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Post A Pic Of Yourself Caching

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ChrisCindy, This is an excellent thread. Put a face with the name! The same philosophy I have used in a thread of my own. I really believe in that. "Tanks" for this interesting topic.



Me, carrying trash from a cache site last summer.


Edit: (But next time don't invite 9Key!) :):)

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Ok fine.


Since the obsessive one (sept1ctank) already posted this.


here is a great one of me. :lol:




Notice the V blocking my ugly mugg, its for a reason. Well reasons like some odd cacher finding it and plastering it all over the internet. :P:D

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hey, Criminal -- where'd you win, er... find that hat? :lol:




The story of the Hat goes thusly:


It is a tiger stripe boonie (military) hat I issued to myself when I was stationed in Charleston in the C-141B Special Ops squadron. I was a Flight Engineer and worked in the Equipment Office on the side. When I went out flying, the hat was always in my bag, and if we transited a hot sunny place, I’d wear the hat while doing my pre-flight and post-flight inspections. I also wore it while doing any unscheduled maintenance on the jet, which we sometimes had to do. (Imagine how cute I looked with the hat, black t-shirt, running shorts, and combat boots! The flight suit was too hot to do maintenance in, so it was removed for those occasions.) If somebody saw me and had the nerve to complain about it, I’d tell them that I was allergic to skin cancer. (Hey, the Flight Surgeon warned us about it!)


So this is my hat of choice while geocaching. They are great in the sun and rain (I’ve treated mine with Scotchguard). It’s been all over the world and visited some pretty crap-hole countries. Just like geocaching!




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I think I'll do that next time I'm at a cache with a cache camera (probably this Saturday)!

It took a couple takes until I got it just right. My left arm is holding my digi camera and its barely noticable. I would have just used the timer feature but there wasn't anything near to set the camera on.

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For a worldwide game of folk from all walks of life, we sure are a bunch of white Anglo-Saxons, aren't we? {Not that there's anything wrong with that...} (So am I, but I'm too poor to have a scanner or digital camera, so no pic from me...)

So, just wondering, where's the rest of the world?

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We managed the Yellow Jeep and American Flag Locationless in one picture. We where stuck at a light talking about locationless caches when I looked up and saw the Jeep behind us. Guy was nice enough to let us snap a picture. I love this game. Check out those gas prices behind me! $1.26, those where the days.



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