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  1. Sometimes I think ju66l3r just wants to take the opposing opinion for sake of argument. I admire your wanting to do something about this Talio and I wish there were more out there with the fervor in which you present the issue. I don't really understand how this can knowingly occur in parks. Its kind of like when your dog vomits on the carpet. Everyone knows its there but no one jumps to clean it up.
  2. Its great to hear some of us making light of what happened on 9/11. Some of you need to go visit your local comedy clubs and start a 9/11 stand up career. By all means keep adding to the 9/11 jokes already posted to the thread
  3. Most of it is makebelief, so people will THINK that something is being done about security. Like those funny airport shoe checks. I hope you're kidding. After reading the whole thread alot of you are coming off as I'm too important to be asked questions by law enforcement. Someone did bring up a good point about being aware of identity thieves out there but it doesn't help anything to be jackasses to them either. So they ate 20 minutes of your time... someone mentioned a "whatif" about someone being in a time constraint. Thats probably why one of the first questions they ask are "What are you doing". From there they can infer how much time they have to do their job. No one was being "detained". No one "took a ride down town" or got to "visit the office". We so easily quote Ben Franklin and start humming certain NWA tunes to ourselves and blow it all out of proportion. The fact is traeumer was by himself and for the time that he was being watched he displayed an uncommon and unique precense that was worth checking out. Those of you who immediately assumed that everyone with PDA's get stopped, once again I think you're making something its not. If my job was to be on the look out for peculier behavior and I see a man visit 6 spots with a GPS while possibly writing a few notes by himself I think it would be in the best interest to go check it out. To put up a fight, be disrespectful, or quote Ben Franklin for god's sake in this situation is rather much. It sure is reassuring to know you live in a society where its apparently just as wrong to be too careful as it is to be not careful enough
  4. I swear we must have been stuck for a good hour... the tow truck about 7 cars back was just as stuck as we were. Wenches, mud tires, and 4 wheel drive were of no use here... ...the story of many of our lives
  5. who cares about laws... everyone knows cemetaries at night are the number 1 spot to cache a face to face encounter with the Boogie Man. There's no need to risk anymore Boogyman confrontations than you have to...
  6. On top of all of this you've got to hand out the Darwin awards to those who've started forest fires from flicking their butts out the car window in a dry wooded area. You'd think the chances of this occuring is nill to none, but as proven every summer its quite easy ...and no lets leave the natural forest fires to nature and prescribed burns to the professionals
  7. I'll second snoogans' recommendation. People have come from all over Texas to complete this 10+ mile hike. It was well worth it. Geowyz and I finished it in just under 6 hours and we had some distractions ( ) along our way. Do it!!!
  8. I chuckle everytime someone slaps a new user with a Markwell (or is it a Mopar now??) for asking an honest yet frequent question. Thats definitely one way to make sure they'll never ask again . Then again some users that aren't on message boards all the time take it a little too personally. Its a mixed bag.
  9. it was a blast last year. I don't even live in Texas anymore but I will be waking up extra early to make the drive down to the event. If you're hesitant to go because you don't know anyone this is the most fun you'll ever have and meet a bunch of new cachers in the process. Use the link above for the cache page
  10. How true that is Dave! (and Escapades!). I worked my summers as a lifeguard back in high school and part of my duties was to keep the pool area clean. People would come to the pool to relax, smoke, and chill out... well these people must have had endorsements from Salem or something because I found myself picking up cigarrettes all over the place! One week I decided I wouldn't touch any of them on the deck and see how the patrons reacted. Sure enough they would throw them all over the place, and by the end of the week were a little curious as to where the accumulating butts had come from... and where the cigarrette collecting elf had been. THEY MOST DEFINITELY DON'T TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES!!!!!!
  11. I find some of the opinions to this cache very interesting as far as "fairness" applies. Say some other charity caches were allowed to be posted or everyone with the letter 'w' in their handle was free to place as many virtuals if they wished. What would the cachers do then? For one, some would take it straight to the forums and have it discussed upon like it is. Then what? ... ... ... ...I guess we could make another anger filled thread about it but thats pretty much it. When you make up a game, organize the site, and start playing I guess everyone technically in the end does play by your rules/decisions or they leave the game... However, if you wanted the game to be successful you'd include input of other cac... I mean people to make them want to stay. Whats your breaking point? Is "fair" even a fair word to be using here?
  12. I believe it must be another passing fad... too bad they aren't original by any means...
  13. I'm pretty sure this is the cache in question: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=gch6er and here is a little background of the area and my experience while finding the cache (taken from the txga boards):
  14. woah good call, I don't think I would have thought of that myself (somtimes the "add post" button is all I can find)
  15. Here's what I've noticed. Out of the 11 or so caches I've places only 1 cache has survived a "muggling" to the point that I was actually the person to have taken the piece out that placed it originally. This is quite sad for me because 1) I guess I need to work on those hiding spots and 2) all the log books are gone! So take all of your full log books!!!! (better leave other's full log books for them to pick up) Whats chaps my hide even more is that whatever stole my previous hides most likely just chunked the log books...
  16. rbezell has duefully passed the test. You are now a gc.com border. Welcome!!!
  17. Sawdust I'm sure they were talking about your "Your a Poet and don't even know it!" Here's the proof! I was saying the same thing myself (when we went down there to look for a cache that obviously wasn't down there.)
  18. ha ha I very much second that with an "amen" and a "hallalujah". If this code is meant for new cachers/visitors to the site I think we need to convey that we have a good time at least some of the time! maybe I'm just special but I've had all parts of the code in mind before they were made into code through common sense. I guess some of us just aren't blessed with this, this gift... ...SeventhSon, you so read my mind
  19. Very interesting assumptions Sputnik. This has nothing to do with any past disagreements as this is user created and independent of Groundspeak as stated in this thread, while most of those who disagree were not involved with past discrepancies. Your description of "scorn and derision" is an unfair as well. I merely echo the concern of necessity and redundancy as pointed out by mozartman. Clearly my views are not alone. If you are wishing to speak more on subject please keep it in its proper discussion posted here: http://www.texasgeocaching.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2326 as with all discussions if anyone would like to contribute feel free.
  20. hey CapnJack I have to agree with you, not to knock the marathoners because hey, to each his own, but out of 250+ finds the most I've found in one day was 9. I'm sure 200+ in a day would be quite an experience too...
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    well I'm thinking the servers aren't exaxtly broken per say... they need to get bigger though...
  22. I think people log out and then log right back in TBs so there's something to talk about in the TB forums.
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