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  1. Anybody know who it was? News article links: http://infotel.ca/newsitem/geocacher-seriously-injured-near-savona/it9757 http://www.cfjctv.com/story.php?id=19283 http://www.castanet.net/news/Kamloops/114413/Injured-hiker-rescued
  2. Heading out on vacation this morning and I'd created 5 PQs to run today so that I could get the latest updates before heading out the door. I'd previously run and downloaded all these PQs, so I know they work. This morning at around 3:03 AM PDT I got the usual emails saying that they've run and are available for download, but when I go to the Pocket Queries Ready for Download tab, they're not there. In the PQ listing tab, they show that they ran this morning and since there were 5 of them, I can't queue up any more to run today. I've tried restarting the browser, as well as logging out and back in, but to no avail. Anybody else seeing this this morning? I'm guessing that there's no way I'm going to work around this problem, so I'm screwed.
  3. 1:30 PDT on Sunday and the problem persists. Website is extremely slow, forums are slow, and maps fail to load a single cache for me. The GC System Status page shows all green checkmarks - I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry over that. Not a peep from the GC Lackeys recently on what the problem might be or when they might expect a resolution. I too am wondering if they over indulged in celebrating 420 day yesterday and there are no hamsters available today to run the data center.
  4. I don't see any mention in the April 1, 2010 Release Notes of a fix for the field date issue reported with the Feb 24 update, related to ticket 14699 in that update. Is there any ticket number for this issue that we can track, and any ETA for it being addressed? Just curious, as this one bites me for every cache that I find after 5pm PDT and I was really hoping to see it addressed in the April 1st update.
  5. I've tried updating, copying and creating a brand new PQ this morning and everytime I submit, I get a 500 Server Error. I seem to be able to run existing PQs fine though. Anybody else seeing this problem?
  6. Is there still a problem with PQs Along a Route? I tried running new copies of two PQs last night - one along a route and one a regular PQ. The regular PQ ran in minutes. The route PQ is still waiting to run 10 hours later. I know they are separate processes so I'm just wondering if there is still a problem or huge backlog on the route PQs.
  7. Same problem with 2.97b up here in British Columbia over the past couple of days. I've had a sat directly overhead in the bulls eye on the sat screen, clear reception all around and it simply refused to lock, or even attempt to lock. Cached for 6 hours yesterday and at a few points things seemed to work okay, but most of the time I could only lock on a max of 4 sats with 110+ feet accuracy. My friend with me with this 60cs was getting 16 foot accuracy and locking on sats that weren't even appearing on my GPSr at all. I'm going to try rolling back to an earlier firmware and see how that works tomorrow.
  8. I'm curious if the Geocaching with Twitter service http://www.geocaching.com/my/sharing.aspx works for anyone when using something other than TextMate or an iPhone? I can't use TextMate since it is a US only service. I don't have an iPhone, but I do have a Blackberry and I'm using Geocache Navigator. When I mark a cache as found, a mobile field note is correctly created for me at http://www.geocaching.com/my/fieldnotes.aspx I've set up the Geocaching with Twitter page with my Twitter account name and password and selected to Post to Twitter when I post a mobile field note, but every time I do, I get nothing on my Twitter feed. I've confirmed that the info on this form is correct and even re-entered my Twitter password just in case. So, is this service exclusive to using TextMate or an iPhone, or can us Blackberry users use it too?
  9. I just noticed that when not logged in and you click on a bookmark list from a cache page, you can still see the "Create Pocket Query" button. If you click on this button, you get a server error as pictured below. Has this bug been reported already? I did a forum search but didn't see it.
  10. Markwell - thread started June 21 '04
  11. GPS City has a location in Calgary. http://www.gpscity.ca/facilities.htm I've always dealt with GPS Central though and have been completely satisfied with their service.
  12. I didn't name the geocaching.com representative just as I didn't name the BC Parks representative. Chillibusher and I were there representing the BCGA and in that capacity I named us. If the other two parties want their names, and possibly contact information, known they'll come forward themselves. Geocaching.com was represented at this meeting since it currently is the largest listing service involved in Geocaching. Their cache approval process will need to conform to any policies that are developed and they have an active interest in policy development. If you have concerns about who might be representing geocaching.com, officially or not, then I suggest you address those concerns to contact@geocaching.com.
  13. Chillibusher and I (as BCGA directors), plus a representative from Geocaching.com, met with a BC Parks representative on Friday, September 30th for two hours. This was an introductory and informational meeting. Background information on BC Parks mandate, organization, and operations were shared, as was background information on Geocaching and Geocaching variants. BC Parks has already done some background research on Geocaching policies in other jurisdictions, but feels that a much more reasonable conclusion can be obtained for BC. The fact that a policy will be developed is fait accomplit. Since this was not a working meeting, I don’t have any particular details on particular policy direction to report at this time. The current plan is to develop a policy on Geocaching in BC Parks over the winter and have it in place by spring of 2006. We will start with the development of some guiding principles which will then be used to measure any policy directions against. BC Parks provincial section heads will be meeting in mid October and we hope to fit a field Geocaching session into their already busy agenda. We are awaiting confirmation of this. My personal opinion of the meeting is that it went very well. Through positive and constructive collaboration, I feel confident that we will arrive at a policy that is reasonable and acceptable to most. If you wish to provide feedback or input into this ongoing process, please send your written comments to Chillibusher, as our BCGA contact for parks issues: Ken Chater (Chillibusher) 46530 Uplands Road Chilliwack, BC V2R 4M5 Chillibusher@yahoo.ca PS. previous information
  14. How about modifying the PQ system to allow you to get a PQ for caches on a bookmark list? This would allow you to create your own list of caches along a route and keep them up to date. Don't think this would be any more server intensive than getting a PQ of all the caches on your watchlist. People can share their bookmarks too, so someone could, in theory, create an I5 bookmark list and then share that with others.
  15. Humm, active caches placed in 2001 that have never been found... someone up for some archaeological hunts? 23 Jun 01 4.5lb Walleye by Jamie Matear (GCDFB) Ontario 12 Jul 01 Ghost Fisherman's Cabin by Cache Machine (GC11B3) Ontario 13 Jul 01 Yankee/Doctor Bay Cache by The Grampian Armada (GC1280) Northwest Territories 15 Jul 01 Cliff Cache by The Grampian Armada (GC127F) Northwest Territories 27 Jul 01 Island Suprise by Dr.Brad (GC13D0) Ontario 12 Aug 01 Mount Temple by Paul F, Dale W, Jason P (GC1607) Alberta 2 Sep 01 The Pipeline by Scanteem (GC1D8F) Quebec 2 Dec 01 Just the little things! by Tony Coady (GC2C52) Newfoundland 2 Dec 01 project1 by Roddy Hannam, and Tony coady (GC3150) Newfoundland 2 Dec 01 Geocache by Tony Coady (GC2C54) Newfoundland
  16. There are some exceptions to this requirement though. On organized Cache Machines, the general rule is this (an example from the recent BCM2 event): Not trying to derail the thread on the topic of Cache Machines... just using it as an example where signing the log isn't practical.
  17. Using Keyhole / Google Earth you log out (on the File menu) and then log in again. At that point, you get to select what database you are going to use. I'm using Google Earth Plus though... I'm not sure if it is the same with Google Earth (the free version).
  18. Resolution for certain areas is definitely an issue. Take a look at these snapshots from the south end of Alouette Lake.... From the Google Earth Legacy Database: From the Goolge Earth Primary Database: From the Google Earth Legacy Database: From the Goolge Earth Primary Database:
  19. I've been using Keyhole extensively for almost a year now. Way back, I wrote a Perl script that converted my GPX files (exported from GSAK) into KML for loading into Keyhole which worked great. Now, of course, Google Earth has eliminated the need for that extra step - you can just drag and drop your GPX file into Google Earth and have all your caches plotted in one step. As for the coords being out, there are two different database servers that you can use when starting up Keyhole / Google Earth: the Legacy Database and the Primary Database. The Primary one, which is the default, was released on May 11, 2005. There has been a great deal of discussion about the coverage of this database as well as its accuracy - all road overlays around here seem to be shifted slightly to the east. When I plot caches using this database, the locations are always out. So, for now, I'm sticking with the Legacy Database. This works great for me and covers the areas that I'm mainly interested in.
  20. We'll start another thread for design ideas once we've determined that there is enough general interest in persuing. It looks like we are getting close to that point. Nothing stopping you from doing this, or even creating a CoC geocoin. I'd buy one of those. Our (the BCGA executive) thoughts on this is that the coin is a BC geocoin and not a BCGA geocoin. While the BCGA is willing to facilitate the creation of the coins, it's up to the geocaching community to continue show enough interest to move this forward. While there was some discussion on the former BCGA forums about BC geocoins, this discussion went in fits and starts and never moved beyond some casual discussion.
  21. We're meeting next Friday (June 10th) evening. I'll bring this up. Edited to fix the date - I was out by a week.
  22. Count the BCGA in on this. I can convert to PDF if needed.
  23. Thanks a lot BQ. I feel that we've got a fantastic executive lined up for the coming year and we are quite anxious to become involved in the discussions, not only at the provincial level here, but at the federal level too. Someone from our board will be in touch soon. Looking forward to working with you, the OGA and other Canadian associations!
  24. Working on a revised registration form and hope to have it online shortly. The revised membership details are now available here.
  25. Working on a revised registration form and hope to have it online shortly.
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