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  1. That kicked some great ammo can, that event !! Awesome people, great participation, a fire that was inside a tree trunk (remember that???), awesome ammo-box-caches, and I did not get killed with a machete!!! We should Red Rock and Roll again ...... It wasn't a machette you had to worry about, it was a rather large axe. Owned by yours truly but I was loaning it to someone else! Glad you survived!
  2. As I stated back in Mar of 2004 when I started this thread, the official policy is Geocaching is not allowed. I even included an email copy, with names removed, that had the official policy. I think regional offices are choosing to fully adhere to the policy or turn a blind eye depending on the region. I think we do need to get some type of official response and try to set up a meeting with the main office to fight this, it will only get worse as time goes on otherwise.
  3. *ponders* Do you think you should be saying that Brian .. I mean I noticed you are coming up on 10 g.... I see you are at 9521 Star of Team Tigger International I don't care how many he has, he just has to get rid of that pink Tutu avatar. I think I prefer the squid pic!
  4. Even if I am accused of piling on... No Find and needs archived
  5. Would be cool, but this should probably be moved to the GC.com forum.
  6. May God bless his family in this time of sorrow.
  7. First case is a find- as long as there is a log book it counts, swag is optional. Second is a little hairier, my guess is as long as you are sure it is the original log book then it is a find. And then notify the owner about the missing container. If it is a local cacher some might grab the log to protect it from the elements and contact the owner to get it to them.
  8. So, how was the concert? How was the caching? I looked and didn't see any listings for you in PA yet. Did you plans get changed or did you just decide to drink and go to the concert?
  9. There is one on Montage Mountain Road, right below the Ford Pavilion. My best guess from picking a point on the topo map would be N41°21.916 W75°41.172, there is also one in Wilkes-Barre and and Scranton (Dickson City). The Montage one might be busy on a concert day. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  10. Hey, hey, hey, it's not all about you and Lep. If Lep is paying it ought to be where the majority of the free loaders want to go! By the way, congratulations Lep!
  11. The Wilkes-Barre TGIF is at N41°15.037 W075°50.385
  12. Does Sunbury or Norry have a tank monument? Hmmmm
  13. I can get them for you and post them tomorrow depending on which one you mean, are you talking about the Wilkes-Barre one or the Dickson City one, probably Dickson City. If so, someone else will have to supply them. Lots of great caches in the area, I also recommend Seven Tubs and the closest would be Rock with A View because the trail starts from the parking lot for the pavilion. Good luck and have fun. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  14. And as I shared in a private email to joefrog, those guns are awesome. For less than $10, including ammo, I occupied 4 boys for two days! Then I got to impact a special child that is using it as fun pulmonary exercise, it is much more fun to hit his brother with a marshmallow than just blowing in a tube to make balls move around! Thanks Joefrog! And sorry for hijacking your thread.
  15. Way to go, and glad to have helped in a small way in the final stretch. Now you just have to get that pesky micro in Danville, it has to be on your first page still!
  16. But, CR and Sissy log all their finds under one account. So then it is a find for them. CoyoteRed is just his account for talking in the forums.
  17. And the event counts as one! Retphoto, We can definitely map out some good caches fro you to do on your way there or back.
  18. Rupert 56 isn't actual where the cache is, but it is right beside it.
  19. Maybe after the 1st thousand times this was posted it was funny. Now it isn't! Youch! And here I thought I was being original. I guess you told me, (edit)!
  20. Go here and sign up for updates. I get an email everytime one is placed within a certain radius of my zip code. Works great!
  21. Newts are really bad this year. I see log after log and post after post mentioning them.
  22. Is it a sin to bump your own topic? How about if you do it in the form of a question?
  23. Oops. I cut and pasted from the page, forgetting that the date wasn't in the part I cut and pasted. Most of the activities are for Saturday July 31st. The campout will be Friday night and Saturday if there is interest. and here is the link to the page Geocaching University- Moon Lake Campus
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