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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I started the cache page in 2014. Guess I should have been a bit faster!
  2. Hi all, I was hoping to create a challenge cache like this one in which you have to find all the caches within a defined radius but reviewing the new challenge cache guidelines looks like this is no longer allowed. Just wanted to double check. Can someone confirm that my dreams are dashed? Thanks!
  3. You can still use the Communicator, but you'll have to download the SIGNED plugin from the add-on store. In FF, open the add-on store (Ctrl+Shift+A) and search for Communicator. Click on Show all xxx results. The first result is the Garmin Communicator. Worked like a charm - thank you!
  4. I'm having the same problem for the first time today.
  5. Just received mine a couple days ago and oddly it came in a hand-lettered envelope from the Wimpy Kid publisher in NY City.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'm going to relocate the cache. Part of my reluctance is that the location is out on a point surrounded by water with another cache just over a 10th of a mile behind it so I can't just walk another 100 feet and hide there. I'll find another spot that doesn't disturb the letterbox. After further reflection I realized that if I were the letterbox owner I would be irked if someone hid a cache in the same tree. Thanks again and happy caching.
  7. I was out scoping locations for a puzzle cache today when I came across a fantastic spot. It was an old, gnarled tree with several holes for hiding. Then I looked down and saw a container. Hmm, is this someone else's puzzle cache or a letterbox, I wondered. It was the latter. Two feet above the letterbox in the tree there was another ideal hide location. Would it be bad form to hide my geocache so close to an existing letterbox? The letterbox is more visible so cachers and letterbox seekers would almost certainly see the letterbox first and only find the geocache if they kept searching. The cache is small and commpletely hidden. I would put a note in the description to watch out for the letterbox. Thoughts? Thanks.
  8. I agree. Every time I have a nice walk in the woods to a well-hidden ammo can I get all nostalgic. I just wish cachers followed BrianSnat's advice which went something like this: If the geocache is the only reason you're in a location you need to find a better location." Parking lot caches are... disappointing. I also agree with the post above that with increased popularity and increased access you're going to see a much wider range of "geocaching values." I saw a cache the other day where a newbie logged his second find (on the same cache). The log said "This time I really found it. My last found log was just because I wanted to get the souvenir for the 31 Days of Geocaching in August but I didn't really find it. Today I did." Wretched. But then I remember that plenty of cachers are finding wonderful locations with creative hides and maybe even a fun puzzle to get there. I still have lots of fun but these days some less than stellar caches and cachers are in the mix. It was bound to happen.
  9. Apply the 2.71 beta firmware update and let us know if that fixes things for you. Hope so and good luck! 2.71 applied and caching on the docket for Saturday. I'll report back. Thanks! UPDATE: After downloading 2.71 I hit the trails last weekend and found my GPS performance to be much improved. I wouldn't say 100% better as I still experienced some minor sticking but significantly better in that most of the time I was directed to the cache. I had no instances of 100-foot+ overshoots (as I did before). In fact, I was 26 for 26 caches which was a career high. I feel much better about the device now.
  10. Apply the 2.71 beta firmware update and let us know if that fixes things for you. Hope so and good luck! 2.71 applied and caching on the docket for Saturday. I'll report back. Thanks!
  11. I'm glad to see this thread as I have been terribly disappointed with my eTrex 20. I have been geocaching for 10 years and loved my original Vista and my Oregon 300. Sadly, the latter was misplaced and I purchased an eTrex 20 in January. I have been suffering from the stickiness problem ever since. On multiple occasions the unit has taken me 100 feet past ground zero (after 10 years I'm resaonably good at finding tupperware containers in the woods - but not that good). I almost always can eventually find the cache but often it is in spite of the device instead of because of it. I had not reported anything to Garmin but will do so. I don't expect a helpful response but adding another report to the dissatisfied file can't hurt our cause. If I were buying I new unit I would definitely not recommend the 20.
  12. I saw a bright flash last night. This morning I discovered I had inadvertently made Cointact - #78. Particularly nice for me since I'm a couple years removed from regular geocoin activity. Delighted to be included. Thanks!
  13. You can add another ropee to the list. Coin #202 arrived last week. This is my first mystery coin and particularly exciting since I have been off the forums for a long time. Well, needless to say, now I am sucked right back into coin obsession. Thanks Geo_Bandit!
  14. Excellent initiative. Email sent. To all our friends in uniform overseas we support you 100% and are grateful for everything you do to keep us safe.
  15. Theseus

    Icon help

    Thanks everyone for the offers. I have a couple folks giving it a shot. Much obliged.
  16. Theseus

    Icon help

    I have a shiny personal geocoin that is waiting for its nifty icon. My sister was kind enough to create an icon, which is round, though she was unable to get rid of a white background that filled the 32x32 and 16x16 gif files from the outside of the circle to the edges of the squares. I know nothing about this sort of thing but it seems like it should be easy to get rid of the background so that the circle stands alone without the white. My sister couldn't figure it out. Can anyone help? I am photo-posting challenged so if someone is kind enough to volunteer to take a look at it I will email the .gif files. At some point I will get an image of the coin up as well, though I don't expect to do much trading. Thanks in advance for the help and forgive the lack of pics. Posts with no pics of the coins are the pits... Theseus
  17. Has anyone in the States received one recently (past week or so)? I signed up early in the process (or so I thought) but haven't received one. Thanks.
  18. They are their coins so I think they can sell them wherever they want. I can think of a few coins on eBay that did not sell out in the online storefront but are doing quite well online. The C&P silver coin comes to mind.
  19. I agree that since it is your coin you can do what you want but I would be pretty bummed if I were one of the eBay buyers.
  20. Cool coin. Just in case anyone was wondering (as I was): Smokey Bear's message "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" was created in 1944 by the Ad Council. In a recent study, 95% of those surveyed could finish the sentence when given the first words. In April 2001, Smokey's message was updated to "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires." from Wikipedia
  21. Neat looking coin. I would go for the round one but not the shaped one - I think that puts me in the minority.
  22. I have gone the unpublished cache route but it is not a particularly elegant solution. I recall Jeremy mentioning earlier in the year that there would be site enhancements designed specifically for collectors but I don't think anything has been launched yet. A way to designate "collected" coins versus travelers would be delightful.
  23. What makes this difficult is the word ownership. Does the person who registers the coin own it or does the person who possesses it? Frankly, I can understand an argument for either of those definitions. I believe that if you trade for an activated coin and your counterpart gives you rules then you should abide by those rules. If you don't like the rules, then don't trade. If you run into some personal issues and need to sell everything you own then take the high road and trade back for another coin you can sell. Personally, I wouldn't trade for a coin with rules but I understand why many would (ooh, shiny). I have a new set of personals and I don't expect to trade a lot but when I do trade I'll understand that the recipient can do whatever he wants with the coin. This will also hold true for coins I gift. Sure, I'll be disappointed if it pops up on eBay but the coin is his. When trading, be clear about expectations and once entered into an agreement abide by the conditions. Simple enough. As always, one cacher's opinion.
  24. I, also, would prefer the maps NOT have the numbers turned on by default. I think having all of the numbers turned on clutters the map even more than it is already. KRnlKilR Huh? That already is the default. I don't get your point. Yes, but the suggestion on the table is that the numbers be turned on by default. We are expressing our delight that this is currently not the case.
  25. And I was thinking it was starting to get cold and what should arrive at my door? A swarm of beautiful butterflies.
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