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  1. Barista! Get that Mod another Frappuccino!
  2. Mods should close more topics. And they should give time outs to more people. And I think Polls should be re-introduced so we can all vote on who gets time-outs. Pretty Please?
  3. I can't remember how far off the track it is but the Trail Ruts cache in Wyoming is one of my favorite ones due to the neat history of the location. And don't forget to download all the virtuals in Yellowstone. Most of them were well worth the stop. -J
  4. Would the National Map Corps work? It is volunteering to update USGS topo map information. Check out the forum section devoted to it in the GPS related topics area. You could easily put in 20-30 ours working on a few maps worth of info. But I don't know how they track time and if they accept community service type student volunteers. My personal recommendation- the local Animal Shelter or Humane Society is always looking for people to clean and take dogs for walks and help socialize the animals. And they usually appreciate having someone come to them and ask- if you had 20 hours of free labor... what would you do with it? A CITO or two with the local Forest Service or just going to the FS or parks system and offering them 20 hours of unpaid labor might be the way to go. Paint some picnic tables, clean up an unoffical dump or two, plant some trees, etc. -J
  5. I know you guys don't control the forum software but I just found out that the PM system doesn't seem to send to my main account. When I am Jennifer&Dean I do not recieve PMs, but I can send them. Stunod thinks the & may be the problem. On the plus side, it is yet another reason for me to pay this account into membership so I can hang out in OT without having to use my main caching account. I know you probably can't fix this really easily (if at all), but I wanted to mention it. I don't expect a fix and since I don't usually do a lot of PMing, it is fine, but others may be having the same problem. And I want folks trying to PM them to know that it may not work. At least if it turns out that the & is the problem anyway. Have a great day! -Jennifer of Jennifer&Dean
  6. But my sockpuppet account isn't premium! -J
  7. Admit it Inukshuk.... you've been reading some of my logs?? Ullium. Or he's been reading some of mine! LOL! Nice topic. My e-mail signatures have been: ************************************ According to his or her personal experience, each person must decide by himself or herself where they have been. Always for me the most important thing is not where the others have gone but the experience lived through.-Reinhold Messner Or: ************************************************* May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. -Edward Abbey (1927-1989) -J
  8. Of the 20 we haven't found yet: 1 is a micro I haven't bothered searching for since it hasn't been found in 10 months. 2 are micros that are straight up mountains. All 20 have combined D/T ratings of over 4, including 5 which add to a D+T of 6, 1 for a 6.5, 1 for a 7, and 1 for a 10. 4 are MOC. At least 10 have hikes of over 5 miles assocaited with them. 2 are 14 miles rt hiking, 1 is 28 miles RT but bikeable, I don't bike so we'd have to hike. None are Drive bys. All but the micros involve (for me anyway) a day long hike. All have over 500 ft elevation gain. Half have over 1000 ft elevation gain. I don't particurly enjoy long uphill walks. So we don't bother doing many of them. Playing Brian's game, of the 80 closest we haven't found 4 and 15 are ours. 9 are MOC. The 4 we haven't found are the micro I think may be missing, 2 MOC (a 2*/3* and a 5*/5*) and a 1*/4* cache at the end of an 8 mile uphill hike. -Jennifer
  9. Yep! The company I work for wants to put GPS tracking systems in it's vehicles nationwide. Our little group here in Mt is gonna be a big part of it. I can use geocaching to explain to branch managers and dispatchers how the system will work. I already use tracks to get subdivision "maps" for when I need to draw in new information on our digital maps. So yes, I apply my skills on the job. Seriously- we're tracking vehicles in real time at 4 locations in the US and Canada. Not-so-seriously- I've gotten off at the wrong exits 2 times on my way to airports because the maps on my GPS aren't up to date enough for some of these areas! I've also driven 15 miles out of my way because my batteries were dead and I was relying on my (poor) memory of the area to get me somewhere. -J
  10. It would be fun to have done when I was a GS so why not! For your cache, don't expect GS trade items to be common. You might want to theme it for Girls though. That way lots of neat feminine stuff gets traded into and out of it. If you make it clear that it was placed by a GS troop then it would be cool to ask people to not only log their find but to write a scouting memory either in the logbook, online, or both. I have a pet memorial cache and I've asked folks to name their past and present pets when they log online and I've loved reading all the logs so far. Neat idea about the TBs too! -J
  11. So each member uses their own TB? If not- What if I'm logging at the same time you are? And I've Grabbed it from you (with a note) then logged the cache, then grabbed it again (a note on the TB page), then logged a cache, then grabbed it again... etc, while you are trying to do the same thing? Just a thought, which is why I had mentioned the 3 notes thing, I just forgot to be more specific. -J
  12. Keenpeople is Opt in only. They only compare folks to others who want to use stats. And Tb drops/pickups are done with notes, not logs so it probably will be a ton of work to use a TB instead of some other form of upkeep for your team stats. Mainly because you will need to Grab the TB, Drop It in the cache (with a note), then Grab it again so other players don't think the TB is actually there. Thats 3 steps. Plus your actual log on the cache. Using a team thread- Finder logs the cache, then comes in here, maybe to the organized geocaching area, and posts that Team A just found cache GCXXXX. And posts the running total of ### at the bottom of his post. Just an idea. -J
  13. Elk steaks cooked by Niskibum, the tub O'Goo step on the multi, Huckleberry cheesecake, and the comraderie around the campfire. The poker run in Great Falls, and getting #600 later that day with friends. Our first event- the thunderstorm/rainstorm that made us retire to a nearby bar for a couple hours of goofing off. Events are always awesome! And we always enjoy meeting other cachers and gossiping about caches. Can't wait to see what this weekend's event holds for us! Keep holding em & attending em Snoogans, we are looking forward to meeting ya at one someday. Personal observation: First thing anyone around here(MT & ID) asks when we go to events is our standing on the SGPS scoring system. -J
  14. Sorry to have derailed your thread krn187. I would be interested in playing IF I didn't have to double log stuff. I don't have the time to be a good team member at this point but was kinda thinking that in a year or so it would be fun to try. -J
  15. For contacting the last to find, I usually ask about the cache's condition when they left it, if there was anyone around, if they had noticed any problems/weird smells, etc. And if they had talk to anyone about it and heard anything since they logged it. And I've been able to track down information about cache problems that way before. No, I do not expect that 2 teams would wreak havoc. I was merely extrapolating the game a few months into the furure. IF it takes off then you end up having to deal with these issues. Kinda like GC.Com has to deal with issues they didn't expect when this was a small sport. I guess I should have just left it with being leery of the idea. *sigh* As for folks who log team stuff as individuals as well as for their team: So far I haven't encountered anyone who does that. Either they log as themselves (or in my case two people using the same login) or they log as their team, noting in their log which members were present. And when the other members do try that particular cache, they post a note showing which members they were. I haven't encountered anyone who logs as TEAM X as well as JohnDoe at the same time. I am sure there are folks who do that but why, I don't know. It is not the way I play the game. Play it your way until our ways come into conflict, then we can work something out. Again, I stated that I was leery of the idea. Not that I was totally against it. -J
  16. And if Leonata got 1000, then Yumitori has 1000+. He is just REALLY behind logging caches (this is a fact, ask him if you don't believe me). So Congrats to them both on their milestones! -J
  17. Do you always blame the LTF if your cache gets plundered? Of course not. Why would this be any different? As for the argument of PQs, One of the main reasons of the last 5 finds is to establish that the cache is still there and in good condition. What's the difference if the last log is a team, an individual or a competition team? Presumably the competition log will also contain any pertinent info regarding the cache. I don't see how that is an issue. Why Ewwww? I still don't see the negative effect this has on anyone. No, I don't blame the last to find, but I do CONTACT them. Who is in charge of watching for e-mails for the teams, and responding to them? I'm going to go look at the logs for this team and see that they've logged finds ALL over the place, on the same day and wonder. I would hope that some where on the team's page there is a list of the members and an explanation of the game they are playing. But if there isn't I would really start wondering. Hypotheticals aside, I believe that the double logging is what is truely what I am worried about. Not only is the site already hammered with regular people logging finds, but then we would increase the # of finds being logged by certain people, increasing their own frustration. And I do use the logs and the 5 logs in a PQ is very important to me. I travel for work, and usually the first time I've seen a cache page is when I look it up in a PQ. If, of the last 5 logs, two are from the same person, I've potentially lost some information that would be handy to have for finding that cache. Or about a nifty restaurant nearby, or good parking area, or neat store to visit. Or the DNF 4 people back that mentioned the police showing up after 6 pm and towing their car. I just don't think that double logging is the best way to play. I certainly would consider it rude that you are playing a game and posting something on my cache about it when you haven't given me the option of not participating (or of joining and playing myself). If I had a puzzle cache and put a piece in your cache, without asking your permission, would you maybe get miffed when folks log notes on your cache saying that they revisited it while doing my puzzle. (Some folks around here sure would!) The cache leagues are quiet about their game. And the SGPS scoring system is ignorable if you don't want to play. I just think that while this game has merit, playing it without double logging would be preferable. -J
  18. Jamethiel

    Errors Galore

    I was about to start another topic but I'll piggyback on yours! Its Tuesday and I'm getting a few errors while trying to log stuff and e-mail folks. Here is one of my most recent ones: (I also got a SERVICE UAVAILABLE error) Server Error in '/' Application. Server Too Busy Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: Server Too Busy Source Error: An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below. Stack Trace: [HttpException (0x80004005): Server Too Busy] System.Web.HttpRuntime.RejectRequestInternal(HttpWorkerRequest wr) +148 Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:1.1.4322.573; ASP.NET Version:1.1.4322.573
  19. We can agree to disagree? I'm still leery of the idea. Would much prefer to see a thread under organized geocaching started. One where there is a thread for Team A and a Thread for Team B, and the members post their finds there and keep a running tally going. That way you don't have to have a sockpuppet team account, with everyone having the password, etc and the rest of us can watch or not watch as we wish. Without seeing extra logs on our caches that actually have nothing to do with another finder actually finding it. My fear: CacherX logs a cache, leaves a nice note, writes their trades, etc. CacherX then logs the cache as TEAM XYZZY, writing TEAM LOG FOR TEAM XYZZY. Cacher K goes to find the cache, it is muggled, left in the open, soggy, full of carp, etc. Cacher K contacts me, tells me that the cache is in above condition. I've never heard of TEAM XYZZY and this competition. The Team gets blamed. I know most cachers out there don't read the forums. Many do use PQs and the such when traveling. I would be annoyed to see tons of double logs on caches, pushing informational logs off the PQs. (informational- some folks put parking info, slight hints, warnings about mud, bees, urban survivalists, etc in their logs- info I may need!) I would be more interested if it didn't involve logging stuff under an assumed group account. -J
  20. Yay! I like graphs.... and numbers.... and maps.... can we get maps? How is the survey going to be sent out? I don't get the weekly e-mails, is it going to be in them? I need to know whether to turn them back on or not! -J
  21. If you need help sorting & interpreting the data..... I'd love to get my hands on it! -J
  22. I like this idea! What I want to know about other cachers would be a what type of cache do you like type list. Kinda like: Rate the following distances from 1-10, with 10 being "I would do that" and 1 being an "I wouldn't bother": Distance: About 500 ft from parking About 0.20 mi from parking About 0.50 mi from parking About 0.75 mi from parking About 1 mi from parking About 3 miles from parking About 5 miles from parking About 10 miles from parking About 15 mile from parking Over 15 miles from the nearest parking area And do the same for cache types as well. Micro Regular sized Puzzle- simple Puzzle- hard Multi step- about 5 steps Multi step- about 10 steps letterbox hybrid Unknown Offset Other style Just an idea. The Great Falls group has a similar survey going on right now. -Jennifer
  23. Two weeks, maybe. And they were 6 months past expiration. The guys who left them were an odd bunch too, so who knows. -J
  24. I think I'm a little leery of the whole concept. Essentially, you go to a cache and log that not only were you there, but that a "Team" was there as well, even though you are the only person to visit. Then you log twice online for that cache as well. And at the end of 6 months, the "team" with the most caches "wins"? Is there any reason why you can't just add up the caches found by team members during the six month time period instead of making everyone log all their caches twice? I have enough trouble logging caches from a long weekend trip once, let alone logging in as another logon in order to sign twice. And as a cache owner, I might be annoyed by someone logging a cache twice, once for themselves, and once for a "team" that has never actually cached together. I can see this as a fun idea if you just add up folks numbers after 6 months, but since it's not really about the numbers and just for fun, does there really need to be a log for each team on every cache a member visits? On the plus side, it could really do some weird stuff to the SGPS system here in Montana if a group of us here were to form a team. And what happens if 2 members of the same team go to the same cache? Does the team get one log or two for that one? Just leery of the idea and wanted to mention my reason's why. I hope you have fun whatever you end up doing. -J
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