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  1. That is a good deal. I got the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX just the week before from cabela's too. I thought that was a good deal and then the next week they come out with the entire bundle for $19 more then I paid for just the gps. I already had the garmin topo software so it was not to big of a deal. They also had $5 shipping at the time I ordered too. Enjoy your new 60CSX.
  2. Is anyone happy with there Magellan 400 Triton? I sure have seen a lot of bad reports on them.
  3. Do you have one? I was wondering if they are any good.
  4. Ah, but do you consider it a "plus" -- or just saying it doesn't bother you? Every other gadget I've owned that could exchange data with a computer did so by a cable - or even wirelessly. Palm and Windows CE PDAs, cellphones, iPods, iPhone, cameras - even other brands of GPS. The iFinder is the only one I have open up to get to the data. No big deal - but it isn't a "plus." That's your opinion... to each his own. The way you can load the waypoints as separate files and just load the ones you need at the time is a plus to me. You can also delete all of your waypoints from the GPS and you haven't lost them because they are still on the card. As I said before, I have to pull the batteries to charge them anyway, so it's no big deal to pull the card. I have explained this feature to other cachers and they thought it was a pretty slick that it worked that way. I just picked up my first Lowrance to play around with. I'm interested in learning how I can load waypoints to the card and then load them to the gps.
  5. Set the track mode to a time interval (e.g, one point every 30 seconds) instead of distance or automagic. Set a waypoint at the same time you start the track mode. Presto! You now have the start time recorded (in the waypoint) and can extrapolate the time for all other points. ...Now if only the track points on the ifinder included elevation... Great tip Will have to try it on my new H2O, Thanks!
  6. I just about bought a iFinder Hunter today, but decided on the H2O model.
  7. The GO2 looked interesting. I just picked up my first Lowrance (H2O) to play around with.
  8. That is a great price. I see walmart had them for that price too online. I think you had to pay shipping or ship it to a store for free. Next time I'm in walmart I'm going to see if they have them in the store for that price too. Please let us know what you think of the unit when you get it.
  9. Maybe the Magellan GPS units will become collectables now.
  10. That's a good policy to have too. I don't see how it could be deleted without affecting so many others.
  11. Yeah, thanks for doing the right thing. We need more people like you around.
  12. I would contact Garmin first. Let them know what the trouble is and just how old it is. I have heard Garmin is very good about taking care of things like this. You may not only get it repaired for free, but it could come back from Garmin with a little something extra in the box.
  13. I don't have my 301 anymore, but from what I remember is was not all that easy to geocache with it. It could be done, but just not as easy as with my etrex legend. Have fun and enjoy.
  14. Yes, the 301 works the same way. I have found a number of geocaches with a 301.
  15. How do you like your Ipaq 4700?
  16. Can't say I have ever had a bad experience geocaching. Some are better then others, but it's all good.
  17. Hi, Geocaching is great family fun.
  18. Milbank, SD -7°F Feels Like -37°F UV Index: 0 Low Wind: From NNW at 34 mph gusting to 47 mph Humidity: 79% Pressure: 29.70 in. Dew Point: -11°F Visibility: 3.0 miles Good day to stay home and plan the next geocaching day.
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