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  1. I'm thankful that it's 85 degrees outside! I'm also thankful that I got to spend Thanksgiving Day with these guys. We worked together to repair some of their desks. This afternoon I'll have turkey dinner with some old friends and some new ones, too, with our toes in the sand. By the way, how's the weather up there in the PNW? I'll be here in Zihuatanejo, Mexico for 12 more days before I have to return to the short, cold, wet, gray days of Portland. Hasta Luego, Amigos!
  2. To me, it was obvious that it was a humor piece before I got through the title. I see no harm in a self-proclaimed "indoorsman" bringing attention to the sport. It seems like the real negative points were in reference to himself. Heck he even gave the name of the website! No sense getting excited if a guy, that is afraid to cross a stream that a 3, and 5-year-old cross, doesn't "get it."
  3. Here are the signs I've found with spelling errors... grammer instead of grammar taking instead of talking cache's instead of caches Oops! Never mind. Those weren't signs. Those were posts in this thread... Awl in phun! wink, wink...
  4. I've contacted bug holders a couple of times. The first one forgot they had the bug and moved it on right away. With the more recent one the holder confused it with one that the owner asked him to hold until further instructions were sent. He moved it on right away, too. In both cases I just sent an e-mail asking politely what was up. And in both cases they told me and got it going right away.
  5. Gotta agree with Briansnat. I carry extra stuff in my car to fix caches worth fixin'. If they're not worth it I don't bother, though. If a cache is worth it, I go with the theory that I do what I would hope others would do for me. Recently, I tossed out a complete new cache when a cache went missing. The troll cache disappeared. I was in the neighborhood on a caching trip so I stopped in. Sure enough, it was gone. I had stuff in the car so I tossed out a new cache. Then I e-mailed the owner who was very appreciative. Whenever I do something to improve a cache I always e-mail the owner and offer to return the cache to the condition it was when I found it. Haven't had any takers yet!
  6. Don't know how you do it. But, I DO know that I've taken them all off my watchlist because I don't like the emails with <font> blah, blah blah</font> garbage...
  7. Dang! Someone beat me to it! I was hoping to use olive drab as sort of a signature color! Oh, well...
  8. As a kid I used poison oak as a defense against my older sister. I'd get her PO'ed then run across the road and hunker down in a big patch of poison oak. She'd swell up like a balloon if she got near it. Now, here's the weird part. 25 years later I got poison oak for the first time. Just a little patch on my right wrist. Since then I've contracted poison oak 3 more times. And only on my right wrist! What's up with that? Any experts around?
  9. I kinda like to get FTF's if they've been out there for a while. But. I think my average FTF has been out there for a month or so...
  10. If the cache was archived 2 years ago, how will rehabbing help? They (the rehabber) cannot unarchive it. Maybe I'm missing something here. Was it re-listed as a new cache? The Silver Cache hadn't been archived, but the owner had only placed this one cache and never found any. They hadn't been on the website in over a year. And the cache was slowly going downhill. My daughter, jenni-o, and I rehabbed the cache and tried to contact the owner without success. As you can see by the logs back in February, the cache was adopted by Byron&Anne. Since then it has been visited by 30-some cachers. So, I guess that's how rehabbing can help.
  11. I don't have a personal TB, yet. But, if I had one I'd figure that I could use it as I wish. Either how many miles spent caching or how many miles between finds. Really doesn't matter to me. The key word here is 'personal!' "Dos pesos de mio..."
  12. It's a way to track how far and to where a geocacher has traveled. Some like it , some don't.
  13. Here's what I think... Piece of melted down beer can stamped out in Taiwan and painted by kids chained to a work station... $3.99 Hand-carved by El Diablo with talent and undying love and eternal commitment to the staff owner... priceless! Extreme exaggeration involved in both descriptions! But, I'd be willing to pay extra bucks for the carved version. Give a choice. It won't take long to find out what folks prefer!
  14. I just had a chance to do a little rehab today. I saw that a cache that I have on my watchlist might be missing. I was on my way to do a little caching and decided to stop and check on the cache. Sure enough, it was gone. Then I got to thinking. I had an extra container in the car. I also keep logbooks, pens, zip-locs, and, of course, trade items to do minor fixes when needed. So I threw together a temorary cache and put it where I'd found it months ago. It was a great weekend for caching and didn't want anyone missing out on a find. And now I need to go e-mail the owner to let them know what I did. I always send an e-mail even when I post in a find or note what I did. To me, it just seems more 'personal.' Oh, yeah. One last thing. Whenever I make a change to someone's cache I do it with the idea that if the owner doesn't like what I did, I will undo it ASAP. Just my dos pesos...
  15. In keeping with Pyewacket's theme... Hey, look. I want the book! Okay, so I ain't no poet. Anyway, cool idea. If I win I'll read the book then return the favor!
  16. Great, but I do not seem to have an order from you. Did I lose an email? Doh! I knew there was something I forgot to do! Must have something to do with switching back and forth between day shift and night shift 5 times in two weeks! Anyway, the check's in the mail... Or the order's in the e-mail... or... something... is... somewhere... ? We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...
  17. I vote for the cases...
  18. I almost always leave pesos. On my next trip to Mexico I'll get a good supply of various denominations and start rating caches by the denomination I leave.
  19. Gotta get some! If I order, when will they get here?
  20. I found some wildlife here and here.
  21. Well, I managed to get 19 finds in one day. That got me to 105 caches. It also got me 2 FTF's , 3 caches guarded by stinging nettles , 4 guarded by blackberry briars , 4 with poison oak , and a big old fish hook that was hidden in a cache and ended up skewering my finger! All in all it was a positive day! I love gettin' out!
  22. You haven't been looking since you joined have you? Way to go, azslim!
  23. With my caches, the stolen ones have been one tupperware and one ammo box. Another tupperware one followed someone home before they actually took the time to read the explanation inside. Ooops! So, I'd say fifty-fifty...
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