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  1. The Eiger from Murren, Switzerland The D-Day memorial on Omaha Beach Pollen on the Big South Fork
  2. My 1998 chevy metro. I don't have any pics but its tan and pretty plain.
  3. I say post it, warn others of the possibility of some weird things, and tell them to cache in groups. Personally the strory entices me even more to go find it.
  4. Congrats, I met DM once at a meet and greet and he was very nice. All of his caches that I have done have a lot of thought put into them.
  5. We had a problem with this in some of the parks in Knoxville, so some of the geocachers and other park users decided to talk to the mayor about the problem. He decided it was a good idea to have something done about it. He approved the turning of one of the worse parks into a geocache park and since then, according to my knowledge, there has not been a problem.
  6. A 100 ft. long barn with a minitiare quarry eleven different cars, two tractors, a silo, and it was all abandoned just 20 years ago, things are in place like someone just got up and never came back. I found a newspaper in one of the cars dated July, 1981. The cache now in place
  7. I don't mind it, because usually its very discreet. I've found four or five caches that incorporate this method.
  8. I enjoy Alabama Rambler's avatar. A little Southern heritage mixed in with geocaching.
  9. I also constantly change but my favorite is this one. Sorry its a little big.
  10. I generally make up something to average joe people, but I always would want to give the truth to a police officer or somebody like that. At least I haven't had to talk with the cops yet.
  11. For a Micro- 1.5 miles For an ammo can- 15miles For a 5 gallon bucket or bigger- anywhere
  12. Rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, backpacking, biking, and hangin out.
  13. Bout 17 degrees out today but theres no snow and I didn't go caching.
  14. I don't really paddle flatwater but any boat by Liquidlogic will be well worth your money.
  15. I'm at .78 per day but thats just cause I lurk alot.
  16. The top inventions for me are definitly Dr Pepper and Moon Pies
  17. I'm 16 and usually have to drag my parents away from what they are doin in order to go caching.
  18. If I go on a long hike then I usually don't listen to music, but I sometimes do bring my MP3 player with me and that has alot of Incubus, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan, and Nirvana on it.
  19. Cherokee Bluff Cache This cache is located at the only spot to climb real rock in Knoxville. There are a few nice routes but its very muddy and constricted.
  20. I liked the website alot. The only thing I would add is there is one more GPS related website that I know of its called www.swissperpetual.com, and there is one more website of trackables. It tracks monkeys or something like that but I do not have the URL.
  21. I think that we can allow one cache that asks for money through when it involves they deaths of thousands of people and affects millions more.
  22. Clothes and shoes, but I occasionaly go naked.
  23. I have coyotes in the woods where I live and they never bother me. They eat only stray dogs and cats and anything else they can get there hands on. The pack of about 7 that live near us have never even snarled at a human and always stay far back in the woods. If one does decide to attack you or snarl all you need is a decent sized rock or go to on the web and find a gas blowback airsoft pistol. That is what I carry when I walk my dog in the neighborhood and one shot with one of those guns will turn back just about anything.
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