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  1. Yes, we had a great time in Nashville and Chattanooga. I’d like to say that JoGPS is a wonderful person, who took the time to show us around the Nashville area on our arrival. Tooooooo cool! We stopped for lunch and met up with Monkeybrad, Scoot the Frog, Southpaw, and r0b. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Did you guys make that trip to Florida? Sorry to say that we never got the chance to get together with BackBrakeBilly & Better Half, as the schedules didn’t work out, but the geo-hotline with them helped us a few times. I think I used up all of my minutes, as BBB loves to talk. Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope to see ya all at the next geo-woodstock.
  2. Myself and Spyderuser are headed for Nashville tomorrow (12/26). We're flying into Nashville and plan on hitting a few caches, and then taking a little road trip down to Chattanooga. We have no set schedule, just playing it by ear. I printed the recommended caches from the MTGC site, thanks! We will be leaving from Nashville on the 31st. If anyone in the area would like to hook up, I can be reached by cell at 630-935-0243. Looks like its been a little chilly down there, but the forecast looks good. It would be great to meet up with some of you folks.
  3. This is an impressive number of finds, especially considering your locale. Congratulations!
  4. This is how the IL-DNR designates the state into the three zones for waterfowl hunting. North Zone – That portion of the state north of a line running east from the Iowa border along Illinois Route 92 to U.S. Interstate 280, east along U.S. Interstate 280 to U.S. Interstate 80, then east along U.S. Interstate 80 to the Indiana border. Central Zone – That portion of the state south of the North Zone boundary to the Modoc Ferry Route on the Mississippi River and east along the Modoc Ferry Road to Modoc Road to St. Leo’s Road to Illinois Route 3, then north to Illinois Route 159, then north to Illinois Route 161, then east to Illinois Route 4, then north to U.S. Interstate 70, east along I-70 to the Bond County line, north and east along the Bond County line to Fayette County, north and east along the Fayette County line to Effingham County, north and east along the Fayette County line to Effingham County, east and south along the Effingham County line to I-70, east along I-70 to the Indiana border. South Zone - The south zone extends from the southern boundary of the central zone south to the remainder of the state. Click on this link to see a map of the zones. What zone do you reside? I'm in the northern zone.
  5. Speaking of Markwelling, haven’t seen Markwell around here lately. Are you still with us Markwell? BOT, welcome newbies!
  6. Sure is a pain in the behind. This site usefulness continues to degrade as time goes by. May as well forget about logging in on weekends these days.
  7. The first time I went out with my new 60c, I was a little disappointed. I experienced the same thing you mentioned in your post. I had the hardest time finding the first cache with it, and the cache should have been an easy find. It's all good now.
  8. I'd like to hear more detail on this hide.
  9. Geofool

    Bigger Pqs?

    This is something I've asked for in the past. Jeremy wasn't very receptive of the idea. Maybe if more members ask for this reasonable update to pocket queries, he may reconsider. I live in a cache dense area and I reach the 500 limit before reaching out as far as I would like. Sure, I could do multiple P.Q.'s, but it would be much easier with one query and I wouldn't have to worry about overlap.
  10. I recommend this site, as it is a great source of GPS information.
  11. This will do what your looking to do. All members will need to be a premium members to gc.com, as pocket queries are used with this tool.
  12. Not sure what you're asking in your 2nd question. Your P.Q. file won't be over written if the file names is different.
  13. Don't break you arm patting yourself on the back.
  14. I didn't read through all the post in this tread, so sorry if this was posted already. I think the 60c/cs series is close. If it had just a little bigger display, and the ability to take external memory (like an SD card) it would be darn near perfect. Of course, lowering the price 50% would be great too.
  15. Did you try a soft boot of your PDA? I would try that first.
  16. GSAK will do this conversion for you, and a whole lot more. This is a wonderful geocaching tool you should give a try.
  17. It seems you've done everthing correct. The only thing I can think of is that you don't have any pushpins (caches) in the map area. This may be why none of the puspins, in your pushpin list, are check marked. Looks like you've done this, but make sure the map file and the pushpin file have the same name, and are in the same directory.
  18. I prefer the form factor and button layout on the 60C/CS series over the 76. The geocaching features are kind of neat too.
  19. This isn't my site, but may as well add it to the pile.
  20. I've had some problems logging caches found yesterday, today too. I know Jeremy is working on this, so I'm trying to be patient. I hope the current server demands get proper support soon. The warmer weather is going to get more people out hunting caches, therefore putting even more demand on the site.
  21. Geofool

    New Pq Idea

    I believe changing the cache limit from 500 to 1000 would help in cases like this too. You may be able to get the coverage your looking for in 1 P.Q., and not have to worry about overlap. This is something I hope Jeremy changes in the near future. This change would simplify my P.Q.'s in the cache dense area I live in. Come on Jeremy, this would be a good update for P.Q.'s. Don't make me beg.
  22. KeenPeople.com has a free cache rating box you can add to your cache pages.
  23. Life is good. I'll be downloading it. I guess I won't need GPXView anymore. This was the one feature missing from Sonar that required me to keep GPXView on the PDA. Thanks for the updates.
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