depending on whether you count provinces separately

Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta, & Ontario)

Australia (New South Wales)





Hong Kong




Puerto Rico




Also placed one in Turkey (now archived).


I've only added three states and one country since this question was asked a year ago. Guess I need to get out more. :blink:


Hope to add Malaysia to the list next week.

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GA - home state

MD - 1 find, 1 DNF

I have found caches in SC along with my brother but since I didn't log those I don't count those. I am heading back to SC later this month and will get some in Charleston and Myrtle Beach. If possible I'm going to sneak into NC and grab one while I'm close.


We have also found 5 caches in Bermuda.



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