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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried MSIE since that was already installed and everything loaded good with that browser. Until I figure out what was happening at least she can use that. Thanks again.
  2. She finally did get a few logged but it comes and goes. At times when she tries to load a cache page (or logging page) it just hangs there, with a spinning logo. Other pages on geocaching.com load fine and fast. It's mainly just the cache pages and logging pages. Other sites also work fine. She uses Google chrome as her browser.
  3. Hopefully this is the correct forum to ask this, if not please direct me to the proper one. I'm having no problems but my Mom is so I'm trying to help her out. She can load many pages at geocaching.com such as pocket queries, field notes, search pages and so on. Cache pages however won't load. Once in a blue moon I can get one loaded and then the logging page won't load. She has quite a few caches to log and can't do any at all. Everything works fine when my computer is connected to the same internet connection. Any suggestions on what to try? I've already removed the cookies which I as hoping was the problem but that didn't help. Maybe something else would help?
  4. I just happened to stumble across this thread and it brought up a sore spot with me that just recently happened. I was invited to join a large group of cachers to go after a fairly new Geo-Art series. The following day I received an email with directions on how they were planning on searching for the caches. They were going to break up the group into several smaller groups and each smaller group would find about 20 caches. They would then log all the caches in the series, even the caches found by others. When I saw this I sent a note back saying that I would not be there. I guess that wasn't true because I went anyway with my own small group. My group stayed together and everyone actually found every cache that we logged on-line. We ended up with 40+ caches in 8 hours. The other group ended up with 136+ caches in about 4 hours. I guess their numbers are quite a bit better than ours but I'd like to think that we had a bit more integrity.
  5. Just another report on the "Add to your Favorites" bug. I'm having major problems using them lately. I have over 4,000 to give out so that's not the problem. I was able to award a couple caches points a few days ago but once again I can't use them at all. Even just tried using my phone but no go there too. Sure hope this gets fixed soon.
  6. Tprints

    403.6 error

    Another Opera Mini user having problems loading cache pages like others have already said here. I rally like Opera Mini and hope this is fixed soon.
  7. Same thing happened to me yesterday. The My Finds section on my PQ page says... My Finds - Last Generated - 10/22/2009 8:16:38 PM But still haven't received the email. No problem with any regular PQ's.
  8. I have many more caches on my ignore list but I can only view 728 of them. It does seem like a rather odd number but that's the total that's shown. Makes it hard to view any of those cache pages such as to log them at a later date. Until this is corrected I think I'm going to have to keep track of my Ignored caches in GSAK somehow.
  9. I'm running into a problem with my ignore list. It's only showing the first 728 caches so I can't access any ignored caches past that. I have checked and my list is much larger than that total. I log my finds as notes now and have to place them on my ignore list so they won't show up in my PQ's. I'm way behind in logging caches and I usually place them on my ignore list and eventually get around to logging the finds as notes. The trouble now is that I can't find any ignored cache past that 728 mark. For a while I had found a work around by having my ignore list sent to me as a PQ. That worked great after loading it into GSAK. Unfortunately I can't even get that sent to me any more now. I must've hit a limit, maybe a thousand, as the last one that I did receive was just under a thousand. Is there a way to read my entire ignore list or a way to receive it as a PQ?
  10. Ditto here. Ran four regular PQ's last night but only one got emailed to me. Whats up?
  11. Tried using the escape codes but it still printed the frownie face as a graphic . I want just [:(] to show up on the cache page.
  12. Still not having any luck with this. I tried a Code Block but "code" was changed to "pre" on the cache page. Smiley (or frownie) still comes up as the picture, not as code. Btw, I need the html box checked because I'm using that for other parts of this page.
  13. Is there a way to have some codes displayed as plain text on a cache page? I'm trying to place a Frownie Face on my cache page but displayed as Left Bracket-Colon-Left Parenthesis-Right Bracket. In other words... I want it displayed as the code, not as the frownie face itself. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
  14. I agree with most here that DNF posts should remain. I just go back to the page and add a FOUND post after I return and find it, if I do. If I DNF it again I post another DNF. I'm up to 491 DNF's now and counting!
  15. Boy, I hardly ever post in these forums but I couldn't resist this thread since it's right up my alley... I don't see any need for a change in DNF posting on a cache. I log all my DNF's and like Lep, would love to see DNF's by others but alas, there is no option for that. Like others here I keep all my DNF's on cache pages and just add a "Find" log if I make it back to "Conquer" it. I don't make a big deal on getting back to a DNF but I have cleared up all near me, at least the ones that weren't archived. I have to admit that a couple far, far from home were nice to find on a second try though. I have a bookmark for my first 100 DNF's but that got tiring so I quit updating it at that point. I'm now up to 491 DNF's so I'm real close to a very big milestone. Woohoo!
  16. Any word on when this may be fixed again?
  17. Same with me. I did get an email from myself when I tested the email link on my profile page. I also received a test PQ with no problem. Just no owner or publication notifications have made it to me for awhile now.
  18. That sounds fair to me. In our case, two of us logged our finds before the cache was even archived, let alone locked. A couple days later the other two tried to log their finds and it was too late. The page was not only archived, but also locked. Bummer.
  19. We recently had a problem with a cache that we found in Tennessee that was archived... and locked! Two of the four of us logged finds but a little later the other two of us couldn't. The cache was not only archived but was also locked so they can't even log it now. Seems that someone from that area was abusing the cache page by logging lotsa finds on it. Unfortunately by locking it two of us that did find it can't even log it now.
  20. Is there any new info at all on a fix for this? I really miss using this nice feature... and no, I'm not going to switch browsers. That's not the type of "fix" I'm looking for.
  21. Hehehehe. I was team-mates with Serenity Now at that event but unlike them, I was a fool and left the event on my watch list. I had over 1000 emails from GC through Hotmail when I got back home a couple days later. Yikes! I've had major problems getting GC email from Adelphia so I switched to my Hotmail account for GC mail and all is well now. For some reason my Adelphia account was delaying GC email for days which really sucked.
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