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  1. Is there then a way to archive or delete my way marks? I've found that many of my way marks are being logged years in the past, before the way mark was even created. I can delete bogus logs on geocaches, but I can't delete, what I see as bogus logs on way marks. I've lost all interest in way marking and would just love to get rid of them all.
  2. I know it's possible to adopt out geocaches. Is there a way to adopt out way marks?
  3. My Willow Creek Cache was hidden on 8/18/01 - same bigarse container, same spot. Rattlesnakes have been found resting underneath the cache on at least one occasion.
  4. I have one similar to that. It isn't geocaching unless you bleed.
  5. Webfoot


    One of the many that I have only met in the forums, but would have loved to have met in person. Now he's gone and we are all lessoned by his passing. RIP Brian.
  6. So it really is all about the numbers.
  7. Thanks Cheesy. It was a great site and it's really too bad that it's going to meet its demise. I will miss it.
  8. Looks like I'll be finding that one when I pick up my son at the end of the school year. I hope it's still there. Go Slugs.
  9. The requirement or suggestion that a letterbox hybrid have a stamp is up to the cache hider. Guidelines state that it should have a stamp. Doesn't say it must. The problem is the hider can say it's got a stamp to the reviewer, but unless the reviewer goes out there, the reviewer doesn't know whether the cache has a stamp or not. I've found 7 "Hybrid" caches. Only three are what I would consider real letterbox hybrids, because those had stamps. The other four hybrids weren't even large enough to hold a stamp so they shouldn't have been listed as a letterbox hybrid in the first place.
  10. No it is not an ALR!!! Not even close. "Write a story or I'll delete your log"... that would be an ALR. Also, if you had read the entire post, you'd know that we are not really talking about "writing a story", but about taking a few extra seconds to write something that conveys the fact that you are more than a robot. As I said, if you want to hunt my cache with the spectacular view, in the dense fog, and log SLTNLN, that's your prerogative. Nice logs are nice. But, I'm not disrespected by "Found it". I may wonder why you bothered, but I have no problems with numbers runs. View on hazy day View on great day True. He did post the photo. I bring you here for the view. If you want to visit for a log on a hazy day, that's alright with me too. And if someone logged a picture of the area where I hid a cache and placed a TFTC, I'd love it. 1000 words, plus a TFTC. The person liked it enough to post a picture, so it's good. I'd love to find the cache pictured above. Looks like a very cool spot.
  11. That comment would have gone right over my head... But now that you've explained it, I hope I never see it on one of our caches ) MrsB I'm not convinced that the post meant what webfoot believed it did. Without someone explaining their snark to me, I would never have gotten it. That being said, I don't believe that the logs are an appropriate venue for this type of 'wittiness'. If someone made this log (or DPM or any number of other oh-so-cool comments) on one of my caches, I would happily delete it and offer them the opportunity to relog if they can do so appropriately. No. I actually had the cacher who wrote it tell me that's what he meant. I don't cache with him anymore.
  12. Of all the ones I've seen thus far, this one is my favorite.
  13. I would translate that to read "Clan Riffster, your cache was pathetic. So much so, that I am going to use only a hint of virtual ink in my online log." I've seen someone post in my neck of the woods once, "Left a straw." Implied was, Your cache sucks.
  14. OWE - $745 You're waiting this long to file, you have to owe, unless you've already filed a long time ago and are pulling all of our chains.
  15. I think every area has a noob like that.
  16. With a group? 37 With one other person? 31 By myself? 26 I did the 26 last Sunday, the day after my birthday. I probably could have found more on that day, but a couple of those hours were spent with my daughter, who doesn't cache.
  17. My shortest log is 11 words. My longest is over 700, and that's not single letters either. I find it's very easy to type at least 100 words. I've started to protest the TNLNSL, but actually typing it out every time I log a cache. That's 10 words, so I've never done just that. I can think of a story to go with almost any kind of cache, especially if I'm on a caching run like I did this weekend. Yeah, it took me awhile to log the 51 caches, but I do it anyway. Last week, I had three people at an event come up to me and thank me for the nice log I wrote on their cache. I don't do it for the thanks, but because I feel that cache hiders want to hear about their cache and how others perceived it. Sometimes caches will cause a song to pop into my head. I look for the lyrics and will post them as well. I even posted the llama song on one cache, not because it was lame, but because there were three llamas within three feet of the cache hide. It worked.
  18. I've encountered snakes three times while caching. This little guy wasn't venomous. However, one of my friends went back out to the same cache a couple weeks later and found a baby rattler coiled up right next to the cache. This guy gave us a good stern warning. We'd walked further away from it initially when finding the cache, then turned around and went a slightly different route back to the trail and right near this guy. He was pretty P.O.ed because we ended up putting him in between us. I took this picture after we'd made a wide circle around him. He's about five feet long. My last snake encounter happened last Sunday. I'm actually chagrined about the entire episode, because it was really stupid what I did and it could have been a lot worse. Read the log to find out what happened.
  19. If rules get bent, then what's going to unbend them? Sometimes rules have to be rigid for a reason, otherwise chaos develops. On a side note. While I would like to see virtuals come back to geocaching, because I like finding virtuals in spots where geocaches aren't allowed. Like you mentioned, National Parks are a specific example of spots where virtuals work imo. Looking at a map of Crater Lake, I can see two Earthcaches and three Virtuals that are still in existence. Those would take you almost all the way around the lake to get those five. How many more are needed in that park? With three traditional caches sitting near roads on the border of the park, a person on a day trip could easily get 8 cache smileys on a one day trip to Crater Lake. Enjoy the scenery - the lake is the wow factor - and if there's not that many caches there, find the ones that are and move on. I for one will stay an extra day just to hike a trail in the park and enjoy more of the scenery. I don't have to find a cache everywhere I go.
  20. I have 19, of which 14 are active. My goal is to hide one for each 100 that I find, so I'm ahead of myself because I'm at 1781 as of this writing. As long as I can maintain them, I'll keep hiding them. I want my 20th cache to be different than some of my usual hides. I don't know what yet.
  21. I like creative hides that aren't too difficult that they frustrate you. I love to encounter a cache, where once you spot it, you get a chuckle. Whimsical caches that play on words, or other people's foibles are especially pleasing. I like to hike and one aspect of geocaching, when I first started was that most caches were out in the woods with a half mile hike or better attached to it. Then, I made up my mind I wasn't going to find micros. Well, I went against that after awhile, because I'd been on the hikes and found all of those, so I knew that if I didn't go out and find micros, I'd go caching maybe once every three months or so. So a variety of different kinds of hides are always nice too.
  22. I have one on my watchlist that's up in Oregon, but it is appearing to want to stay in Oregon. Wish it would move south. There was another one that showed up near us, but we were too late to get it as it got swooped up quite quickly.
  23. It was fun running into you yesterday. I saw one of your daughters and said to myself, "Self, I think I've seen that girl someplace else." Your avatar does real justice to all three of them.
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