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  1. Ten years ago, I did a series of caches in Columbus, Ohio called Geoquests GC1XBVY. They were based on the old interactive fiction game ZORK. My wife and I loved ZORK back in the late 70s and this geocache series was just as fun to play. I liked it so much, I even created a video game geocache myself, Val the Impaler GC50GZG, and put it up here near my house in Cleveland, Ohio. This past week, I completed a 31 cache series back in Columbus based on another fun computer game EmberQuest GC8QAYM. I still have to find some time to drive down and hunt those caches. My question for the group is, do you know of any other caches that require playing an online game to get the coordinates to the cache? They can be anywhere in the world. It's just fun to play the games, and if I can plan a trip around going to get the cache, all the better!
  2. No, I did not notify the website. I thought I was notifying them through this forum post. Went out about an hour later to check on a cache of ours and sat in the parking lot for about half an hour trying to get the app to pull up caches in the area. The map would start to appear and then freeze with the little thing spinning, trying to load. Wondering if Groundspeak is having some problems lately. Freaky problems with an Adventure Lab the other day too. The distance to each stage would freeze. The only solution was to close the app and re-start it, then hit resume on the lab. I just got a message from another cacher that had the same problem.
  3. I can get into the home page, but when I click on my cache name, I got a message that I have never seen before. It said there was nothing I could do about the problem and to notify the website. I tried several times again and only get a 5oo error Message. I'm assuming there is a problem. What's up?
  4. On the same day you mention, 9/7/2019, we had four of our travel bugs "discovered" by Hudyny. He also "discovered" one of our daughter's bugs that we have a watch on. Every one of these bugs were released WAY back in the early days of geocacaching, before the Discover feature was even possible. These five bugs also went missing quickly, after only one placement or only a few placements and have since been listed as missing. There is no way the numbers could have been shared by the bug thieves. It would be a major coincidence for five bugs that were released in far different areas to be on a list of trackables. There is also no evidence of any photos showing their tracking numbers. The only way I see possible for these tracking numbers to have been found is for someone to run a program that systematically enters numbers into the system and generates hits of actual trackable numbers. It's not a big deal to me since I deleted every one of Hudyny's discoveries of my bugs, but I am amazed that people go out of their way to artificially pump up their numbers. And I am curious if my deduction of the way these nutcases are acquiring these trackable codes is correct. What do others think?
  5. One day into the Cache Carnival Souvenir run and I believe that favorite points are being bastardized. I use the favorite point feature when I'm planning trips. I'll plan in favorited caches along the way on trips. Already, however, on my leaderboard, one cacher has 400 points and all of the points came from that cacher's caches being favorited. They did not even go out and find any caches. Also another on the leaderboard has 540 points. They logged caches found the day before but also accumulated about 400 of their points from their caches being favorited. There are a handful of others on the leaderboard earning favorite points in the same way. I can tell by clicking into the caches that they all have worked out a deal to accumulate points by favoriting each others caches. As a side note, many of the caches being favorited have been archived for years! Now I know that the response from a lot of folks out there will be, "everyone plays the game the way they want", but it does make a sham of the favorite point system.
  6. I posted to the thread at project-gc forums but have not received an answer. Not much of a discussion over there!
  7. Your explanation makes no sense because I didn't get a deletion notice from project-gc with the old cacher's name nor a new favorite point notification from project-gc under the new name. I got what everyone else has mentioned as shown in this snip.
  8. I don't think the above answer is correct. Over the last few days, I've received about 8 of these favorite point changes. I checked every one of those caches and have found that a cacher that started in 2002 has changed his caching name. His new name is one of the favorites on every one of those caches. So, I believe the favorite point is taken away under the old caching name, and reapplied under the new caching name. Could this be true?
  9. I can tell you the 7 mysteries that I only received 5 points on. GC6V0CA GC6TYKE GC6Z5WE GC7CH7G GC746XB GC6VDRC GC72J8F There were 9 others that I received 15 for.
  10. 7 out of 16 of the mystery caches I logged today received only 5 points. Someone on facebook said to delete the finds since they were logged before the noon reset and re-log them and the points will straighten out. I tried with one of the caches but the points didn't change. We did get our souvenirs for over 200 points. We currently show 233 points but with the points we are missing from only getting 5 points instead of 15 on 7 of the mysteries, we are missing out on 70 extra points which would put us over 300 points and another souvenir.
  11. On a happy note, our reviewer changed the original coords on our cache this morning. We were then able to change our final coords and adjust our puzzle to reflect the change in the hiding spot.
  12. Thanks for reply! I will wait a little longer and perhaps contact another reviewer after a while. I understand that during holiday seasons, family obligations help to keep reviewers busy but two new caches I submitted yesterday were published by this same reviewer within 24 hours of submission.
  13. That is correct, dprovan. No edit to the cache page will go through without first moving the original, fake coordinates to within the 2 mile limit. That is fine, but our coordinates are far enough apart that it won't let us move them that far. And as someone mentioned, if you crawl them forward by 500 feet at a time, eventually the reviewer will step in. Perhaps I will try that though. That way I'll at least get their attention.
  14. 7 days ago we emailed the local reviewer who published the first cache in question that needs attention and have received no response. He lists on his profile page that email is the proper way to contact him. He states that reviewer notes will not be seen unless the cache is on his watch list. He states that messaging is not available for reviewers so email is the proper method of contact. Yesterday, we emailed the person that reviewed our second cache that needs attention. No answer yet. I posed a question in my last post to this thread and have gotten no response.We are wondering if we are being ignored because we asked a question that no one can answer until proper response can be retrieved from administration. It seems simple enough and we are sure the problems on these two cache pages can be quickly resolved by the right person. We hope we don't sound as if we're ungrateful for the work the reviewers or Groundspeak do. We're just trying to be a responsible cache owner and trying to resolve a problem that arose from Groundspeak's actions, and not our own. How should we proceed with getting answers?
  15. I would love to do what you suggested, LivingInNarnia, but since I am moving the cache page coordinates more than 528 feet, I get this message when I try - You cannot move a geocache more than 528ft from its original position. Again I would like to know who to contact to help change them. I believe it is only a reviewer or Groundspeak that can do this for us.
  16. We have two puzzle caches that were published in 2008 and 2009. On both caches, the fake coordinates were outside of the 2 mile limit of the final. Reviewers allowed the distance to be further back then. In both cases, we need to move the final spot very slightly, about 20 feet in one case and about 100 feet in the other case. We like keeping older caches so that cachers can fill their Jasmer Challenges. However, with the new editing feature, we cannot make a single change to our cache page because we get a notice that the final is more than 2 miles from the fake coords. We sent an email to our local reviewer about 5 days ago about the issue on the first cache we needed to change and have not heard back. Do we need the reviewer to make the change or does Groundspeak need to make the change. It is our fake coordinates that we need to change to bring them within the 2 mile limit.
  17. Yep, all of the unfound caches are from a download on 7-1-16. It must have been a goof on my part. Thanks for the easy solution to my problem.
  18. Has anyone else run a MY FINDS PQ and when it was downloaded to GSAK it included some caches you had not found? I ran a MY FINDS PQ yesterday and got all of our finds listed but also 426 caches included that we have not found. Some of the unfound caches had our DNF logs but not, by any means, all. It gives the correct total of caches we have found but it is a little disconcerting that it has also included the other caches that we have not found.
  19. Have you tried toggling compatibility mode? Tried that suggestion just now and it doesn't fix the problem.
  20. I've done lots of routes in the past but can't even drop a start and finish now. Is this still a problem that Groundspeak is dealing with or is it just me struggling with my new Windows 8.1 computer?
  21. We are looking at purchasing a Nuvi 2555LMT. Can anyone tell me if this is GSAK compatible. We have a sale in our area for 2 more days and can get it at a fantastic price but we only want it if we can use it with GSAK!! Anyone have any other advice on this model for geocaching? Good, bad etc. We will use it for routing to the cache area in the car only. We use a handheld to navigate once we are out of the car. Thanks so much!
  22. Come join us for a full day of down home fun on September 15, 2012 at GC3D5BV. It's the 9th installment of the Grand Caching Event and promises to be the biggest and best yet! Groundspeak trackable geocoins minted to help defray costs of the event are available through the event webpage. T-shirts can now be ordered directly from our supplier at Red Hat Embroidery. The event is filling up fast but there are still spaces available so post your "Will Attend" soon. We hope to see y'all there!
  23. GC24ZWM http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...54-ab6549e1ecf6 guess I missed out on that one...maybe next year...thanks for the link! Even if you don't attend the event the coin is a great collectible!
  24. Announcing the Grand Caching Event (GCE) Geocoin As featured in the FTF Magazine Finding Fraggle Rock and Serenity Now Proudly present the 8th annual GRAND CACHING EVENT CSI: Cleveland September 11, 2010 in Independence, Ohio We have produced a limited edition, trackable GCE Geocoin for this year's event with its own icon! Only 130 were minted and no more will be made. Here's a picture of this awesome coin: Coins are $11.00 each plus shipping and handling All proceeds go to fund the Grand Caching Event To order send us an e-mail now at serenityfraggle@yahoo.com Include: Your real name Your caching name Your address Your phone number Tell us how many you want and how you'd like to pay... PayPal preferred, checks accepted.
  25. Spoiled my caching trip to Erie, PA today though. It never fails, any time I've ever had the opportunity to ride along on a cache run, something comes up and I end up driving or something like this happens to cancel the trip!
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